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  2. I don't know if you are using any Scanner software to monitor your HDDs, but if you are not, I have found that free version of Hard Disk Sentinel does a great job in testing and reporting the drive health. I had problems with a failing drive that Hard Disk Sentinel correctly reported the problems and informed me to move all data off the drive. The estimated life of that HDD was reported to be in hours according to Hard Disk Sentinel, and I was able to move almost all data off before it died completely. If your HDD has bad sectors but otherwise is still a useable drive, the paid version of Hard Disk Sentinel has some kind of repair software that will block off the bad sectors and you can then use the rest of the drive. StableBit Scanner does a great job in monitoring the HDDs in DrivePool, but I don't think it has any method to repair bad sectors and return a drive back to good health. IIRC, StableBit Scanner mainly identifies a failing drive and automatically starts to move data off the drive and remove it from DrivePool. I agree that if your HDD is not showing up at all in Disk Management, you may have to pull that drive and try it on another computer. I only have Windows computers, but I also like the idea of trying it on a different OS to find out if the drive is able to load. Good luck.
  3. I had a Windows Mediacenter setup for a number of years and it worked great for me. Instead of upgrading the software for new broadcast standards, MS just dumped the concept all together. I do have 2 MediaSonic ProBoxes running on my old HP desktop/server running Windows 10 Pro and they work just fine in USB 3.0 mode. Having said that, I got both my 4 bay ProBoxes for $50 each on sale. I see the same ProBox costs over $100 each now. That's equivalent to $25 per HDD just to house the HDD. For that money, you could probably get some nice external USB 3.0 HDDs and a hub for a lot cheaper. Which is what I did and now have my two original 4-bay ProBoxes (8 HDDs) plugged directly into the computer and another 8 external USB 3.0 HDDs plugged into a hub. DrivePool handles everything just great.
  4. I have my DrivePool set up on my desktop server/computer with Windows 10 Pro, which is running 24/7. So I seldom reboot that machine. When I do reboot, I really don't see much of a delay in reloading DrivePool. If DrivePool goes into a remeasure mode, I can still access all my files. When DrivePool starts up, are all your pool drives found and online? The only delay in loading I have ever seen is when a drive(s) are not found on the reboot. I also have a 248GB SSD on my DrivePool. At first I had it set to balance whenever I had 1GB of data to move, but later I changed that to 100 GB before it will perform a balancing operation. That works better for me because now I use that 100 GB on the DrivePool SSD as a super fast cache drive. Works great for zipping and unzipping files on the SSD. Temp files are also directed to the SSD cache. If I want to re-balance the SSD before it hits 100 GB, then I just do that manually. It appears to me that limiting the re-balancing to only when 100 GB of cache data on the SSD needs to be moved has made my DrivePool and everything else faster.
  5. gtaus

    Plugin Source

    I have not had much luck customizing the balancing plugins. I thought I understood using Rules and such, but things never worked the way I expected. I think improving the balancing plugins would be great. If you do get source code and are able to extend the balancing plugins, please write instructions, examples, etc... so us normal people can get expected output. I don't mean to denigrate the current balancers, which work fine on my DrivePool, but if I want to customize the balancing process I am completely lost. Just curious, what features would you want to add/improve to the existing balancers?
  6. Trying to figure out why copying to my drivepool has gotten absurdly slow, I took a drive out of the pool for more testing. Now I am getting this error. I have checked the duplicate consistency repeatedly but can not get this resolved so I can go back to trying to figure out my original issue. Suggestions?
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  8. I'm guessing this hasn't been rolled into the public release yet? I'm experiencing the same thing today on the newest public... I just downloaded the latest beta and installed it. Is there anything I have to do for this 'reorganization' to work, or does it happen without me explicitly telling it to? Thanks.
  9. Sorry for reopening a very old thread, but @Christopher (Drashna) wondering if you could clarify some terminology for me. In the options for the SSD Optimizer it has two sliders, ""Fill SSD drives up to:", and "Fill archive drives up to:" The tooltip that comes up when you hover over says "After this much space is occupied on all of the SSDs, all new files will be placed on the archive drives." This seems to be pretty clear, but if I turn the % down it still seems it may still be putting files on the SSDs, which is fine actually. What I want is for the SSD to be able to be filled to the brim with stuff that all gets emptied overnight, I'm just not clear on the function of this slider. My question is: Does the plugin totally empty the SSD into the archive regardless of this slider's position? If not, what defines how much gets emptied, the sliders in SSD Optimizer? or the built in "Prevent Drive Overfill" plugin? If I want to be able to fill the SSD completely with files being ingested into the pool, should I set "Fill SSD drives up to:" to 95-100%? Appreciate your help Andy
  10. Well, there may be some scenario where drive letters are required. But with 16 HDDs in my pool, I am more than happy to assign names to the HDDs and not have to bother with drive letters. In theory, DrivePool is able to pool many more than 26 HDDs, so you would reach a point where you would run out of drive letters anyway. If you need to assign a drive letter to a DrivePool HDD that has a name only, you can easily do that in Disk Management and it will not affect DrivePool at all. Again, DrivePool does not read the drive letter at all. It only uses the hidden PoolPart directory for identification. As mentioned, you may have to restart your computer if you decide to reassign drive letters to your DrivePool HDDs, not for DrivePool itself, but sometimes other Windows program will not recognize the newly named drive without a restart. IIRC, Disk Management will warn you about that when you change/add/remove a drive letter.
