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  1. thank you for the reply. yes i was aware of the scanner settings/backup so thats covered. also dont use cloudrive (at least at current) so less of a concern. drivepool with the way balancers and plugins etc are set up though, really dont want to have any issue with that as i use snapraid and things need to be kept just-so when i make the swap. also curious how the backing up/syncing of settings works with stablebit.cloud. Since i have two licenses (bought an extra just in case) and the site says its designed to sync things between locations, perhaps adding a new pc will automatically pick up the settings that are in the cloud once i log in. just trying to gather more info. based on what youre saying they seem to store in %programdata% which is just as well. wondering if backing up then replacing before install would serve the same purpose. with a setup spanning 30 disks, one needs to think big picture/long term. Im even paranoid about how to handle it that wonderful day hopefully at least a decade down the road when my backplane decices its had enough and i need to get a new chassis and/or backplane lol. anyhow, digressing. perhaps someone who has done a migration between systems will come across this and speak up as to how it went.
  2. So its about that time and I have two options im weighing as far as a new pc goes. 1) use macrium to restore a system image to the new pc (which would likely make this post moot for the most part) or 2) start fresh. I'm leaning towards 2 which means I have to back up important settings like the way I have drivepool/scanner configured. Are these things stored in %localappdata%? Is it is simple as placing the backed up files from the current pc in the proper location on the new pc then installing the suite? I know settings are saved in stablebit cloud which I pay for but things get janky as I intend to migrate my current pc into a secondary pc role. stablebit cloud seems to identify the pc based on its host-name and I intend (at some point) in the process of setting up the new one, to give it the hostname of the pc its replacing, and then change the hostname on that one to something different. Just trying to feel out what the safest way forward is. unsure if these things are stored in the registry, or several locations etc but this is something I want to be 100% on before i get my hands dirty.
  3. so began to put this to task and even with the service stopped i cant rename the poolpart folder, any ideas? says its in use. so i stopped the scanner/clouddrive services as well to no avail. EDIT: nm found my way around it, dpcmd list-open-files showed me what was hanging it up. a folder therein being autopinned to windows explorer recents/navigation pane. never woulda found it otherwise lol i closed everything under the sun and then some.
  4. thank you very much for the thorough answer. So it sounds like the gist of what I was hoping was gonna work is correct. Hopefully this will speed it up substantially. gonna find out today! I do point my snapraid conf to mount points, far too many disks at this point not to. (i have a problem) also do keep my .content files outside of the pools. though this whole "time" thing on the rebuild has me considering how i can alleviate any overhead I have. gonna exclude as much as i can with super small files for one, and the other bit is reducing the number of content files. I have one on each data disk (but i have 30 data disks lol).
  5. So ive used snapraid + drivepool to great effect. However i just attempted to upgrade a drive by removing a disk from the pool (after disconnecting it) adding in the new one, and beginning a rebuild with snapraid. Would have worked but it was at 111 hours for the rebuild (for an 12TB > 18TB). Now a rebuild might be necessary if I had a failed disk. However I did not. I thought there must be a better way. Is it possible to 1) disconnect the current 12TB disk with data 2) remove it from drivepool 3) add the new 18TB disk so a poolpart folder is created 4) stop the service so it doesnt pick up the old disk and put it in an external dock 5) move all the data from the 12TB poolpart to the 18TB poolpart 6) restart drivepool and profit?
  6. I dunno, i sure hope not. if it were EoL i hope it'd be made open source and someone picked it up lickity split. i depend on the stablebit suite in a pretty big way. to be fair, while support might be lacking I "think" i recall it being more of a "if you have an issue submit a ticket" thing and the forums are more of a user thing. and the stablebit cloud which is i no small thing was released and monetized recently so between that and the regular updates that are pushed to the software its definitely still being developed.
  7. klepp0906

