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  2. srcrist- Certainly you are correct. MIssed that post somehow. Have submitted a troubleshooter. I am now having multiple issues with the 1287 beta. Anxiously awaiting a new beta. Heywood
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  4. Almost certainly related to this issue: File a ticket and submit a troubleshooter. @Christopher (Drashna) was asking if this still existed in the latest beta. It would appear that it does.
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  6. Hey all- After system reboot app has lost license info. Will not accept current license. Anyone else seeing this? License key does seem to be acknowledged by the Stablebit Cloud but not in the app. Thanks, Heywood
  7. Hey all- I am now using the 1287 beta with almost no issues. I recently had to move my installatio between machines. I have 5 drives working on the new machine but the 6th is problematic. Drive was mounted on the old machine and working fine. I detached the drive successfully on the old machine and then attempted to mount on the new machine. New PC then reported that drive was still attached to old machine. So I went back to the old machine and attempted to mount and detach one more time. Now on the old machine when attempting to attach I am getting the mesage "The drive was forced to unmount beacuase it couldnt read data from the provider". It seems that I unable to mount in either locations for different reasons. Hope there is some solution. Thanks, Heywood
  8. I used Veeam endpoint protection to restore the Win7 image. The motherboard broadcom 57XX gigabit ethernet on the motherboard would only run at 10MB for some reason on Win10. The AsMedia based SIL3132 driver was wonky. File transfers took a minute before the file would start to copy. One of the rare times the Windows 10 upgrade was horrible. Nothing but DrivePool and Scanner run on the machine so I'm going to stick with W7 until I hear about a solid Win10 compatible mutliplex capable SATA PCIe card.
  9. I had a bunch of 1.5TB greens fail on me. They had the head parking issue which I figured out mid way. Haven't had a red fail yet. My drives are all installed in MediaSonic Probox's that have the fan set full time. Temperature is the enemy of HDD's. If you don't have Scanner you should check it out. It's gives a lot of helpful info on the drives and tests them regularly. I feel with Scanner running and DrivePool that I have a reliable JBOD storage system
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  11. Umfriend

    Simple Question

    Yeah, so now you have Drive A + B = Pool X (with x1 duplication) Pool X + Drive C = Pool Y (with x2 duplication) You can choose to store files in Pool X (and then they will not be duplicated and present on Drive A and B ) Or store them in Pool Y (and then they will be duplicated and present on Drive A/B for one instance and Drive C for the other instance). So you need to move the files from Pool X to Pool Y. The best way to do this is to "seed" them. You would: 1. Stop the DrivePool service 2. In drive A, locate the hidden Poolpart.* folder. The top level shows (part of) Pool X. Locate the hidden PoolPart.* folder within the first, that is (part of) Pool Y. Move files from the outer/first Poolpart.* folder to the inner/second PoolPart.* folder 3. Do the same for drive B 4. Start DrivePool service. DP will now, for Pool Y, find a shitload of unduplicated files and start a duplication run, in this case copying such files from drives A/B to drive C. Not sure what OS you use but you may need to keep in mind that shares do not automatically follow (i.e. in WSE2016 I would move ServerFolders through the WSE2016 dashboard, even if that takes a long time). As an aside, I would actually create three Pools. Pool X = Drives A/B, Pool Y = drive C and Pool Z = Pool X and Pool Y. I think it makes it easier to manage when adding/replacing drives. Only Pool Y would have x2 duplication. The procedure above still holds.
  12. Ant

    Testing Drivepool

    Thanks for your answer. So it seems that for this specific requirement Storage Spaces seems the only answer. But if using Storage Spaces what is the use case for additionally using Drivepool on top of it or as part of it? As I am running out of testing days, is their a way to extend the trial period?
  13. Can anyone recommend a port mutliplier SATA PCIe card that works reliably with Windows 10 1903?
  14. I put a new TP Link 1gb network card in just to eliminate that as a potential cause. It's something related to DrivePool. I copied a 5GB file to a share on the boot drive which has no DrivePool related folders. That file immediately copied at the speed expected. It's files on the DrivePool drive that take almost a minute to start copying. StableBit Scanner says all drives are healthy. Shoud I reinstall DrivePool? Thanks EDIT1: I'm realizing that it could be the MediaSonic HP1-SS3 Sata card drivers as the Pool drives are operating off two ProBoxes connected to it. EDIT2: Updated to MediaSonic - didn't help EDIT3: The recent Amazon reviews of the HP1-SS3 are complaining about issues with Windows 10. On Windowss 7 this card solved all kinds of headaches I was having with Rosewill two port multiplex capable pcie card. I think I'm going to back to Windows 7
  15. Apologize that I haven't begun researching this before asking the question but figured perhaps someone here might have encountered what is happening. I made an image backup of my DrivePool dedicated storage server computer running on Windows 7 and then ran the Windows 10 upgrade assistant just to see what would happen. The upgrade appeared to go fine and Drive Pool seems to be operating fine. The issue we're encountering is very slow transfer speeds from that machine to other computers on the network. Hopefully it's just the network driver Win10 used but wanted to see if this happened to anyone else? Would be very easy to revert to Win7 - should I?
  16. Christopher- Thanks for the reply. Problem was not solved with reboot. However, problem was linked to incomplete install. I ended up re-installing windows and installation of cloud drive went as expected. I have a few new isues but will create new post for those. Heywood
  17. Dan

