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  1. Recreating it with larger chunk sizes did it. I maxed out the chunk size upon creation and am now getting the normal 300-500mbps upload for a single file to Google. Thanks!
  2. That's extremely weird since rclone will max out my connection, even with a single file. There must be something else afoot.
  3. I've spent the last hour or so looking through old posts along with the FAQ and have yet to find an acceptable solution. I currently have a 240 GB SSD that I'm testing CloudDrive on to seed long term and my upload speed continues to crawl. I've played around with different threads for UL/DL, along with different cache types, but my upload barely rises above 8mbps, usually 3-4 mbps. I have 1Gbit Up/Down at home, so something I'm doing must be the issue. The only thing I have testing currently is a single 40GB torrent. Any advice on what settings to tweak exactly in order to reach somewhat acceptable upload and download speeds?
  4. Last evening, I decided to swap out an old 2TB disk for a new 3TB disk to my 4 drive pool which is duplicated 2x. The drives are as follows: 1x 4TB 1x 3TB 2x 2TB Disks 2, 3, 4, 5 are in the pool with 6 being the Pool itself. Disk 4 is at 100% use. The 2TB drive got to around 75% completed removal before Windows 10 decided to do one of its famous "I'll restart when I want" moves. After coming home from work a few hours ago, I'm to see what can be done to remedy this situation. For the past hours, it's been 'Measuring', and I'm not sure what to do. My data seems intact and its VERY slow to access via Windows Explorer, although the drives aren't showing up in the DrivePool app. I'm currently running Version BETA x64 on Windows 10 Pro if that helps. Screenshots are attached. DrivePool also seems to be very slow to start up in the beginning like never before "Service starting in 1s..2s.....1 minute....etc" Am I totally borked or is there anyway to salvage this situation?
  5. Hey guys, I'm currently trying add/replace another drive to my as my current drives are 3-4 years old and getting to the point of potential failure, despite Stablebit Scanner saying nothing. (Just me being paranoid and thinking ahead). Now, I've added, and removed drives before without any issues but what are the best practices for drive failure to get everything back and running. Current pool is 1x 4TB 1x 3TB 2x 2TB All at 2x Duplication, so 3.83TB left free of 10TB Pool. Anything I should do/tweak ahead of time? Also, I know y'all are working on getting CloudDrive up and running, but do you know when the next stable release for DrivePool is going to be? It seems I've been running on forever but I'd rather not roll my dice with the Betas. Thanks!
  6. Blake

    Migrating to New HD

    Hello, I'm currently receiving SMART warnings for my main SSD, so I'm looking at purchasing a new one ASAP. I've already made a backup of my main drive using Acronis True Image 2015, so I'm ready to go there. Should I expect any wonky effects with my pool itself upon restoring my main drive from a backup? Any precautionary measures I should take before I make the switch or while restoring? Currently using Drivepool x64 v on Windows 8.1. Thanks!
  7. Blake

    Scan Schedule

    Ah, that seemed to work drashna. Its scanning now, so we'll see in a month I suppose. I will say, it is somewhat difficult to tell if the auto-scan button is pressed in/highlighted. Could just be me though. Thanks for the quick response!
  8. Blake

    Scan Schedule

    I have my drives set to scan every 30 days in the Scan settings. However, all of my drives have not been scanned since I last manually did them in November. Is there something I should enable/disable? I'm looking thru the options and can't seem to find anything but maybe I'm overlooking it. I'm currently running the latest Beta as well.
  9. Blake

    Drive Letter Removal

    I recently purchased a new drive to add to my pool, and adding it went just fine. However, I either mistakenly(or it automatically) assigned it a letter before I added it. Now I have Drive L: sitting in my computer, and my OCD is annoying me to bits. Is it as simple as going into Disk Management and un-assigning the letter or will that cause problems with DrivePool? Thanks!
  10. Blake

    Hashing Issues

    Has anyone experienced any problems with torrents being seeded from drives in DrivePool? I'm not sure if its the updates between the different releases or something during restarts, but every so often, different files will only hash to 99%. This makes me think that when DrivePool shifts things around, it makes it so the files lose their 100% check, maybe by corruption in a minor way. I've tried different clients and it still happens at random with different torrent files. Any thoughts? Edit: I've turned off balancing, to see if that makes a difference in the future.
  11. Friendly reminder, permissions won't work/go wonky after you upgrade until you activate your license again. Maybe its just because mine is a trial?
  12. Blake

    Beta Updater

    Is there some sort of permission or firewall setting I'm missing? I installed the update and later today I manually checked, only to see .345 out. For some reason the updater that's built in is not doing it on its own nor giving me notifications of any sort.
  13. Blake

    Beta 320 BSOD

    drashna, no, I was running but had automatic updates checked. Weird that I didn't get alerted. Upgrading to from the main site and we'll see if it fixes the problem. If not, I'll open a ticket in the next day or so.
  14. Blake

    Beta 320 BSOD

    I've been having similar problems, and I just uploaded my memory dump file. I also posted in the Windows 8 forums and it seems to point there as well. http://www.eightforums.com/bsod-crashes-debugging/28716-bsod-kernel-security-check-failure.html
  15. Blake

    Testing Out DrivePool

    Thanks for the responses Shane and Dane. I'm slowly taking the 'safer' method of Cut/Pasting everything over. So far, my experiences have been good, and if they still are at the end of the month come payday, you can expect another customer.
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