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  2. Hi Christopher, thank you for your reply! Worryingly I can't work out what files are missing but all my important files still appear to be there so I guess I got lucky! Thanks for your help.
  3. Looks like it might still be an issue - depending on the utility you're trying to use. I'm running some tests on my home server using DrivePool (latest version currently) with Read Striping temporarily enabled (it defaults to off). I haven't reproduced the issue with FLAC but I am using the more recent 1.4.2 release, HashCheck v2.4.0 (gurnec) sometimes returns MISMATCH or UNREADABLE (occasionally on the 1st and 3rd file of my first sample set of 79 files totalling 1.2GB) or just UNREADABLE (much more frequently on my second sample set of 82 files totalling 185GB), and HashTools 4.6 (Binary Fortress) hasn't had any problems at all on any passes so far of either sample set. Update: I also tested the Windows file comparison tool FC.exe and found it was susceptible too, sometimes returning either mismatching bytes or failing to find a file on the pool despite it being present. From what I can tell this issue does not affect normal file copy operations: both loop copy (a->b->a) and cascade copy (a->b->c) tests of the smaller sample set shows no corruption at all after 512 iterations, although I am still running these tests with the larger sample set (though only up to 32 iterations for the cascade copy of the larger sample set) and will edit this post with the result after they finish in a day or two. Given the above: my guess would be that different file-checking utilities might be using different functions/calls to read the files and some of those functions/calls may be too low-level / not designed to allow for virtual drives, although I'm not sure how that results in different data being delivered from the virtual drive and only sometimes at that. Some sort of race condition or timeout? Thankfully, as mentioned above, the Read Striping option is not enabled by default (which might also be why this issue hasn't seen much light). @Christopher (Drashna) It might be a good idea to add a Y/N dialog warning (or at least update the tooltip) to the Read Striping option, perhaps along the lines of "some utilities that depend on reading files in chunks, e.g. for comparison or integrity checking, may experience issues with this enabled"?
  4. Okay, Christopher, I'm gonna get it. If all goes according to plan, I'll post in here. If something goes wrong, I'll also post in here, but I might also wind-up haunting your dreams. Wish me luck!
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  6. This is just terrible behavior for a drive pooling software and should be the number one bug that needs to be fixed. Did the devs ever get it addressed or is it still an issue?
  7. I don't think the behaviour that results from using read striping will result in optimal behaviour, because both a slow hard drive and a fast SSD would be in the same priority category ("Standard drive"), and therefore DrivePool would apply read striping across the two drives the slow drive could be the one with "the least outstanding requests" yet it could still be slower to use the drive for a new incoming request. Would you consider adding a feature that allows the user to control that mirrored files should always be read from the highest-priority drive, with priority being specified by the user? This would be a great addition for mirroring pools that use mixed drive types.
  8. For the encryption key used here, there should be what you used and a hex variant that starts with a H. And it won't be the same as your Activation ID. If you do not have this, the drive cannot be unlocked. There is no way for us to help unlock the drive. You have to have the unlock key here.
  9. It's a good idea to update, yeah. As for why it's not updating, if it's an old enough version, there was a switch between http and https that may be causing issues. The newer versions shouldn't run into the issue.
  10. I'm sorry to hear about the drive failure! And yeah, any drives that were only on the drive that failed would no longer show up in the pool.
  11. Last week
  12. If read striping is enabled, it should automatically handle that. https://stablebit.com/Support/DrivePool/2.X/Manual?Section=Performance Options
  13. There are no plans on adding support for this, at this time.
  14. It's a good question. It depends on if the enclosure does anything weird with the drives. It's not too common, but it happens. Assuming that it doesn't do anything weird, you should be able to power off the system, pull the drives, and then move them over to the new enclosure. No issues, no fuss.
  15. There isn't a simple way to handle this, I don't think. If you only have three drives, then this would be pretty simple. You could enable file placement rules and only select one drive for the folder. This should work, but isn't ideal.
  16. Was about to ask, the amount of storae on the provider matters, as it will be checked against before creating the drive. If the account is unlimited, you may need to create a smaller drive and expand it out, IIRC.
  17. With Business Standard Subscription you have 2TB Space by google-
  18. Hello, can someone help me with this I have tried to buy 3 domains, created 2 x Google admin accounts and 2 different computers. I have Business Standard Subscription on the users Always facing the same error each time
  19. First off, I love this product. It has served me SOOO well. Kudos to the developers! Now on the question. Simple example is I have 3 drives. I want maybe all my movies on Drive 1, and all my TV Shows on Drive 2, and I want 2x redundancy. It's too much information to double up on ONLY drives 1 and 2, hence the third drive. If I were to use file placement rule of Movies on drive 1 ONLY (unchecking the other drives), and TV Shows on drive 2 only (same, uncheck other drives), and then use 2x redundancy and a balancer to balance to equal space, would that mean that drive 1 would have all movie folders intact if I ever needed to browse JUST that one disk? And would it cause the duplicates to be spread over the other two drives (which is what I would want)? Am I flawed in my thinking here? I'm hoping to rip my new blurays, and know that all the media will be stored on disk 1. The simple reason is that if disk 1 goes bad and needs to be rebuilt, I know EXACTLY what information is lost. If disk 2 goes down I know EXACTLY what information is lost. If disk 3 goes down, I know it's definitely only redundancies that are lost. Instead of guessing that maybe some posters for this or that movie was lost, or maybe some movies, but not others.
  20. I'm on the cusp of purchasing this thingamajig, probably in the next 2-3 days: https://sabrent.com/products/ds-uctb I'll be attaching it via a USB-C cable. I just need to know if there's anything I need to do wrt Drivepool before removing them from my Norco. From what I understand, all the pooling information is stored on the pooled drives themselves and the order in which they're placed in drive bays don't matter, but I just want to dot all my T's and cross all my I's. I won't be doing anything crazy, like RAID or unRAID, just messing with DP (and Scanner). Please let me know before I put shotgun holes in my credit card, as the Sabrent ain't cheap. Thanks muchly in advance!
  21. Is this in the roadmap/strategy for future releases?
  22. Any updates? Lack of individual drive scans within a storage pool is the only thing preventing me from using them...
  23. Hi, I've had the dreaded happen, my first storage hdd failure on my server. It would appear that I did a terrible job of setting up snapraid and it wasn't configured correctly so I don't think a restore is possible. It isn't immediately obvious what files are missing since the drive failure. Will the files that were on the failed drive just disappear from the pooled drive? If so it would seem that all the files that I really care about are still there and I will just configure snapraid with the new drives and make sure it checks regularly. Thanks, Ed.
  24. Drive pool did find two corrupt files.....I can get those from my cloud backup. Thanks.
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