  11. I don't know exactly why you are experiencing any delay on file transfers via SMB with DrivePool. I have my computers all using the DrivePool J: (on my system) as an assigned network drive. There is no difference between file transfers off DrivePool or any other network drive. I find the only limit in DrivePool is maybe the speed of the physical HDDs that the file was sitting on in DrivePool. Since I am using 16 HDDs on USB 3.0 for my DrivePool, that is the only speed limit I have noticed. I do have 1 SSD on my DrivePool, and obviously files in cache on that drive transfer much faster. I currently use Windows 10 Remote Desktop on my client computers to monitor my host server, and when I request a file from DrivePool, there is no delay at all. I did have an issue with SMB on my Amazon Fire TV Stick and Kodi. For some reason, Kodi was having a problem negotiating file lookups with SMB set on automatic. Evidently, there are 3 or 4 versions of SMB. I reset my Kodi to SMB version 2.0 and that solved my SMB issue specific to Kodi on the Fire TV Stick. But that had nothing to do with my computers.
  12. I just removed the letters on all 8 pool drives and nothing exploded! Same for SB scanner, business as usual (except for now blank drive letters You now have me interested in leaving them unlettered, but there must be a scenario/usage case where lettered pool drives are desirable. EDIT: Should a need arise, I could always revert to letters, but I'll leave them out for now and see how it goes. Thanks @gtaus
  13. Yeah, old habits... When I removed the drive letters and just used drive names, life with DrivePool became easier with my 16 HDDs. It works better for me.
  14. I have 2 MediaSonic Probox 4 bay enclosures on USB 3.0, along with 8 other USB 3.0 external HDDs in my DrivePool and they all are working just fine. If I shut down or reboot my media server computer, the Probox units come back online and DrivePool sees all my HDDs. IIRC, there is a switch on the ProBox to select auto reconnect on start up, which I did initially when I set the boxes up, and have not had to touch them since. I am not currently using DrivePool Scanner, but Hard Disk Sentinel is able to read all the drives in the MediaSonic Probox units without any problems. It reports all the HDDs in the ProBox enclosures and also the S.M.A.R.T. of each drive. I find the USB 3.0 speed more than adequate for streaming my video files. And my media server is just an old HP desktop. Nothing at all special about it.
  15. This sounds like good news to me I think when I started using drivepool, individual drives were "letter-less" (file explorer would only show pool drives, and non-pooled OS drive also, obviously).. For a specific reason I fail to remember (lets call it old habits), I switched to lettering and never looked back once. Thanks !
  16. FWIW, I just removed all drive letters from my DrivePool HDDs. DrivePool does not need a drive letter to recognize a HDD in the pool. It uses the hidden PoolPart directory. Removing drive letters on the HDDs makes a less cluttered display in Windows 10 File Explorer as it will only show HDDs with drive letters. That works great for me as I currently have 16 HDDs in my DrivePool. Those HDDs are dedicated to DrivePool and nothing else. So I don't need any drive letters assigned to them. Of course, when you remove the drive letters, Windows 10 File Explorer can longer "see" the drive normally. You would have to go back into Disk Management and reassign a drive letter. I track all my pool HDDs by name, such as DP01, DP02, DP03, etc.... which also corresponds to the physical location on my rack. I also put the drive name sticker on the physical drive/case for easy identification. The HDDs in my pool do not have drive letters assigned to them, as I stated. The DrivePool UI lists the names all in alphabetic order, which is very nice. However, if for some reason I want to reassign a drive letter to a particular drive, I just use Disk Management and look up the HDD by name. That is much easier then trying to track all the S/N of the HDDs. I am not using Scanner, so I am not sure if that program requires drive letters to work. Is there some reason you need/want to keep any drive letters assigned to your pool HDDs? I found DrivePool was easier to work with when I removed all those drive letters from my pool HDDs. Just my thoughts to your initial question on how to not drive yourself crazy with numerous drives in DrivePool.
