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  2. nigelhooper

    Force duplication

    Hi, I have a four drive pool with pool level duplication and 2 copies selected. Several days ago I replaced two of the smaller drives with larger drives. I now have plenty of free space on the pool but about 2TB of unduplicated content. How do a I force it to perform the duplication? I have tried troubleshooting -> recheck duplication, changing the balancing options between immediately, balance every day etc but it wont duplicate. I have the standard plugins enabled.
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  4. I realise your not a developer, it was an open question. Do you know if a developer will be along at some point? I might just open a ticket anyway. Thanks for your help.
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  6. So I don't use the Ssd optimiser. But from the text, it actually says it has the option to fill the pooled disks in am order. Must be some switch/option in the setting of that balancer.
  7. I'm just a user, not a developer of this application. I don't know. But it may be something like if you make a copy then during removal you actually have an extra instance and that may not be considered, I don't know, appropriate?
  8. MarkG

    SSD Optimizer problem

    Other than the SSD optimizer the rest are stock, at stock settings. Before I installed the SSD optimizer it did exactly what I wanted.
  9. Which balancers are active with you? Perhaps you have the Ordered File Placement balancer active?
  10. Thanks that sounds like it would work. Duplication is off, the the pool has 4 drives, 3x6TB and 1x4TB, I want to replace 2 x 6TB drives with 1 x 12TB drive. The removed 6 TB drives will be moved to a different PC to use as a backup server which I'll turn on whenever I need to run a backup. Out of interest why isn't copying one of the options when removing a drive or maybe even the only default option? It seems an easy option to add but I may be unaware of any complications that prevents this being an option.
  11. MarkG

    SSD Optimizer problem

    Please can anyone answer this, I am attaching screenshots to help illustrate. I want to use the ssd cache because I have a 10gb link from my server to my primary workstation for moving large amounts of data quickly. 1gb link saturates at 113Mbs. But I wsnt t0 also balance out the drives.
  12. Hey everyone, I am hoping someone can help me with this really strange problem. I had my current server with drivepool on it running windows 7 for quite a while. I was able to access my files using windows shares locally without any issues at that point. I recently decided to upgrade that computer to windows 10 because of the EOL that is coming next month. After doing that, I have had an incredible amount of slowness on the shared "Pool" drive. Essentially the "Pooled" drive takes about 30 seconds for me to interact with files of type BMP, MOV, EXE etc. However, if I try to interact with a TXT file or SV file, it happens near instantaneous. I currently have tried access text files that are hundred of megabytes big with no issues, but I cannot access an image file that is 10kb big without waiting 30 seconds. I have also tried mapping the individual drives that make up the pool, for example e/f/g/h, and I can access all of the files on those "real" drives without any issues. This includes files on the pool drive that have a 30+ second penalty. I will upload a video later, but does anyone have any clues? For clarity. I am on my main desktop, which is on the same lan as my server. I have restarted all networking items on both computers, and I have reinstalled windows "clean" on my main desktop.
  13. So will you retain the 6TB in the Pool or keep them separately? I don't think DP supports that by default. Assuming you have no duplication and want to take them out (they would not record any changes/updates then though), what I can imagine you could do though is: 1. Stop the DP service. 2. On each of the 6TB drives, MOVE the data out of the hidden poolpart.* folder to a place outside of it (e.g. contents of D:\Poolpart.*\ to D:\OldPool\). So you access the drives themselves, not *through* the Pool. 3. Start DP service. Note that DP will show an empty Pool now although the free space is still very small. 4. Add the 12TB HDD 5. Stop DP service 6. Copy all data from both 6TB drives to the hidden poolpart.* folder on the 12TB drive 7. Start DP service (let it do its measuring I think) 8. Remove the 6TB drives. This should be a quick operation. It will not delete the data in the D:\OldPool\ folder. But I do wonder whether you would want a Pool of just one 12 TB drive. It may well be that your setup is somewhat more complicated so the scenario above might have to be adjusted. Maybe there is an easier way but I can;t think of any.
  14. britgeezer

    Black Friday sales?

