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  2. Do you have Scanner? And yeah, even though I have a far smaller Pool (6 HDD in a 9 HDD setup), I label them with a sticker.
  3. When I originally created the CloudDrive I didn't realise that I can enter a value for CloudDrive size larger than 10TB. Hence I selected this option Now that I am nearing this limit, I want to resize the CloudDrive size to larger than 10TB. I was able to increase the size as you can see in the screenshot but as suspected, the CloudDrive in Windows is still shows 10TB. I am guessing that is because the drive was selected as NTFS at the time of creation which resulted in 10TB as size. Guess my question is that if I have increased my CloudDrive limit to 200TB, will I be able to go past 10TB?
  4. Thanks for the advice Christopher, i used to have my computer on all the time.
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  6. so another curious thing... we just had a power failure and after i powered back on. one drive was unknown. made entire pool go grey. could access but not add...thats how i knew there was a problem. so how do you know what drive is what? if im gonna organize this..how do i know what s/n drive is what? well actually device as it did say that i think. wouldnt give s/n. it said drive missing. powered down and reseated hotswap drives..back up
  7. yeah ill use large ssd when my 1tb friends wanna go bigger
  8. gonna move all drives.. mobo and os drive. os drive will be plugged back in correctly. cool so i should be good
  9. That's ... really odd. Could you open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/Contact and then run the StableBit Troubleshooter, using the "DirectI/O" option. http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_Troubleshooter
  10. Christopher (Drashna)


    Try running a CHKDSK pass of all the disks in the system. Try remeasuring the pool. If that doesn't help, then you may need to do this: http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q4142489 If this is with the file system scan (and it sounds like it is), you may want to update to the latest beta, as that has a fix for this issue. http://dl.covecube.com/ScannerWindows/beta/download/StableBit.Scanner_2.5.4.3259_BETA.exe Honestly, I'm not sure. It sounds like you may have accidentally disabled duplication, or removed the drive from the pool.
  11. I've noticed this myself, and unmounting and remounting will fix that. To be honest, I think this is an issue with Apple's implementation of SMB/Samba/CIFS. I'm not sure there is much that can be done. But I'll look into this.
  12. Christopher- Thanks for your reply. I am using Does your recommendation still apply? Heywood
  13. StableBit DrivePool places files on the disk with the most available free space (absolute, not percentage). If that's the case, then the "realtime placement limiter" arrow that you see is absolutely normal. It's trying to clear out the drive, to prevent data loss. If you clear the status and it comes back, then you should definitely consider replacing the drive. Especially if it's under warranty, as you should be able RMA it.
  14. @dan66215 it uses the disks in the pool to determine free space. Because you have one of the disks that is completely filled, that is likely the issue. Especially if you're using ordered file placement. That said, it may be worth installing the "Drive Space Equalizer" balancer plugin and enabling that. StableBit DrivePool Balancer Plugins
  15. Yeah, it would, and it is something that we've talked about internally. But "complicated" is a bit of an understatement, and it would eat up a lot more bandwidth, etc. We should have a release for it out Very SoonTM
  16. Ouch! sorry to hear about the issues. And yeah, that did sound like a disk issue, and not a pool issue, specifically. Just a heads up, StableBit DrivePool does have a notification option for when there are missing disks. Make sure that's set up. Additionally, for StableBit Scanner, grab the latest beta, as that will fix the issue with the lost settings: http://dl.covecube.com/ScannerWindows/beta/download/StableBit.Scanner_2.5.4.3259_BETA.exe
  17. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that! That really sucks! If you have a UPS/battery backup, it may help. However, I've heard of it not being enough. Which is not surprising, based on the amount of power that lighting brings down (well, really, up). The best bet is to unplug everything during a storm.
  18. If you're using the latest beta, try using a build before that. We've had several people complaining about similar issues on the newest.
  19. Yeah, as long as the drives show up correctly, then it will maintain the pool. As for the power savings, that entirely depends on the power consumption, both at peak and idle. And to be honest, you probably won't see a lot of power savings. The best way to get that savings is to use large capacity SSDs, which is what data centers do. However, they can be a LOT more expensive.
  20. Oh, and I am not convinced about energy/heat. 25 500GB SSDs is just 12.5TB. I would think they use more than one 14TB spinner.
  21. TL;DR but yes, DP will recognise the Pool. You could disconnect them all and plug them in on another machine and DP would see the Pool again. One small caveat is that if you use plug-ins that are not installed on the new machine then you may have some unwanted behaviour. Other than that, it should work.
  22. I went throught all of the threads I could but just didn't see it. Maybe I missed it... So my current setup is an Antec 900 case Icy Dock - 6x 2.5 hot swap 2x 8i hba cards (using onboard sata as well) 11x 500gb ssd - 7 in icy dock and 4 just floating around the case 3x 4tb 3.5" 3x 2tb 3.5" 2x 500gb 2.5" 1x 250gb 2.5" ssd pool and sata pool This case is jammed up... totally full... as I get drives, I add them... so it is totally unorganized. I just helped a mess of friends upgrade their kids (college, etc) laptops and desktops. amazing how 500gb ssd just don't hold much anymore!!!! had to go to 1tb for them and I got to keep their old 500s lol... and even those crappy sata 250 and 500.... anyway.. my question.. I'm getting a new case (bought it and waiting for it to ship from west coast to east coast).. once it comes in, can I just shut down my machine, tear it all apart and just move everything in? totally not paying attention to what drive is plugged into what card in what order? so basically.. if I wanted... remove my drives, shuffle them around and put them all back in and it still work? I have a freenas test machine... gonna ditch it... and move that hba and 11 ssds over too.. my goal is an ultimate 34 drive stablebit drive pool machine (it already is pretty ultimate but gonna be mega ultimate)... case I just bought... is Corsair Obsidian Series 750D Airflow Edition Case https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Cases/Obsidian-Series™-750D-Airflow-Edition-Full-Tower-ATX-Case/p/CC-9011078-WW what I'm liking about it is all the drive bays and expansions.. that can be done... so if I do this right I'm thinking... 3x icy dock - 6x2.5" bays in external 5.25 (18 drives) 4x 2.5 drives in cable management area (saw this how they utilized that space to sneak 4 more drives!!!!) 2x 3 drive bay adapters - can buy 2 more if I can find them or DIY bay adapters ( found a home depot diy for $3...!!!!! will see ) would put me at the ability to stuff... 18 + 4 + 12 = 34 drives... WOOOT!!!! since 25 of that are SSD.. LOW POWER AND HEAT!!!!!!
  23. Last week
  24. Hey all- I am seeing these type of errors on both of my CloudDrives with Google Drive 2:13:04.0: Warning: 0 : [IoManager:5] Error performing Write I/O operation on provider. Retrying. Unable to write data to the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. 2:13:12.8: Warning: 0 : [RemoteControlKeepAliveChecker] Unable to find keep-alive port on A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond 2:13:14.7: Warning: 0 : [ReadModifyWriteRecoveryImplementation:21] [W] Failed write (Chunk:783021, Offset:0x00000000 Length:0x00A00280). Unable to write data to the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. Uploads have been stalled for several days. Any thoughts of best way to recover from this? Thanks, Heywood
  25. There was a lot of lighting strikes recently and soon after found my computer not booting to windows and a loud clicking noise coming from the hdd. I took it out opened it and found the head to have scratched the platter circuraly in 2 different areas. The hdd was a seagate 1tb. How a power surge or power going off due to lighting strikes can make the hdd head crash on the platter? Also how can i avoid this from happening again, is a upc battery good enough? Is it also possible to use two hard drives at the same time so if one dies i wont lose all my files and wont have to reinstall windows?
  26. JasonC