    Drive Sleep

    Yea, unraid was/is a non starter for me due to existing data and the filesystem difference etc. i have a few hundred TB and it would be all kinds of incomprehensible mess I dont have time for with kids. Now had i saw this whole data obsession/hobby thing becoming what it was.. i definitely would have taken a different path if i was starting from scratch but it is what it is. I will concur that the stablebit suite is without parallel windows side. its served me well for quite some time and I honestly hope it will serve me well until that fateful day hopefully some time a reaaaaally long time from now lol. I love it. that being said, the spindown issue is not inconsequential. when youre looking at a chassis with 30x7200rpm disks crammed within a half an inch of one another in an upstairs office spinning 24/7, the summer months prove a huge issue. I just cant run my air cold enough without making the rest of the house a fridge. Theres also the power savings however miniscule from letting them spin down. The age old argument surrounding which is the lesser evil for longevity etc. i know until i began using drivepool, i always had my drives spin down and would still be doing so if i were able.
  8. klepp0906

    Drive Sleep

    yea this was discussed previously and i'd tried it in the past, does not work for me either. just edited both json and restarted. set my spindown to 1m. drives keep on spinning away. only time i can get them to spindown is stopping the service(s) entirely.
  9. i gave up and just set mine to always spin. watching and waiting for a viable solution though. glad you pegged what was doing the polling. will have to wait for staff to respond as far as why goes.
  10. perfect! thank you. exactly what i was hoping to hear
  11. So i'm about to build a new pc.. which moves the current pc down the line to the backup pc. It got me thinking, if I wanted to access one of the pools over the network and access it from another machine, would it see it as a shared drive and be able to access it? AKA i enable my P: (plex pool) to be shared over the network. I browse to my main pc from my backup pc. would it see P: as a regular ole shared drive or would that require drivepool to be installed on both machines or would it simply not work at all or?
  12. Figured it out. in smart health it lets you ignore the warning and will re-present if you so choose upon it getting worse. AKA more reallocated sectors in this case which is absolutely perfect. You guys thought of damn near everything.
  13. Just curious how I dismiss it? I intend to run this drive in the array a bit longer and I'd prefer to be able to do so without the notification showing for that particular drive in perpetuity. I certainly dont want to disable scanning or error notifications blanket-style, just the tray icon/notification so i'll keep it and my ocd will deal if thats the only avenue to making it disappear. I have a new drive on the way so it'll be here when needed and plan to keep an eye on the newly discovered 8 reallocated sectors for now. If they start going up in any fashion in any short timeframe ill do the swap at that point. Also worth mentioning (perhaps as a small bug report) that upon clicking the tray icon, you get the windows notification flyout. upon clicking that, you get the prompt to open stablebit scanner, or close, or check the never warn me box etc. Upon clicking open stablebit scanner, it does not open stablebit scanner I had to open it through the start menu.
  14. think i answered my own question based on this, its expected behavior i guess. to my chagrin. anything over 16tb and youre getting 8k and as such losing the compression option https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/default-cluster-size-for-ntfs-fat-and-exfat-9772e6f1-e31a-00d7-e18f-73169155af95
  15. okay, so with some digging it turns out ALL of my new 18TB exos were formatted the same way as the rest of my drives. simple GUI via disk management in windows. setting the allocation unit size to default. this always resulted in 4096/4k clusters. apparently windows sets 8k for drives over a certain size.. or.. something? because these were all set to that as the default, and i tried a dry run format and opening the dialogue doesnt even present 4k as an option. now assuming I wanted to back up 20TB of data then move it back again... how would one (if one could) make 4k cluster size if the GUI doesnt allow it? Would/could you do it in diskpart? Why is it not accepted outside of command line? My 2nd largest drives are 12TB and and 4k all is possible and was set to default there. so somewhere between 12 & 18 for whatever reason its not a thing? trying to understand if i have an issue and something went awry or if this is expected/normal behavior? If its the latter I can leave it, if it is not.. its likely ill have to spend days transferring data around and reformat the things via whatever avenue will afford me the ability to get a 4k cluster size if its possible. even outside of the shown T pool (2 18tbs) I also have 2 more 18TB disks which are parity drives. No pooling and nothing on them except a parity file each. Those too are set to 8k cluster by default with no option for 4k. what does it all mean? all drives but the 18tb'ers all the 18tb disks
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