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  3. @Rob Manderson, Thanks for the offer. Attempted to send you a PM with some info.
  4. Where are you located? I have 7 proboxes in total. One contains my backup set, one is for general usage and 5 are unused. Complete including the original box. If you're in the US you can have one for the price of shipping. I moved all my drives out of the Proboxes and into a NetApp DS4246 Disk Shelf but I was lucky, I bought just before Chia and the price was still reasonable. And I didn't think to add this until after posting :-) PM me if you're interested and we'll sort it out.
  5. My ~10 year old MediaSonic ProBox died today. Will no longer recognize the USB interface. So my DrivePool is now down hard because I have 4 drives offline. At first I was just going to replace the old MediaSonic ProBox with a new one. However, current price on the MediaSonic ProBox is now close to $200. When I bought my ProBox, it was $50. OK, sticker shock. But this leads me to question other options. Individual USB enclosures are around $25, so about $100 for 4 enclosures to replace the ProBox. Have also looked at dual docking stations for about $36 each, or $72 for my 4 drives. Are there ot
  6. I have just under 10TB free on my array, but any time I try to copy something it, it's giving me a "not enough space free" error. This is even on very small files. I'm not sure how long it's been doing this for, just accessing files for read(which is what I'm doing most of the time) is fine. I haven't yet rebooted because the machine is in use, so I thought I'd check for other ideas in the mean time. I forgot to mention, I seem able to create folders fine, so it's not locked into a total read-only state. I just can't seem to write if a free space check is performed, I guess?
  7. StableBit DrivePool checks for duplication integrity at around 2 a.m. every day. How do I change this?
  8. Deleted. Changed my approach...question no longer relevant.
  9. So life got busy and never got back to uninstalling my 1.x versions / installing the 2.x upgrades. Assuming nothing in the prior instructions above has changed...just newer 2.x versions? One Q: I just posted something on the HSS forums re: using the onboard eSATA port (with Port Multiplier functionality/modded BIOS on my HP N40L) vs. an add in RocketRAID 642L card. The add-in card doesn't allow Scanner to report on the SMART aspects or Temp or Age of the drives. Wondering if perhaps the 2.x version of Scanner picks up that data maybe? (hopefully). My Q on the HSS forum was asking
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  11. hello fellow people, i done and lost my activation key does anyone know if their is a place to find it online ? or should i wait for my support ticket ?
  12. Hello all, I bought Scanner/Drivepool/Clouddrive bundle recently and now have 20TB local pool and 32TB online pool. Now the local pool is running out of space with only 1~2TB free. But my online pool consists of 2x16TB Clouddrive disks on Google account with unlimited storage, so it's easily expandable. I'm thinking of making one giant 52TB pool from those two pools, as marginal cost of the said online storage is zero and managing one pool is easier than managing two, all else being equal. Thing is, I have async connection with only about 9Mbit/s up and 130Mbi
  13. Hi Anyone using the All-in-One plugin? I have been using it since 15/05/2021 and noticed that the balancing settings were reset to defaults on 2 occasions. I'm not sure if it's the plugin or Windows updates that can cause it to reset to defaults. Any ideas? Preferred Settings: Defaults that it resets to:
  14. It turns out this had nothing to do with the Windows updates. I had input - apparently incorrectly - Google API settings in ProviderSettings.json, which prevented the service from restarting. The way I found this was the source of the issue was by executing CloudDrive.Service.exe from the command line. Phew!
  15. I just installed the 2021-05 and 2021-06 cumulative updates for Windows 10 Version 20H2 and now have CloudDrive stuck "Connecting to service" even though the service is still set to Automatic startup type. When I try to start the StableBit CloudDrive Service from services.msc, I get: This still happens after a cold reboot. Anyone else running into this, hopefully with a fix? I'm running the latest beta which had been working reliably for a good while for me.
  16. My PC died so I setup a VM to temporarily access my clouddrive data. This worked, although I had to force the VM to take control of the drive data. Indexing took 3-4hrs and all was good. I then uninstalled cloudrive from the VM and powered it off, about 24hrs ago now. I've rebuilt my previously dead PC but cannot mount the drive anymore. I have no 'force' option (even with the beta software). All I get are complaints that the cloud drive is attached to a different computer, see below. Is there a long timeout that I have to wait for or can I manually force this, even without a force b
