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  4. All right, I'll take that as a "no"
  5. I use SATA disks and I did try a (the?) registry hack but so far without success.
  6. My setup Drivepool Windows 10 4 tb x 5 10 tb x 2 I used to setup snapraid for drivepool but now i'm too lazy to set it up. Now i just worry about losing my data So may friend want to sale his Synology NAS (ds413j) with 3tb x4 I wonnder if i want to use that NAS to backup my drivepool data as a parity drive ? If it's possible i might buy his NAS I'm a total noob Thanks in advance (Sorry for my poor English)
  7. After some digging, it looks like searching the logs in C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool\Service\Logs\Service for Error moving" will find the file names. C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool\Service\Logs\Service>find /i "Error moving" *.log 13:20:41.2: Warning: 0 : [RemoveDriveFromPool] Error moving file from \\?\Volume{d92a9186-3303-4a0c-a481-ea38c7619713}\PoolPart.9c1fe6e2-37d0-4425-88c8-9fe5e99b8512\DL\somefile.txt to \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolume29\DL\somefile.txt. Continuing removal. (Data error (cyclic redundancy check)) At the end of the drive removal you will also get a notice that the drive could not be removed due to files in use.
  8. Little update: I managed to flash my Fujitsu D3116C which is based on the SAS2208 chipset to a 2308 IT mode firmware, but I still couldn't get the disks to spin down or get power management working. Turns out: It works fine with SATA disks. Seems that the SAS drives have it either disabled in firmware or something else is more likely going on, as HDD Scan is able to spin them down. I suspect Windows just might not be able to properly spin down SAS disks. Have you tried the registry hack that's floating around to enable idle power management?
  9. I'm removing a drive that reported some uncorrectable errors. I have the live GUI service log displayed with drive removal logging "warnings" and am seeing: 13:20:41.2: Warning: 0 : [RemoveDriveFromPool] Error moving file from \\?\Volume{d92a9186-3303-4a0c-a481-ea38c7619713}\PoolPart.9c1fe6e2-37d0-4425-88c8-9fe5e99b8512\DL\folder...\file.txt to \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolume29\DL\folder...\file.txt. Continuing removal. (Data error (cyclic redundancy check)) 1. Was the file migrated off the drive or left behind? 2. How do I get a listing of files not moved?
  10. I got a notification that a disk was no longer available in the pool at 11:07am on 11/10. When I got back home I confirmed the disk was not available. Further troubleshooting I see the Below are also three errors that start happening repeatedly in the event view starting on 11/08 continuing until the disk went off line. The third error occurred right around the time the disk went offline. When I open up disk manager I get the a prompt to initialize the disk (see below). If I try to initialize it I get an error stating "Virtual Disk Manager - Incorrect Function ". Do I assume this disk is dead - even though previously it didn't report any SMART errors - or had any issue in Scanner?
  11. Thank you for the reply! That all makes sense. So far, so good! I also have an SSD I would like to use as a cache drive. I added it to my pool, and installed the SSD optimizer (at the top of the balancers). However, it doesn't seem to use the SSD when I copy files to the pool. Is that because 'ordered file placement' is taking priority? What I would like is new files to go to the SSD, then moved to the appropriate drive in the background/when balancing occurs. Is that not how this plugin is supposed to work? Thanks!
  12. Just tried that and it didn't help... my 6TB is now a 7.28TB hard drive LOL.
  13. hammy

    SSD caching Question

    Thank you so much for the help! I'll check out PrimoCache, I do have read striping enabled and multiple duplicated copies. I also probably chose the wrong word in "bottleneck." It makes it sound like DrivePool is causing my issue, when I don't think it is. Something is causing a lot of buffering when watching stuff off my server and I really can't pin down what it is. Thank you for taking the time!!
