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  2. Yes, the new HD is now being used after the Balancing, YAY! lol. Everything looks good now and is running pretty smoothly. I am going to go through some of the documentation on this site now like you recommended. Thanks again
  3. And does the new 8TB HDD get used after balancing?
  4. 3 days and not a single response? Not even my ticket gets responded Scanner is an abandoned product then, Anyone know a decent alternative?
  5. Yesterday
  6. After I disabled the Disk Space Equalizer it did exactly as I thought it would, Used the SSDs to add new content and once I balance everything again it removes the content from the SSDs over to the Archive drives. I'm happy with it doing that as that was kind of my main focus going into this project. That and having all my drives show up as one massive drive.
  7. I will try that as soon as I get a chance. Every folder I have access to is empty according to properties.
  8. My guess is that that found.000 file is very large? In any case, other than CHKDSK as a first step, I am not sure what to do.
  9. Yes, I powered off the system, unplugged it, hit the power button to drain the capacitors. I work in IT and I'm very careful especially with drives which is why this is so irritating. Windows clearly see's the drives are full still but where is everything...
  10. Power drain? Switching SATA cables (assuming the machine is powered off, otherwise less sure) should not affect DP / the Pool. I fear we're not really in DP-area but data recovery area and I am not that well versed in that.
  11. I sure hope everything can be restored to how it was. I literally unplugged them and plugged them back in after doing a complete shut down and power drain.
  12. OK, so I can't be sure but I think these drives have an issue. So I am not sure what to do but my guess is running a CHKDSK on these drives is a good first step.
  13. Yes, hidden files and folders are showing. I turned on show merge conflicts and system files and these appeared. If you go to properties on any of these folders they are all 0 Bytes and nothing in them except $RECYCLE.BIN folder which has the actual Recycle Bin in it and a few deleted files. There is also an empty folder named "S-1-5-21-935538498-3143052682-3837520053-1001" which gets an access denied message when you try to open it just like found.000 and System Volume Information. My other drive behaves identically but has an additional file named "PoolPart.26a4a1d6-f0d7-4482-bf71-a3273c9b70b3" which does not appear to be a folder, under Type it also says "PoolPart.26a4a1d6-f0d7-4482-bf71-a3273c9b70b3".
  14. No worries, we're all friendly here and just trying to help. So with default settings the new 8TB HDD would indeed be used and data would be offloaded of some other HDDs. On the SSD Cache / SSD Optimizer, I *think* you are right but I never tried it myself so I am not entirely sure. But there is documentation on the website and you can search the forums, it is a treasure for info.
  15. Thank you both for your responses, I really appreciate you trying to assist me. Umfriend, I am going to try what you recommended and see if that helps. Also I am new to this whole world so so I apologize if I use the wrong terminology to explain my set up and issues. Spider99, I mainly wanted to spread the data across the drives because I added a brand new 8TB drive to the mix which had nothing written on it and wanted to make sure to free up space on my other drives that were closer to being full, thats all. Side note - It is my understanding that when you use SSDs as Cache drives that new media will be downloaded into the Pool on these first (because they are faster drives) and then get moved over to the Archive drives on my next Balancing correct?
  16. Umfriend

    Should I uninstall

    Well, duplication can be turned off easily and DP will remove excess duplicates. Not sure how you got duplication on just two drives. Some screenshots might help. The balancing that has occurred will be harder to revert. Why don't you want balancing? The only reason to uninstall I can see is if you don;t want to use the software. DP itself is able to reorganise as you want.
  17. I don't understand. At default settings, DP would already re-allocate files so that you would have an optimal distribution. Optimal in that case means that each drive has (approximately) the same amount of free space. If you have SSDs as cache and Scanner then you want to have Scanner at top, then SSD Optimizer. You can use the Disk Space Equalizer, I think to get all drives filled to [x]% but see no reason to do that. IMHO, with DP, default settings work very well without complicating matters. I think I understand you "seeded" the drives. That is perfectly fine. DP will rearrange files afterwards.
  18. Are you showing hidden files and folders as well? I would expect two PoolPart.* folders on these drive...
  19. the plugins can fight against each other so to test only have one enabled related to equalising the drive space (i dont bother with this as its just moving the deck chairs on the titanic and although its nice to see equal space used/unused per disk - it does not achieve much of anything and means a lot of extra copying and moving just to achieve this - does not speed up drives etc) run it for a day or so so you understand what it does and how the options affect the result rinse and repeat with the others then try combinations etc
  20. Last week
  21. Just got home and unfortunately it doesn't look like it will be as easy as I hoped. I pulled up both of my drives that windows says are full and here is how they appear. When you open the poolpart folder they both are empty.
  22. Tolahouse