  17. This would be great, currently I feel I have to micromanage uploads manually to make the most of my upload bandwidth and use the 750GB/day quota.
  18. I cannot get any smart data, hdsentinel, and crystaldiskinfo both have no issue accesing it. The drives are connected to my x570 elite motherboard and it is in ahci mode. It used to work until I updated my bios, which killed my licensing for both scanner and drivepool, and basically bricked both programs. I think I've gotten them back up and running by deleting the settings folders, though I can no longer activate, so at this point I'm pretty close to just uninstalling both in frustration and after having my computer bricked for a day with no support response. Is there any way to
  19. I am using Drive pool with USB Hard drives, and kept having issues so have set up a harvester on a seprate machine as after about 16 usb Harddrives deivepool wasn't happy i know have a smaller pool as the landing zone set up with file placement to fill the drives up and so far has been working better, thiught the ssd cache seems funny.
  20. stablebit is functioning but i cannot get the gui to launch. run it from the start menu and I get nothing, but it shows running in taskmanager uninstalled, reinstalled and still no go. ideas? I do have a drive or 2 that scanner is saying has issues so that is what lead me to launch it.
  21. I have a quick question on what would happen if I did the following- Compress, zip, tarball, whatever 4.9 TB (just under the 5TB individual file limit) of files and put it in CloudDrive. The 750GB daily limit would be triggered, but google allows a single file to be uploaded before killing the quota for 24 hours. In theory, you could upload 4.9TB, and unzip it to stay ahead of the daily limit, but obviously here's the question- when it goes up would it be split up so that it would still be seen as individual files? If not, would it then need to be re-downloaded to decompress thus tri
  22. https://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q4142489 Mind you, USB connections may drop once in a while. You won't lose any data normally but the Pool will become read-only until the connection is restored or the drive is removed from the Pool.
  23. Hello, I am farming Chia, and I currently have 85 TiB of plots spread across 20 something USB HDDs. I have used all but one of my drive letters including drive A and B. I bought Drive Pool because I thought I could just pool the drives that are full of data into a single volume with a single drive letter. However, when I pool the drives into one volume, none of my Chia Plots are accessible. The only accessible part of the of the pooled volume is the pooled empty space. How can make my existing plots accessible inside of the pooled volume?
  24. I've been having issues with Stablebit Scanner waking my pc up. I've tried looking in Event Viewer to see what's causing it, but there are over 1300 Kernel-Power events for each day. I know that Stablebit Scanner is not following the Settings I have configured because I have it set to only perform work between 2AM and 3:30AM and yet my PC is waking from Stablebit Scanner all day long. I do have Wake Up to Scan checked, but if I didn't, it won't wake up. Can someone please help me figure this out. Attached are my current settings and one ScannerService.log because the rest
  25. Umfriend

    Drive missing

    Let me guess, Chia? AFAIK, USB may drop connection occasionally and DP will put a Pool in read-only mode while a disk is missing until it gets connected or you remove it from the Pool. Search this forum, there are posts about disk connected through USB.
  26. Toogle

    Drive missing

    Hi all, hoping to get some advice. I have a large pool with some drives connected via usb and occsialy 1 of them goes ofline ( i am lookign at why) but it stops the pool being written to, is there a way to allow the pool to still operate? Many thanks tom
  27. OK. That you have multiple PoolPart.* folders on H and K is a clear issue. That you don;t have them on P and M is weird. And then there are the PoolPart/* files which shouldn't be there. Not sure what to do here. Tranferring files, removing drives from Pool through GUI, reformat and add is a possibility but takes a long time. Perhaps better to contact support (https://stablebit.com/Support) or wait for a better volunteer here. Another scenario, but I am not sure if that would work well, is: 1. Remove the suspect drives from the Pool throuh the GUI 2. From each PoolPart.* folder o
  28. here's the missing disk drives , just found a hidden files. but there's nothing the the pools parts folder like mine H:\ and P:\ (0 bytes) but i could see files in K:\ and H:\ any suggestions.
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