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    Christopher (Drashna) reacted to Henrik in Duplication count greater than expected   
    It's only the directory entries that occur in many duplicates and not the files within them.
    Example setup:
    +Pool of 3 drives.
    +Folder X has a duplication count of 2x and contains 5 files. (10 files in total across 3 drives)
    If the folder is then balanced across the 3 drives Folder X will exist in three copies because there will be files belonging to that folder stored on all drives
    (For example drive A with 3 files, Drive B with 4 files and Drive C with 3 files)
    So getting the duplication count on folders is a bit misleading. You should look at individual files instead.
    Hope this clears it out
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    Christopher (Drashna) reacted to Shane in Feature request - Parity support ?   
    Actually, parity support doesn't mandate that the user's content be unreadable on other machines; that depends on the implementation used.
    The thing is that while it's possible to add even folder-level parity to JBOD-style pools in such a way as to maintain content readability on non-pool machines and still keep things simple for the end-user? Implementing it is way past non-trivial and I've no idea whether the performance costs would make it impractical. Sort of like hot fusion.
    (but if any angel investors are out there with a loose seven figures to punt Covecube's way, maybe Alex would be happy to work on it for a few years)
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    Christopher (Drashna) got a reaction from Bursal in Can't see pool or pooled drives   
    The files should be fine, on the individual drives themselves.  
    One thing I didn't notice before... where it says "create a new pool". Check the left side of that bar. If there is an arrow there, click on that, and it will take you back to your original pool, and show all the drives.

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    Christopher (Drashna) reacted to danfer in NFS not working   
    Thanks for letting me know, this now makes sense for me.
    I am really looking forward for the final release of Drive Pool 2!
    By the way, you are doing a great job on Scanner, too!
    I have heard from haneWIN NFS.
    However the Microsoft internal NFS works perfect on WHS 2011.
    So currently I have no need to use extra software 
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    Christopher (Drashna) reacted to Alex in 2.x BETA - "Duplicate" default is off?   
    To be honest, I wasn't 100% comfortable with the arrow not having any text next to it, but I doubt that any designer ever is 100% satisfied with their design. You always want to keep tweaking it to make it perfect, but there are time constraints (plus, we can't exactly afford Johny Ive here).
    I decided to ship it and listen for feedback, and based on that feedback I've slightly modified the pool options menu.
    It looks like this now:

    Let me know what you think.
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    Christopher (Drashna) reacted to Alex in My Rackmount Server   
    Very cool.
    That APC box looks familiar (I think).
    I have a APC UPS that I've hacked to use 4x deep cycle marine batteries to provide 3 to 4 hours backup for my entire office (instead of the built in Li-Ion which would only last 15 min.).
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    Christopher (Drashna) reacted to Codegear in My Rackmount Server   
    Physical ESXi 5.1u1 host
    - Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 motherboard
    - AMD Phenon II X6 1090T @ 3.2GHz
    - 16GB RAM
    - 1 Hitachi 7K3000 2TB HDD
    - 7 Hitachi 5K3000 2TB HDDs (accessed by WSE 2012 as RDM disks and totally allocated to DrivePool)
    Windows Server 2012 Essentials (WSE 2012) Virtual Machine
    - Allocated 4 vCPU and 8GB RAM
    - WSE 2012 (latest Windows Updates)
    - DrivePool (beta)
    - All 7x 5K3000 disks are dedicated to WSE 2012 for DrivePool thru RDM disks
    NOTE: Virtualization does not put a significant overhead in performance but allows smooth upgrades between platforms - Migrated from WHS 2011 to WSE 2012 and only had to reassign disks from one virtual machine to another.  Voilà!
    For full story based on WHS 2011, see http://forum.covecube.com/discussion/comment/809#Comment_809
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    Christopher (Drashna) reacted to weezywee in My Rackmount Server   
    Case: Norco RPC-4224
    Motherboard: Supermicro X9SAE-V
    CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1245V2
    RAM: 32GB Kingston
    OS Drive: 60GB Intel 330 Series SSD
    VM Drive: 240GB Intel 330 Series SSD
    OS Backup Drive: 250GB WD
    HBA & SAS Expander: M1015(flashed to LSI 9211-8i) & HP SAS Expander
    Storage Pool: 7 3TB WD, 6 Green & 1 Red

    I have my entire pool duplicated and I'm currently using about 13.5TB, I just add drives as I need more storage. I've started buying WD Reds instead of greens and I used WDIdle on the green drives to change the head parking from 8 seconds to 5 minutes.

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    Christopher (Drashna) reacted to Doug in My Rackmount Server   
    I have a Norco 4224v1 4U case.
    CPU: Intel i3-530
    MoBo: HP ProLiant ML110 G6
    RAM: 4x2GB CORSAIR Vengeance
    GFX: Onboard
    OS Drive: 180GB SSD, Intel 335 Series (WHS 2011)
    Storage Pool: 13x2TB (Seagate ST2000DM001)
    HDD Controller card: HighPoint RocketRAID 2760 (All drives connected to controller)
    3TB Seagate ST3000DM001 for Server Backup (system drive, and system files) / Client Backups
    Drivepool / Scanner
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