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  1. I've also made the move from Windows to Linux and wondered how to keep my pooled folders intact, having got used to seeing the content my folders in one pooled directory, it wasn't something I wanted to give up. There is a neat solution. Using 'mhddfs' we can mount our multiple DP folders into one virtual directory, the folder structure remaining as it was under DP. This isn't DP for Linux, all the work has been already done, all we are doing is pooling the PoolPart folders from each HDD and adding them to a new mount point, a virtual folder where they can be read and written to, com
  2. I ran the troubleshooter again and linked it to this thread, but its resolved now. In my case it was down to a lot of writes to the pool, at the same time as adding more capacity I also moved a folder to the pool which is constantly written to, I've now moved it out again and the checking/duplicating has stopped and the pool has settled.
  3. Thank you, I've done that and added a link to this thread.
  4. I swapped out a drive for one with a higher capacity, I used the 'remove drive' option, when complete I then added the larger capacity drive to the pool. Initially it took time to repopulate the new drive and now the pool doesn't seem to have settled and it keeps checking, then duplicating, after duplication has finished it shows the pool is good only for a short time, about ten minutes I would say, then the cycle repeats, checking again and more duplicating, over and over. I've attached a screenshot of some notifications, (only these few because I cleared them after reading earlier).
  5. I've got remote management of Drivepool working on both PCs now, it works well, glad I asked.
  6. Remote control, that sounds useful, don't know how I managed to miss that capabability, but I'll look into now as its a feature I could make use of. Thanks for explaining, I knew it would be legit, just not what for.
  7. I have a notification from the windows 8.1 firewall showing the drivepool service wanting to make an inbound connection from another pc on the network. I can't think what its for, does anyone know?
  8. I moved my pooled drives from a WHS 2011 set up to Windows 8. I just closed down WHS, moved the drives over to W8 where drivepool was already installed. Drivepool recognised the drives and after a while recreated the pool. However, some of my shared folders under WHS had permissions set to only allow access from specified users, and I found Windows couldn't access the pool, nor 3 out of my 5 drives, they were assigned a drive letter, but no access. I realised it was because of permissions, so I was able to change the ownership of the inaccessible drives, and the pool to 'System', and
  9. That's good news, thanks for clarifying. I don't use it for any other purpose now than to access media files. I've got a 1TB USB drive attached directly to the router where I can put any files I want to access when away from home, and is also a mapped drive on all the local devices for easy access and moving files around,.and as the router is always on, no need to power up a WHS. The Music, TV and Movies that get served to the HTPC are the only files now on the WHS2011. I'm thinking I'd may as well put the pooled drives into the HTPC, and save on running an extra PC. I did think about
  10. I'm abandoning WHS and would like to move my pooled disks over to Windows 7 (or 8). If I deactivate the WHS license will the same then activate on the new system?
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