    Remove Drive From the UI

    So I destroyed a drive but it still showing in the Clouddrive UI. When I keep hitting "Destroy" it says element can't be found. How do I remove a drive from the UI?
  18. Concise Summary: I attempted to remove two drives from the pool, selected the "duplicate files later" option prior to doing so. Came back to my computer the next day and the first drive had an error because there wasn't enough space in the pool to remove the drive, but DrivePool was still attempting to remove the second drive, and was 41% complete. I cancelled the removal of the second drive prior to completion. Additionally, I unseeded all of the drives. Now it appears folders and subfolders have been totally messed up across the drives. Some parent folders are duplicated, while only certain sub folders within them have been duplicated. I have no idea which files are on which drives! How can I fix this? I've attached a screenshot of the parent folders to give a sense for what I'm talking about. The folder/file structure within each main folder is somewhat complex since they contain full/raw movie backups. For example, there should only be one "4K Alien" folder, yet there is now one on every single drive!
  19. I have WSE2016 with all ServerFolders on an x2 Pool (and I do backup both OS and one instance of the ServerFolder files as well). No issues. x2 duplication is noce but no replacement for a backup (let alone an offsite rotating backup).
  20. Perhaps the other person can, but I can't really afford to dismount the drive on a prod server just to test it. Particularly considering that it could lead to downtime of almost an entire day if it dismounts incorrectly again. My apologies. I know that isn't helpful.
  21. I've been running DrivePool on my Windows Server 2016 Essentials just fine. My pool is all ReFS. To date I've kept my Windows Server "ServerFolders" on a separate physical HDD outside the pool and occasionally I've had to get a larger HDD to fit these folders as they get larger over time. I also have a separate HDD that is also used to backup the OS and the "ServerFolders" HDD. I was thinking that I "could" do the following but is it a good idea? 1) Put the "ServerFolders" on the DrivePool with 2 x Duplication 2) Just backup the Windows Server OS drive to a backup drive. Does this make sense or is there an issue I'm unaware of? Thanks Nathan
  22. Update, I played around with some Windows Firewall settings, and was able to increase the read speed on my drives by 50-100%, however, that was not enough to prevent stuttering during video playback (e.g. I'm still below 40mb/s). I also purchased a network switch in order to eliminate the combo Comcast router/modem from the chain. Still having the same stuttering issues when playing from a drive within DrivePool, but when I simply remove the drive from the pool, and access the same file without changing anything else, video playback works just fine. Something just isn't working correctly with DrivePool and the rest of the system. Any other suggestions? I'm tempted to just get a dedicated NAS and bypass the need for DrivePool altogether...
  23. Thank you all for your feedback, yes its very weird that 2 of those drives failed on me, im upset about it. spent lots of money on the WD reds, i think my case i have them in is just not the best place for them, i need to build a standalone drivepool/plex media pc, any recommendations on a very functional and ventilated case for this purpose ? yes i do monitor the temps but not all the time. here is a screen shot of my temps, is this regular/normal temps ? : i tried to attach a simple snip it clip png screenshot and site is telling me im only allowed 10kb ???!!!?? lol
  24. RobbieH

    Simple Question

    So I did this today. I created a new pool, added my "backup" drive and the existing drivepool. The new drivepool is empty.
  25. silk

    Manualy delete duplicates?

    Thanks Christopher! So it is my ignorance of Stablebit that is the root of my confusion. Just so I am clear, as I understand now Stablebit uses no parallel or alternative folder structure at all to store duplicated files. It just keeps copies of the duplicated files on other drives, in the same original folder structure, and uses software to keep from listing duplicated files and having file collisions in the drivepool?
  26. I'm pretty sure I tried that. I ended up removing all disks from the pool, and starting from scratch. If it comes back at this point, I'll really be concerned.
  27. RobbieH

    Simple Question

    That sounds like a plan. Hadn't thought of that. Certainly not how I was doing it before, but maybe what I was doing before did not really work. Thanks!
  28. StableBit DrivePool doesn't have a master and subordinate/duplicate copy. Both are equally viable, and treated as such. This is very different from how Drive Bender handles things.5 As for being documented, not really, but sort of. Eg: https://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Knowledge_base#How_To.27s That said, if the data is in the same relative path under the PoolPart folders, they're considered duplicates. Changing the duplication settings, or even remeasuring can kick off a duplication pass that will automatically prune the duplicates, as needed. Also, the "dpcmd" utility has an option to disable duplication for the entire pool, recursively. However, that kicks off a duplication pass that actually manages the files. Just have both products installed. That's it. You can fine tune settings in StableBit DrivePool, in the balancing settings, as the "StableBit Scanner" balancer is one of the 5 preinstalled balancer plugins. That should be fixed now. Though, the file system scan won't trigger the drive evacuation. And yeah, that fix was shipping in the 2.5.5 version, and the latest stable release is 2.5.6, so this definitely shouldn't be an issue anymore. (we haven't seen it in a while).
  29. Simple answer is, you don't. The best way to do this would be be to add the 2x4TB drives to a pool, and then add that pool and the 8TB disk to another pool. Enable redundancy on the top level pool. That would get you what you want.
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