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  1. Hey all, I've decided to migrate from Drivepool to Storage Spaces + ReFS recently due to file integrity concerns. One of the things I loved about drivepool is the Stablebit Scanner integration. Unfortunately, it seems that Scanner is unable to detect/read SMART data from drives in the storage pool. CrystalDiskInfo sees those drives just fine, so I was wondering if Scanner could implement that as well. Cheers.
  2. Quick Question regarding using SSDs as a cache. What happens when 2 (or multiple people) copy files that are individually smaller than the SSD, but combine to be bigger. For example, assuming I'm using a 500GB SSD as a cache, and 2 people each simultaneously copy a 300GB file, what happens?
  3. A Restart of the computer seems to have fixed the issue of folders being locked. However, file deletion over the network still seems a bit wonky for me. Folders sometimes have to be deleted twice for them to be actually deleted. The first delete seems to delete all files and subfolders, while leaving the main folder empty, while the second delete properly gets rid of the folder.
  4. Need help with this. I have a pool with duplication x2 turned on. Deleting folders in the pool over the network causes the folder's permissions to become locked. It seems that only one set of files are deleted from the hard drives. Deleting files over the network doesn't cause this issue. This happens on both old and new folders in the pool. The only solution I have at the moment after the permissions are locked is to manually find the folder in the hard drives, and delete them. Running windows 10 pro 64bit.
  5. Hey all, recently installed Drivepool and scanner on my NAS It's running Windows 7 64bit, with an i7 975 and 12 GB of ram. I'm running 2 HGST 4TB 7200RPM drives, and 2 WD 4TB RED 5400RPM Drives in 1 pool, with 2x real time duplication. I've turned on all the performance options, and turned on Background I/O in Scanner. Copying files over the network to the pool is much slower than copying to a bare drive. Copying a 30GB file results in ~110MB/s to a bare drive, which is about as high as a Gb network can copy at, but copying to the drivepool results in only 60-75 MB/s. Copying large amounts of small files also result in a 25% Performance decrease. EDIT: I fixed the problem by turning off balance immediately in the options, that was what was causing the speed issue.
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