    Honestly, this SW is very cheap for what it does. Try it, like it and throw the guys a few greens
  15. Yes, In accordance with the settings you defined in setup for file / disk distribution.
  16. RF, Thanks for taking time to reply. You have described my actions precisely. I guess I was hung up rationalizing the need to copy content from E: onto G:, thinking the content was really "already there". Today I played with a pair of old 2TB HDDs and noted the same result, then copied external content onto the virtual drive and saw the effect on the Pool, as well as within the individual PoolPart.xxx folder(s) on E: and F:. Your reply has confirmed the need to actually MOVE the content over. Thank you. Next up, Duplication.
  17. Hi, Is there an option to copy instead of move the data when removing a drive? I have two 6TB drives that are full, I'd like to replace them with a single 12TB drive. The 6TB drives will be the backup copy so I'd like to keep the data on them to avoid losing data if the new drive dies part way through the removal. Thanks for your help.
  18. Did you get this sorted? Seems to me you did everything correctly. So, to be clear - You had a standalone 8TB drive that was getting full. You bought a new 12TB drive. You downloaded and installed DrivePool. You created a brand new Pool consisting of your old 8TB drive and the new drive 12TB drive, giving you a new Virtual Drive, G: Because G: is considered a new drive, you are going to want to MOVE all of your files from E: to G: That's all you should have to do. In the future when you add drives to the pool you won't have to do anything and you should simply see the new free space from the new drive. Since this is a new pool, it's empty. ~RF
  19. Hello, After replacing a faulty disk I had to re-balance my pool. But it seems to be stuck at 99.9% Should I worry? Can I fix it? Thanks in advance Per
  20. MarkG

    SSD Optimizer problem

    I have a question about the ssd optimizer, I have it setup and working as expected, it is moving files off the ssd immediately as set by me. However my question is, Can the plug in be set to respect the rules for balancing as set by the plugins below it. In other words, I want drivepool to balance data over all of the drives equally. Is this possible? It doesn't seem to be as I even set the use no more than 50% of the archive drives, and it still seems to be filling the 1st drive in the list.
  21. Sorry if this has been asked before, I've looked over old posts and am confused on how to do this. I currently have a drivepool (local) E: with pool duplication on. I also have a clouddrive D: I would like to change E: to folder duplication and have 2 large folders only duplicate onto clouddrive D: and the rest duplicate locally. Is this possible?
  22. To answer myself Files where not in the hidden poolpart folder. I had to seed them and now they are showing
  23. Simple question, I presume. I want to extend my current 8TB HDD (E: ) Plex Drive with a new/empty 12TB HDD (F:). Pooling these 2 drives creates a single virtual ~20TB drive (G:) that I can point to from Plex, correct? No need for duplication just yet. I tried the above, the pool appears as a ~20TB as virtual drive G:, but I do not see any files on G: via Win10's file manager. I can read/write to G:. Do I need to physically move the content from E: onto G:? I guess I expected to see the current contents of E: on the virtual drive G:. Am I missing a basic concept here? Thanks in advance, Mark
  24. pjakesson

    Drivepool new disk

    Hello, one of my 8 TB disk got unreadable sectors so I had it removed after DP evacuated data to other disks. So the other disks got rather full and I get warnings. Now I have added a new 8 TB disk to the pool. Will DP automatically even out my data to the new disk? So I don't get warnings of full disks? Thanks in advance Per
  25. If have followed the Hierarchical Pooling post and created a LocalPool with my Drive 1 SSD0 -> Balancer 1 SSD1 -> VM folder (winserver) 2 HDD -> Media File Placement rule to have VM Folder always in SSD1. And a CloudPool with Google Drive account. I then have created a HybridPool with both LocalPool and CloudPool. I wanted to have VM folder duplicated into CloudPool but when I open File duplication options from the HybridPool nothing shows.
  26. Earlier
  27. The main reason is that Windows cannot run various fixes and maintenance on drives more than 64TB (e.g. chkdsk). It cannot mount a partition larger than 128TB either. Some people are also concerned that historically, various partitions got corrupted due to outages at Google, so by limiting the size of any individual partition, you also limit the potential losses
  28. So DrivePool with duplication provides some protection to drives going bad. If you have x2 duplication, then any 1 HDD may fail at a given time. DP will typically recover from this (especially if you have Scanner as well) assuming there is enough space available on the other HDDs. However, DrivePool does this by storing two full duplicates/instances of a file. So if you have 30TB of data, you would need 60TB of storage space. No experience with DAS or Storage Spaces. However, I know that Christopher (I think still) advises against USB connected HDDs as part of a Pool and I wonder whether the same applies with TB3. Can not compare speeds but DP typically gives you the performance of a regular HDD (or SSD if you used those).
  29. Yes - it just creates a seperate folder to save in
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