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  2. I'm still experiencing this on I went and wiped my cloud drive and started from scratch on 1174 couple of weeks ago, and so far uploaded 9TB of data, but this issue arose again two days ago. After restarting my PC yesterday the uploads continued, until today they are stuck with I/O errors again after half a TB or so. Instead of a reboot I attempted to restart the clouddrive service, and now it's uploading again.
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  4. Logs.txt Hi, I just had a somehow big problem which deleted duplication for a really big folder I had duplicated. I have included a reduced log just deleting every single file operation leaving just a couple of them Here is what happened: - I noticed that duplication was missing - Did a restart to check if something was just off - Somehow there was a configuration change from duplication 2 to 1 - After the restart duplication setting was correctly restored to 2 without me doing anything - All duplicated files where still removed and duplication restarted - Original files seem to be still in place Please help, I have been using this for a year without problems but now I am really worried. Thanks, Helmuth
  5. Some type of permissions solution would logically be the right solution. With duplicated folders and scanner doing it's thing I'm not worried about hardware failure. It would be great if there was some way to make folders read-only even to the ransomware running with admin level permission.
  6. I think you mean a 10TB drive, no? In any case, that Pool should have no data. Does it show any sign of progress?
  7. thedinz

    How to unmount Pool

    im no expert but what if you uncheck it up top? See attsched screenshot
  8. Hello, Now i know this comes up alot just from reading the forums but i for one am not here to complain. I feel like i figured it out but its still not working properly for some odd reason, Let me get into the details and please refer to the attached screenshots. I am using the Ordered file placement balencer exlusivly. I have 4 drives that are labeled simply Media 1 Media 2 Media 3 Media 4 This is my pool and they are in that order. Im trying to achevie what many other users are trying to acheive which is keep certains folders together and for me, that is simply tv show seasons. I do not care if it spreads movies across the drives in fact i want that, but i want to keep TV shows together so what i did was create a rule that says all TV shows stay on Media 2 and all movies can be spread accross the remaining 3 drives. My settings are such so that the drives fill up to 90% or 60GB free and media 1 is set to be the first drive that fills up and currently has 512GB free yet drivepool is still putting movies on Media 3 and Media 4. Well why isnt it filling up Media 1 as are my settings? It also keeps telling me that there is X amount of data that could not be moved because it could not find a suitable destination, check that there is enough space yada yada. This is false, the suitable destination is Media 1 and has plenty of space, currently its complain it cant move 15GB to said drive, why? At this point i fully prepared to take the blame and says its my settings which is why i have provided the screenshots, do you see anything i am doing wrong? If not, whats the fix? ** I guess i cant attach all these files due to size restrictions, please see my onedrive gallery. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoZHq6ui5vKmkK4Zyqq7bHYcjI75TA?e=DpbQQm
  9. Thanks for the help, yes I should have thought of that. Removal of the last drive has been running for some time now; with an 8TB I guess I just have to wait until its finished doing its thing.
  10. I agree with insleys and I tested this on WSE2016.
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  12. Hi there Thanks for your responses. I've been away form home for a while, so just picking this up now. I can confirm that the setting you mention is already set to "true" so I would anticipate the the behaviour should not be as I'm observing. I can confirm that the Last Modified timestamp for a folder in my pool is that of the first instance of that folder in my disk pool if you enumerate pool parts in the order that disks appear in the pool. For example, if I have a folder called "Test" spread across Disks 1, 2, 3 and 6 by file placement rules with the following last modified timestamps: Disk1: 01/01/2019 05:00 Disk2: 01/01/2019 04:30 Disk3: 01/01/2019 11:00 Disk6: 01/01/2019 06:00 ...then the timestamp reported by Drivepool to Windows is that of the first disk in the pool, i.e 01/01/2019 05:00, not the latest timestamp (11:00) as per the last actual update (caused by a file change within the folder that happens to reside on Disk3). To check this behaviour, I temporarily removed the "Test" folder from Disk1 and the timestamp reported to Windows in the pool drive became 04:30 (for this example). Creating or modifying files that are placed in the Test folder on disks 2, 3 or 6 does not change the folder timestamp in the pool drive. If a file is placed on Disk1, it does. The same behaviour is observed for folders split across disks 3, 4 and 5 - i.e. the timestamp of the folder on disk 3 (the first in the pool to contain that folder) is reported. I believe this is a bug. I think the correct behaviour would be for Drivepool to enumerate ALL instances of a given folder across disks and report the LATEST of those timestamps. This bug breaks any application (including Subsonic as per my use case) that relies on checking folder Last Modified timestamps for its functionality. I've now tested this on Windows 10 as well as on my original Win2012R2 server where I noticed the problem - same behaviour.
  13. mdoverl

