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  1. Good news chris, apparently after completing full scan on the troubled drive, the damaged status is gone, so it's probably some kind of bug or something when switching OS.. or sas card
  2. Ok it was not up to date yet, I installed that version and ran the scan on damaged drive again, but its still throwing rhe same error, "task failed, shutting down" Already sent the service.zip again for this version chris, please check it..
  3. Thanks chris, I now have 2 drives left that ive been trying to fix for the past few days. But they both always throw "task failed, shutting down" no matter what i do... Any idea how to fix this?
  4. Ok, some good news, i just tried again, out of remaining 7 damaged drives, 1 can be repaired, 2 can be repaired after reboot, but 4 are still giving task failed shutting down error. i have submitted the service.zip on dropbox chris, please have a look.
  5. LSI SAS 9300 8e I havent even started any scans, it just popped up after starting the scanner. Havent had another chance to run chkdsk again, but last time there were 2 drives that also reports the same error using CHKDSK, and they were fixed already. But the rest of the drives is giving " task failed, shutting down" when i try to fix them using scanner Edit : Hmm a minute, i'm running the drive repair one by one to the damaged drives again.and this is what i got : So out of 14 damaged drives, 1 showing will be repaired on next shutdown 6 failed to repair, throwing task failed, shutting down 6 can be repaired successfully 1 showing : the volume cannot be repaired, there was no additional information provided as to why, you may run chkdsk from the command line to try to repair this volume Another thing i noticed chris, the poolpart on each drives is no longer on hidden state, IIRC werent they supposed to be hidden? i will try running chkdsk tomorrow morning
  6. Well i scanned 6 of my drives, 2 worked, it seems to chkdsk during startup, but the others just wont work, throwing "task failed, shutting down" (I'm doing this partially everyday cause i want to minimize downtime) those 2 drives seems to be normal again on scanner. but what about the other drives?
  7. I swapped to new machine and OS yesterday morning, from Windows 2012 r2 to 2016 New CPU, boards, Installed OS from scratch and I also changed the SAS card to faster one, And i just reactivated scanner today, But now it's saying all drives have system damaged issue. Windows also warning me multiple times, throwing "restart to repair drive error" I didnt turn off the JBOD when swapping machine though, But drivepool seems to be fine, when i try to repair one of the drives with scanner, it says" task failed, shutting down" or something like that What should i do then?
  8. Yeah i just figured it out myself, it didn't work even with registry imported, This might take some time if i fill up all 60 drives someday..
  9. Can't seem to find any way to do this. My drives are mounted to 20ish ntfs mount folders, and now i want to migrate to another machine with better specs. The idea is just to swap the sas card and then i hope i dont have to remount the drives again because i want to minimize downtime. Is there anyway to copy these mount folders to the new machine? Or do i have to recreate and re-mount them again one by one? Cause when i tried to copy them, its actually copying the entire drive... Edit : Well i found out the registry location, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MountPoints2\CPC\LOCALMOF\ So just export and import this key?
  10. https://bitflock.com/2XXZBSTN Ah i thought bitflock was a part of scanner. The troubled drive was drive "K" Do you need the data for bad ssd as well?
  11. Alright, fortunately i replaced it with exact same ssd.. will post it later.. Or.. do you need the bad ssd for this? If so then i might need to use the trial version.. Btw I currently have kingston and samsung (nvme & evo) ssd's on my servers, any if them still cant be read correctly by scanner? you want i could submit bitflock id for them..
  12. v It's connected to SATA port of an asrock x99 taichi motherboard https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/X99 Taichi/ The drive is Kingston SHSS37A240G
  13. This afternoon i checked a particular disk and it says no smart error, however tonight it shows mechanical disk warning, but later about an hour its back to no error state, whats causing the inconsistency? The report is crucial for me because its a pxe server.. Edit : And oddly i didnt get a single email notification about this, i already checked all options in notification tab, just tested the email notification and it works fine...
  14. Well thank goodness it finally works, at first i did it without checking the 3 options, then it threw error that some files are being used, So i check the third option as recommended,thanks for the quick help chris Bonus question if you dont mind chris, my new drive suddenly has a D letter, and removing the letter gives me "assigning or removing drive letters on the current boot or pagefile volume is not allowed" any idea? Hmm i tried removing the paging file size from that drive but i still cant remove it..
  15. Ok looks like my server is already setup that way, I've sent the dump log, Please have a look. I've installed the newest beta as well, let me try again now..
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