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  1. I believe I figured it out....seems Scanner marked a single block as bad, and since I had the option for DrivePool to allow Scanner to evacuate on any issue, it did so. I'm going to add a 3rd drive to the pool, but for now I have disabled the scanner option to evacuate, the drive is healthy except for that 1 block, but will be ready for when it craps out entirely (and I have backups).
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  2. Edward

    Move Poolpart

    Just to wrap this thread up. Evacuated failing drive and reduped all data. Essentially I followed the recommended DP process of removing a drive, adding a new drive and letting DP do its stuff. That went smoothly I figured that as I anyway had a backup of the failing drive poolpart folder to cover me as a plan b as it were I may as well just try the recommended process. I was surprised how fast the evacuation took (only about an hour). Previously (some years ago) the evacuation of a failing drive never completed (after running for days) which required me to just pull the drive. This made me cautious leading me to take a copy of poolpart whilst I still had access to the failing drive. Luckily this time the failing drive stayed up long enough to complete an evacuation. One quirk I did find was when I tried to add the drive to the pool that contained the copy of the poolpart folder. This drive was never used in the pool before, however it errored with "Cannot add the same disk to the pool twice". Clearly this was nonsense (as the drive was never used in the pool even once) but clearly it was due to the poolpart folder name. I simply renamed the poolpart folder which allowed DP to go through a measure and redup process. I then deleted the backup poolpart folder. So many thanks to @Jonibhoni and @marquis6461 for their kind help.
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  3. But why was it not present before? The data on that pool has been unchanged apart from a few MB for a loooong time. Moreso why is there duplicated “metadata” showing on that pool but not the other pool which holds roughly just as many tb and the same number of disks etc? thanks for the reply regardless <3
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