  17. Thank you, I will note drive letter, number, name and s/n before doing anything. But do I reassign letters while DP is running, or should I stop the service? And once the windows disks management part is all done, its unclear to me what should I expect to see when I start back DP ? Will it list drives in both pools as "missing", or else will it display the movies drives in the tv shows pool and vice versa?
  18. OK, I did not get a notification of your response. I followed your link and checked both boxes for the automatic response. I hope that was the problem and will get notifications in the future. Thanks.
  19. Shane

    Bad Sector Keep?

    When Scanner completes its scan, it will have an option to show you which files have been damaged and give you the option to attempt recovery: https://stablebit.com/Support/Scanner/2.X/Manual?Section=File Recovery - please read through it carefully. You can tell Scanner to ignore the current SMART warning (if any) for a particular drive, which should(?) mean it doesn't pass that warning on to DrivePool. You can tell the Scanner balancer plugin in DrivePool to not move files out of damaged drives and/or not move files out of drives with SMART warnings (File evacuation section), and/or to still allow files to be kept on an evacuated drive if the other drives are too full (Evacuation options section). I know that if a drive is being removed (or evacuated, presumably?) then per the manual, duplication is done from the existing copies on other drives. But if you're telling it "hey this drive is okay to keep using despite the damage"... I don't know. Personally I'd be getting a new drive as soon as I could budget for it. @Christopher (Drashna) any insight on how damaged drives interact with duplication when they're not being removed and the user is telling DrivePool to keep using it anyway?
  20. Shucking the drives should not affect their volume and poolpart identifiers, which DrivePool uses to recognise the drives. So option 1 should work just fine.
  21. You can use the Disk Management panel in Windows to add/change/remove the letters of your drives. Because you're swapping the letters, you may need to restart your PC between operations (e.g. remove letters, restart, add letters); so first take note of the physical disk numbers for each pool drive (normally displayed in the lower half of the panel) so you add the correct letter to the correct drive afterwards. (obviously, do NOT mess with the drive letter of your operating system drive)
  22. Hi gtaus, I can see that your account is following this thread, so hopefully you'll get notified about this response. Maybe check that https://community.covecube.com/index.php?/notifications/options/ is set to your liking?
  23. While the staff do check the community forums, if you're requiring a direct and prompt reply from Stablebit to a particular issue then filling out a support ticket is recommended.
  24. The drive may have failed. Do you have another computer you could test the drive in? Or if not, could you boot from a Live CD or Live USB to see if it shows up in a different OS?
  25. Last week
  26. I am not receiving any notifications of replies to my threads/questions. I have set up my account profile with my correct email address, I have checked the box "Notify me of replies" and I have checked my Junk email box in Hotmail. But I cannot find any notifications from this forum. As I learn more about using DrivePool, I think I might be able to be more active in helping others. Being notified of responses would really help. I have just cleared my Junk box in Hotmail, so if someone would please send me a quick response, maybe I figure out if/where any notification is sent. Thanks.
  27. Yes, I think the ST6000DM003 is a SMR drive. However, after your post about the USB Seagate Backup Plus Hub HDD enclosure case probably being the problem with that HDD, I did remove the HDD from the enclosure and put it in my MediaSonic ProBox about a week ago and it is working flawlessly. So I am very happy that I was able to "save" the HDD for use in DrivePool. I am not a big fan of the SMR technology and understand why you don't want SMR HDDs in a pool. However, in my DrivePool, I have a 248GB SSD in front of the queue as cache. I have DrivePool set not to move any files until there is at least 100GB of files to optimize. In my mind, any file(s) written from the SSD cache to the SMR drive will not be fragmented, which would be better for the file(s) sitting on the SMR drive. Also, my DrivePool is set up mainly as a media storage server for Plex and KODI, so rewrite is not really an issue for me. It seems to work just fine for reads from the SMR drive. Sorry for the late reply, but for some reason I am not getting any notice of replies to my threads from this forum. I have checked the box to "Notify me of replies", I have checked my account profile for the correct email address, and I have even checked my Junk box in Hotmail, - but no notices from this forum.
  28. Hi, after many years of using DrivePool and Scanners, I just noticed a mistake on my behalf about drive lettering. On my win10 pc, I have 10 physical drives, including 2 pools of 4 hdd each. Pool D (movies) is 4 drives, lettered W,X,Y and Z Pool E (TV shows) is also 4 drives, lettered S,T,U and V If possible without hosing the system, I'd like to swap letters of one pool to another and vice versa. The expected end result would be: Pool D (movies) is 4 drives, lettered S,T,U and V Pool E (TV shows) is also 4 drives, lettered W,X,Y and Z. Is there a preferred way to achieve this without DrivePool or me going crazy.
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