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  1. My advice; contact support and send them Troubleshooter data. Christopher is very keen in resolving problems around the "new" google way of handling folders and files.
  2. Try to reboot. That fixed it for me. Be careful with deleting any files. After a week all my drives are back to normal and working fine. No missing or corrupt files so far. At first the update was very slow but after the latest beta it works just fine. I had to reboot several times to get the update process going but in the end it worked out. I did not delete any files.
  3. I am back to "Drive cannot be mounted". 3/6 Drives are in that particular stage. 2 are mounted, available but not accessible. One is in recovery mode. I can't take any more of this tension
  4. The .1307 update seems to work better. One out of six drives is back and usable, i/o settings error included. Drives 2-4 are still in "queued to perform recovery" mode. Drive 6 cannot be mounted.
  5. nice find. what is that file called? and where can i find it? Right now 2/6 drives are queued to perform recovery and the rest is in "Drive cannot be mounted" mode Edith: did you refer to the cache files stored at the designated CD cache drive? If so, there are over 100 files. How did you know which one to delete?
  6. I also got an answer to my ticket with the recommendation to install the latest beta. Well, I am now an official member of the "drive queued to perform recovery" club.
  7. OK, now that is concerning. Two of my six 10TB drives are now converting at around 25% and counting. No errors on these two. However, for those waiting for initialization, the log file is flooded with the following error: Warning: 0 : [ApiHttp:148] Server is temporarily unavailable due to either high load or maintenance. HTTP protocol exception (Code=ServiceUnavailable). Default API settings, no unmounting errors for now
  8. too late... still upgrading; slowly. Do these instructions still apply? Use your own Google Drive API keys
  9. why is harddrive performance and pool performance not showing at the same time like before? Thats a step back imho.
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