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  1. Hey, good suggestion. I did find that it was incredibly hot. Holy smokes. I’ve long since added kryonaut TIM and mounted a noctua to it though lol. that being said, after a whole slew of drive replacement, recreation of the pools, chkdsks, permissions resets, basically everything I could throw at it. so far so good lol
  2. So I'm trying to ascertain what is going on with one of my pools. It seems to be functioning more or less, but relative to my other pool which is in the same chassis, made up of largely the same drives, connected via the same means to the same controller, its behaving differently in a few ways. 1) it re-measures on every restart 2) it displays as having 0 "duplicated" now my line of thinking is that somehow 2 is tied to 1. I do not enable duplication but metadata is set to 3x by default. this (i assume) accounts for the 680kb worth of "duplicated" on my 1st pool which also does not re-measure on every restart. my second pool has 0 duplicated showing and as such I can only deduce it has no metadata stored so its not duplicating it. I'm unsure if this is... possible? as im not wholly familiar with which metadata drivepool stores or uses. basically curious if anyones pool looks like this screenshot? or they all look like this? If the former exists for anyone, is it presenting any issue like re-measuring after restarts? Outside of the constant re-measuring which I already know is incorrect, I also want to know if the apparent lack of metadata on my pool is abnormal and try to rectify it before I reformat my pc as i'd like to start problem free.
  3. yea im fairly novice myself. still working my way through trying to get everything functioning in the way i prefer. mostly there but a few crucial things evading me. namely the inability to get drives to spin down whatsoever and a constant remeasuring on restart of my pool. other than that im ready for the long haul. i did try to disable scanner services entirely as well as clouddrive services entirely. neither had any effect on my drives sleeping. The minute i killed the drivepool service they immediately started spinning down though so its exclusively drivepool and drivepool alone.
  4. i may or may not have been editing the non-override portion the first time i gave it a go. this time i had more time to go through the covecube doc and was made aware of the override section. convenient and preferred for sure, the setting also held after a restart. Unfortunately changing it to false had no effect on my drives sleeping. changed it to false, changed my scanner to have 60min throttle and only check during work window "12am > 12pm" and 24 hours later 0 spindowns on any of my disks. disable the drivepool service in services.msc. down they go as intended.
  5. klepp0906

    Drive Sleep

    gotcha. thanks anyways. one of my larger gripes with drivepool. ive tested on a brand new fresh windows 11 install. added drivepool and sleep immediately stopped. throttled smart scanning through timer and work window, disabled bitlocker detection in the json and still no sleep on any of my drives 24 hours later. disabled the drivepool service specifically and they immediately started sleeping. should be a higher priority for the dev id think. summer months are coming and people using drivepool tend to be using lots of drives in small spaces in a non enterprise environment. it gets ~75f in my upstairs office and with 24 7200rpm disks in a chassis i'd prefer them to be spun down if nobody is plex'ing etc.
  6. I have 2 pools and 1 re-measures without fail every time i restart the PC. I've reset permissions for the entire pool, i've also changed CoveFs_WaitForKnownPoolPartsOnMountMs and CoveFs_WaitForVolumesOnMountMs from 10000 to 60000 in an attempt to make it stop. Ive set drivepool service to delayed start. Without fail it continues. i'm out of ideas. If i manually measure the pool it takes about 4 seconds. literally. for ~30TB data on a 75TB pool made up of 11 disks. Does this seem right? Or like its not even measuring the pool? Lord knows my other pool with just as much data takes a lot longer.
  7. pretty much universally no lol. intel system and i'm connected via HBA. It seems to be in high stress situations though, have not seen it happen during general use that I can recall but its pretty frequent when accessing everything at once or under really heavy io
  8. I'll be the first to admit, this is relatively new ground for me. That being said, its evident SMART is a standard and so you'd think most things would be uniform regardless of medium/platform. if i use snapraid and/or smartctl to run my smart data it comes up with one of my drives at 100% chance of failure within the next year. It has 43 unrecoverable errors. The SMART wiki itself indicates unrecoverable errors as being one of the several "critical" attributes. A quick google and the consensus is "id replace a disk with errors ASAP" i decided to check scanner as i'd received no warnings or anything of the nature. Meanwhile scanner sees the 43 errors but apparently determines that as being just fine. which is right?
  9. Does this generally indicate failing disks? Ive noticed on two occasions now ive had 2 separate drives drop from the pool. A restart didnt bring them back. Only a shutdown and restart of my jbod/chassis that keeps the disks powered on 24/7 otherwise. They tend to drop during heavy use (during a snapraid scrub in this case) just trying to figure out if thats likely the issue before i go dropping the exorbitant cost on a few hard drives that may not fix the issue. I assume thats its likely but with no warnings from scanner smart or otherwise I'd love some reinforcement or otherwise
  10. mkay, i was suckered in. mostly to support covecube (totally need to change company name to stablebit, confusing) but id be lying if i didnt say it was also in part to keep remote notifications on my phone etc, just in case. now since i feel like im on the board, where's my dark mode. speak up fellow shareholders!~
  11. anyone able to bring me up to date on this? I have two pools, 11 disks each. Every time i restart the computer one of them re-measures. the other one does not. EDIT: so ive removed a few older drives and upgraded them to 12tb exos which did not solve the issue. ive also reset the permissions on the entire pool with no luck. gonna try that settings.json edit even though i cant understand why i'd need it on one pool and not the other. the irony is the pool that SHOULD be slower (millions of small files) is the one that does not have this issue while the pool with all large media files does.
  12. I did not. I got side tracked and just disabled it for now. I’ll post back when I get back around to revisiting it should I get it sorted though.
  13. ill try editing it and restarting without restarting the service. perhaps something is cached thats rewriting it or being synced from scanner or something. youre right, waiting for spin-up can be annoying. you have to pick your battle i guess. a lot of disks (27 in my case) is a lot of heat, power etc. some drives have data that i use once every few days or even less so i think you move beyond the tipping point as far as wear n tear from perpetual spinning vs spinning down. if nothing else i like things to function as they should and know that i have the option to go back and forth in the future. of course the other angle is what disabling the setting actually does. apparently has something to do with detecting encrypted drives which I dont use, but if i did - what would be the result. error? crash?
  14. mmm. a per device is rough. for minimal devices id prefer xxx a month up to 2 or 3 devices, then 1/m per additional device. will have to look into it and mull it over more. while i like the idea of supporting stablebit a bit more, nowadays im "subscriptioned" to death. literally its insane. A dollar a month i can submit to, but im not going to simply cover one device lol. thanks for the link
  15. i cannot figure this out. I get notifications and they pile up. always one pool having been measured/complete over and over. 4 of them last i checked. 0 of them for my other pool. is this done as a maintenance sort of thing on a schedule or only when files are added? I can only assume it has to be the latter right? Thats all that would make sense in my scenario as they share the same exact settings through and through, all that is different is the latter has had some media added, the former has been static for now.
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