  14. Thks for the answer. I will try to install it Regards
  15. I use a lot of NTFS hardlinks and besides, want to relegate the bigger files (as they tend to be either backups or replaceable media) to a different, slower underlying disk/volume. Segregating by a file size threshold is a workaround, though not possible to prune the offloaded entries without ROBOCOPY /PURGE'ing from the main volume, which has symlinks to them. I'd imagined Drivepool could do this better with a union filesystem, compared to a mix of scheduled Robocopy tasks for moving data to the offload volume(s) and cleaning orphaned entries. But there is no balancing rule shown for size or attributes, just the naming pattern. Can Drivepool automatically rebalance by other properties than filename mask?
  16. Thanks Christopher. So follow up question, what is the best method to create a separate disk and begin moving the data to the new drive? I initially thought that I would create a new clouddrive (H:) (pooled partitions of 25TB), and then create a "master" pool that consist of the old clouddrive (E:) and the new cloud drive. I would then change the drive letter to represent the initial drive letter of the old drive (E). I'm assuming I would then move my data folder in the pool folder on drive E:. I tried this, but Plex had an issue with it. I reverted to the config of a single clouddrive. I'm down to 1TB of free space left, so I need to come up with a solution. Thanks!
  17. I found it. A particular piece of software I use implemented a 'recycle bin cleanup' feature that defaulted to on, and a cleanup period that defaulted to 7 days. I'm out about 3 days of head-scratching, $80 for a new SSD and several months worth of music and Doom mods I hadn't found time to organize.
  18. I just ended up downgrading from back to the Beta 1145 due to persistent issues where some times it would be fine and upload and other times it would show this error and be in limbo of not doing anything.
  19. I don't know that this necessarily has anything to do with Drivepool (But I have absolutely no idea what else might be happening.) Over the past few days, random files have been ... disappearing from my downloads folder (which is in my pool.) They're missing from the disk, not just the pool. They're 100% unrecoverable, even with disk recovery software. It's like they never existed at all. It only seems to be effecting my downloads folder, which is placed on a SSD with file placement rules. I figured the disk was going bad so I went out and bought a brand new one last night. Same problem, today. All of my folders / subfolders are still there, but random files will disappear over time. This has to be one of the most bizarre / scary things I've ever experienced. I'm only posting here, because continuing to have the problem with a new SSD is my worst case scenario. I don't have any idea what to check / try next. I am using Windows 10 x64 1903 and Drivepool edit: I just wanted to add that Windows 10 "storage sense" is disabled, which is supposed to automatically clean temp folders There's nothing in my Windows Event Viewer that shows anything strange happening, either.
  20. Ah that's a shame. I was always under the impression that an HBA in IT mode would pass all control of the drives to the OS, including power management, is that not correct? I remember I have an older Fujitsu (D2616) somewhere where I did get spindown working, but not in JBOD mode so every drive has to be configured as a raid 0, which is annoying. Yes I've tried that option, didn't work unfortunately. Although I have now come to realise that since the drives are SAS, they don't report SMART, so I guess that Problem is solved. The Motherboard I'm using also has an Intel SAS controller which I unfortunately cannot test with Scanner as it is locked to SATA mode without a key So now my requirements are pretty much down to being able to use the Disk Control options in Scanner. I'll experiment a bit more and if I can find a combination/configuration that works I will post it here.
  21. That will work, but the measurement data will be out of sync. A better solution would be to use the File Placement rule, so you can just copy to the pool, and it will handle things automatically for you
  22. Were these drives ReFS? If so, it may cause issues with version differences. Otherwise, data recovery should work.
  23. Yeah, that would do it. Though, heads up, most of the balancers don't actually run most of the time, and are only to handle specific cases. So balancing should be minimal, when it's enabled.
  24. For those experiencing this, could you open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/Contact
  25. Could you try resetting the settings, once you've installed 3303? http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_Scanner_Q4200749
  26. Yup! If you add your existing pool and this drive to a new pool, you can seed this new pool and enable duplication on it. That way, one copy would be on the iSCSI volume and one would be on the local pool. This blog post talks about the Hierarchical pooling feature, which is what I'm talking about: http://blog.covecube.com/2018/03/stablebit-drivepool-2-2-0-906-release-final/
  27. If you haven't already, open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/Contact
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