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  1. Which service do I shutdown?
  2. I am having the same problem removing a drive. I am running it on Server 2016 OS. It blue screens about 45% through the removal process. I have a new drive that I want to replace it with. I wonder if I could copy the files from the existing drive to the new drive and swap them. Will that work?
  3. Awesome, I was leaving out the "S" in my search
  4. Oh ok, which esata chipset is better than sil? I am about to order a new pcie card now.
  5. All Fixed! Thanks Christopher for your time!
  6. it seems like it is stuck on stopping services...
  7. I scheduled a time for tonight between 9pm cst and 11pm cst.
  8. Unfortunately no joy. I get the following error when I try to uninstall: I get the following when I try to initiate a repair:
  9. Yes, I rebooted. Thanks, I will give it a go once I get home!
  10. I am having trouble uninstalling Drivepool from WHS 2011 in order to upgrade to Drivepool I removed it from addin but I cannot uninstall from the control panel uninstaller. When trying to install Drivepool I get the following error: Setup Failed... When I go to control panel + uninstall I get the following error: The installed product does not match the installation source(s):..... I also tried re-installing Drivepool but I get the following error: Is there a way to completely remove by using the registry? I am in need of a solution as my server is completely useless without drive pool. Please help!
  11. I removed a fairly new 2TB Western Digital WD20EADS from my pool because scanner reported that it was damaged but when I ran WD's DLGDIAG Extended test everything was fine. I re-installed the drive back into the pool and nothing appears to be wrong. Any explanation for this?
  12. Ok, I finally got around to finishing my troubleshooting of my setup and it turned out to be my rocketraid 2314 card. Luckily I had a backup Addonics (ADS3GX4R5-E), the bad news is that it has a PCI bus, which I was all out of. I had to drive a country mile to microcenter to pick up a PCIe1X usb 4 port card, so I could swap some cards around. My Pool is re duplicating now, around 40% but all looks good so far. Thanks everyone for their help and suggestions.
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