    Should I uninstall

    I have a new trial installation with 8 drives in a pool. Two of the drives managed to get duplication on them which I don't want and all of the drives have balancing controlling them which I've tried turning of cause I don't want this either. Furthermore Pool Organization stops halfway and re-measure/checking stops at 7-8%. I just want a Pool of drives with no Duplication and no Balancing/ Can this install be repaired(how) or do I uninstall (help) and start over? Thanks
  23. Is thjat 192 read or write. I don't know. SMR drives do well on read and sequential writes. Random writes though above a certain limit though, ouch. If 20MB/s is a cap you experience on all drives writing through DP then there is a different issue. Time for some research, e.g. waht do you get on writing to those drives directly? You need to measure this with large, non-single file transfers I think.
  24. When I get home for the day I will take a look and see if it created a new poolpart folder and try this. I installed Crystal Disk Mark and ran a benchmark against my new USB 12TB and was able to hit 192 fairly easily. Everything DP does in its duplication though is capped at 20 regardless of the drive it seems and with priority elevated.
  25. So on the two drives that have close to 100% other, what you may want to do is called "seeding": 1. Stop DP service 2. On each of these drives, move the data in the current Poolpart.* folder to the new Poolpart.* folder 3. Start DP (or reboot) 4. Let DP remeasure / rebalance. With the 12TB, if you have a precise product number you could see if, perhaps, it is a SMR drive (although AFAIK, there are no 12TB SMR HDDs by WD
  26. I would suggest to buy at latest in december a new account for example at dropbox and google will stay in read only mode and to transfer all the files in 500gb-1tb pieces. Or do you know another provider, who offers unlimited storage space? And if you have a lot of date and small bandwith, then buy for one month a server, to transfer all the files.
  27. So here is my story. My pool was down to about 3TB of free space so I shucked a new 12TB drive and added it to the pool via USB while I wait on new hardware to add it to my case. DrivePool was taking so long to transfer and according to Scanner capping out around 20MB/s. I impatiently figured if I remove one of my smaller 6TB drives that have errors on them and only duplicate files that I could put this new drive in it's place and maybe get a faster transfer so I could add this new drive to the pool. I realized the shucked drive needs a molex to sata power adapter in order to be added to my computer (thanks WD!) which at the moment I did not have. Plugged the original drive back in, possibly swapped SATA cables with another drive, maybe the 10TB that you see with "other" files. When I booted back up my pool stated it was missing 2 drives, my 6TB I pulled/reinstalled and for some reason one of my 10TB drives. All drives were disconnected when I attempted to install the new drive to the drive cage. These 2 drives showed up underneath Non-Pooled instead. Again, I impatiently removed the 2 "missing" drives from drive pool and added them from the Non-Pooled section and foolishly assumed DrivePool would see their contents and know what was what. I was wrong, now the 2 drives only show up with 100% "other" content. These drives are nearly at max capacity with data I need that should be part of my only pool as drive Z! Any help much appreciated! Screenshots attached below, why such slow speeds? I have the priority increased in DP.
  28. I'm wondering the same thing - just read this article. https://petapixel.com/2020/10/12/google-is-killing-unlimited-drive-storage-for-non-enterprise-users/ What's the alternative now =( and how am I going to transfer all that storage to another one?
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