    Activity logging?

    So, I still like the log thing if I can get it, but I did find the issue. I realized that I was having a pretty wide spread issue with a lot of files missing, I just didn't realize it until I went into a high level library. This made me check for a disk issue. Turns out it was a combination of a VM problem, for some reason one disk didn't get mounted to the VM at startup, and I didn't realize it because somewhere along the lines the notification settings I had in the Stablebit Scanner were lost, so I wasn't getting notifications about a disk issue. Once I re-mounted the disk into the VM, my stuff all came back.
  27. Specs : MSI Z390 Pro Intel i7 8700 32gb ram corsair HGST 4u60 LSI 9300 8i Intel i2Ti Last night there was a power surge, not sure what caused it, and it fried my nvme i think, it became undetected So i reinstalled a new nvme drive with server 2019. During installation it went just fine. But when i try to initialize drive, it freezes. And Got this BSOD screen saying Unexpected kernel mode trap What failed C1.dll The thing that bothers me is that it has been working fine for almost a year with server 2016. What i have tried 1. Full install all driver > resulting in spinning logo for 1 hour, so i just installed the audio and intel iris driver 2. Change the LSI 9300 8i, i happen to have a backup, but it's still the same thing, so its not sas card issue 3. Change the memory, 4. Remove the intel PCIE nic 5. Move the SAS card to another PCIE 6. Removing the cable plugged to the SAS card > this allows the windows to load correctly! But i cant access the jbod I was also wondering if corrupted drive or unfinished drivepool can cause this? Because on my very first attempt to reinstall, everything actually worked, but i installed an old drive with ntfs mounting in it. And drivepool created 2 pool, i was afraid it might mess my library, so i stopped DP service and i reinstall again, but now im stuck The only thing left is the motherboard and the rack... And i happen to not have any backup for them.. Been struggling for hours now, any idea? Edit : i swapped the mobo to lower end spec'ed and it seems to be stable now Now interestingly, at first i got 2 BSOD, during this time theres a duplicated pool that i mentioned earlier https://imgur.com/gallery/QPPOjcM But then after i turn off the drive from duplicated pool, delete poolpart, and it went back to 1 pool. It seems to be stable, no more crash until now, about 5 hours So its either the motherboard or incorrect drivepool pooling... Edit 2 : im gonna put this here, this is how i solved duplicated pool and how it was created : 1. Turn off the drive from the pool that i don't want 2. stop DP service 3. Turn on the drive from the pool that i don't want 4. delete poolpart.xxx from that drive 5. start DP service 6. Duplicated pool disappeared Also in my case, i had the old drive with previously NTFS mounted folders installed as secondary drive, cause i want to copy the old content (emby, radarr, sonarr, etc) while i want the drives to mount to the new NTFS mounted folders i created on the newly installed drive And this was a BAD idea, The initialized drive went straight mounted to the old drive, even after i delete the NTFS mounted folders to recycle bin. and this is how i got the pool initialization mixed up So lesson learned i guess, i will never use 2 drives if the older one has older NTFS mount folders
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