    Bundled Products

    Any way we can close this thread, I was able to find a bundle to buy on the website.
  14. Hi, My Windows boot disk had some issue's and I couldn't boot into windows. I installed a fresh copy on a new drive, and plugged in the old OS drive into the PC. I have access to all the files from the old install. My question is after I install StableBit Scanner, can I copy over some program data so it won't have to rescan all the drives - or am I better off just letting it go through each drive again. I have like 14 drives it has to scan so I was trying to just save some time. Thanks, Ken
  15. I've started having a weird issue where if i open the drive pool UI I cannot click on anything, even if you just hover the mouse over either of the arrows to switch pools or click the arrow to bring up the option to re balance or click to manage the pool then i get the windows thinking circle cursor for a second or two then the ui closes, anybody any ideas? I've uninstalled and reinstalled, tried the RC but still the same I've attached the log file just in case but it does not seem to show so much. Cheers Edd DrivePool.Service-2019-10-14.log
  16. You cannot, unfortunately. You will have to recreate the drive. Encryption has to be enabled when the drive is created.
  17. quick question, how can I enable encription after I have created and enabled the drive and already uploaded some files?
  18. I'm not in front of my pc now - but I currently have it setup such that writing a file to the pool results in a total of 3 copies (the original file and 2 copies) - is it possible to simply change the duplication level to a lower one? (so original file and a backup). OK I am home now - it says I have 2 copies of each file. Does that mean I have 3 total? if I change it to 1 am i still protected? (original file and 1 copy??)
  19. Same here. I forgot to mention that chkdsk does not report any errors.
  20. Yep. I have the same thing. When I go to disk management, it shows the volume as healthy. The volume it refers to is on my C: drive, and is NTFS, OEM Partition.
  21. You can also use your Activation ID to get support for your order. In order to help us locate your order quickly, please provide your Activation ID when contacting support. Do not share your Activation ID with anyone. In russia it is memed as "взаимоисключающие параграфы" (mutually exclusive paragraphs) or Catch-22 in english. So: "provide" or "not shared" , that is the question?
  22. What you should do is removing the drives from J. One by one is my advice. When you removed the last J should stop to exist.
  23. Hello, I own CloudDrive and lost everything due using chkdsk on my only CloudDrive, lost about 5 TB of data. Not sure if it is a google drive issue, or what. Eitherway i still have the data but that is another story. I have a GSuite Unlimited One User Drive that I pay for. this is what I wanted to do, and I am wondering if it will work before I purchase DrivePool, and any recommendations On my single GSuite Account create 4 to 5 volumns Have one or two as parity, is this possible with DrivePool Set it to only upload at most 700GB a day to not hit google thresholds Once everything is setup, have a backup on another cloud provider so if I lose anything I can get it back. Can all this be done on a rented VPS by chance? Is this possible, or should I be doing this another way. Also are anything of these product usable in Unraid or Freenas or similar? If you have any question that may help me, let me know? Best Regards LicQuyd
  24. I managed to remove duplication in Pool I. Pool J is refusing to play nicely and remove itself, is there a way to force it?
  25. So I went into Pool J and tried to remove it. It looked as if if might and then gave an error message: File or directory is corrupted and unreadable. Same error with all 3 options checked. Any ideas.
  26. Thank you for the suggestions but the pooled drive is toast. Drive heads are badly damaged. No way to recover. Recapping and wondering if this is and option: I replaced a failing hdd in the server. I thought it would be a good idea to do a server backup to my external USB drive first. I normally don't back up "Videos" (about 900 GB) by unchecking the box. This time I forgot to do that so the next backup made space by deleting my old backups. The result is the old backups are grayed out and not accessible and half my data is missing. I did not make shadow copies. I know, lots of mistakes on my part. Is there a way to recover this data? Perhaps a data recovery program that will make overwritten or deleted files recoverable?
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