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  1. benyboy

    Drive Sleep

    update , I edited both json files for drive pool and drive scanner and still not working. Then I found this fix. in my case I was using an LSI raid card flash to HBA mode , I think this is quite common. I followed option 2 , the regedit version of this solution and the drive pool drives are now sleeping. https://homeservershow.com/forums/topic/11859-lsi-spindown-win-81win-10win-2016/#comment-123066 now I don't need to listen to 5 drives spinning away doing nothing most of the time and i'm saving 5W x 5 = 25W of power. My system is low power imbedded Celeron using under 10W but the tv I plug it into is horrendous making the power saving a little bit meaningless, but at least the noise is gone. and yes , I know permanently running drives can last longer but this is the real world and we have to live alongside these machines
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  2. sjlplat

    How old are your drives?

    GoHardDrive support is top-notch. I have used their warranty policy, and they stand behind it 100%. As long as you have the serial number, they will replace a failed/failing drive.
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  3. For those who aren't already aware of the issue - some drives (particularly WD "Green" drives) aggressively park their heads (every 8 seconds) to save power. This has caused serious longevity issues with those drives. I was switching disks over to a new server I built, and I noticed the load cycle count was quite high for a lot of drives. For some, I had already used the WDIDLE3 utility in the past, but not for all of them. Since using that tool is such a pain to do, I decided to just write a little script/service to keep the disks alive instead. Posting it here in case anyone else would like to use it. Edit the "KeepDisksAlive.ps1" file for notes, how to install, how to customize if desired, etc. Once installed, it runs as a system service. It writes to "volume paths", so there's no need to have your disks mounted to letters/folders. I don't think it will lead to any appreciable difference in power consumption or wear & tear as opposed to just having disks that don't park themselves in general. I monitored my UPS power consumption and didn't see a difference. Also, I monitored the sum of all my drive's load cycle counts before and after to confirm it's working. I included what I used to do that in a subfolder. (Not a DrivePool issue, but I figured many running DrivePool could take advantage of this) Edit 12/10/2018: Re-uploaded attachment upon request since the old one was reporting not being available. Edit 12/10/2018 Part2: It appears that the forum gives a message about the attachment having been removed. Actually though, you just need to be logged in to download it. If anyone else gets that message, just create an account and try again and you should be good. KeepDisksAlive-v1.0.zip
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