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  1. Update. My drives are all now working fine. While it would not let me change the "concurrentrequestcount" above 2, but it did take the override setting for 10. My biggest issue was that I was running everything from an HDD from downloading files to my computer, uploading them to clouddrive, the cache for cloud drive, etc. I had my server host add an SDD and I now run the clouddrives and caches from there. Absolutely no issues now. Full speed and no errors. I also discovered that my HDD is failing so my next quest will be to replace that and start installing everything all over again. Hope
  2. I had something similar happen. I did something very risky but it did work. I deleted the main cache for the drive having that issue which effectively unmounted it. I was then able to remount it and thankfully everything reloaded correctly. Proceed at your own risk.
  3. I went with a dedicated bare bones server and loaded windows 10 pro on it. It has 16gb ram, a 1TB HDD, and a 12 core AMD processor with plenty of transcode power. I've also got a 10gbps connection. $109/mo.
  4. This is what I did...after fooling with all the "seedboxes" and not knowing out how properly mess with linux codes. So it's a dedicated windows server for me.
  5. All of my drives are working and I have no errors...EXCEPT the last beta that changed the GoogleDrive_ConcurrentRequestCount to "2" appears to be causing issues. My drives tend to do a lot of reading and writing...it's for a plex server. And 2 concurrent causes CloudDrive to tell me I don't have enough bandwidth. I have tried to change the setting in the "settings.json" but it isn't accepting the change.
  6. Upgraded to the latest beta this morning. That drive I was having issues with and had deleted the cache was showing about 15% completed at the time of upgrade. The percent started over but it only took about 35 minutes to complete and mount my drive. (56TB with 20TB of data). Everything works on all drives except that annoying error when I try to change the I/O settings I talked about previously. Again...the changes take it just pops up with an error that the drive isn't mounted. I've got family in for the next several days. Be safe guys. I'm very happy with the latest beta fix. All o
  7. To answer your question..I deleted the main Cache file which for me is stored on my C:/ Drive. It starts with Clouddrive and is followed by your drive UID. as SRCRIST said....it is very risky and my drive may be totally corrupt when it finishes. That was a risk I was okay with taking. You make your own decision. I did get a message back from Christopher on the Covecube team. They looked at my path of issues and whats happened plus troubleshooter data and his message was this... "We have found a bug in the migration code, that may be the problem here.We should have
  8. I may have fixed my drive that is stuck in "queued for recovery". But damn did it make me nervous and I'm far from out of the woods. In my understanding of the system the "cache" is just a local file of your pinned data and a COPY of the last #GB of data that was received or transferred between your machine and the cloud drives. It also seems that it holds the information for the CloudDrive program to say...yep this is a drive that we have mounted. So I shut down the windows service for CloudDrive and deleted the cache file for my problem drive. After restarting my computer when CloudDrive ope
  9. Uh. Yes. When this process first started I was on the default API. At that time I had two drives going through the update. In the middle of that process I added my own API but since you aren't able to reauthorize during the update it didn't actually switch to my API. When my first drive finished I was able to reauth. My second drive that is still having issues has never been able to reauth so my understanding is that it is still on the default API. The third drive that I mounted and said it was updating without showing a % was after I added my own API and therefore authorized on my API.
  10. Unintentional Guinea Pig Diaries. Day 8 - Entry 1 I spent the rest of yesterday licking my wounds and contemplating a future without my data. I could probably write a horror movie script on those thoughts but it would be too dark for the people in this world. I must learn from my transgressions. In an act of self punishment and an effort to see the world from a different angle I slept in the dogs bed last night. He never sleeps there anyways but he would never have done the things I did. For that I have decided he holds more wisdom than his human. This must have pleased the Data God'
  11. Unintentional Guinea Pig Diaries. Day 7 - Entry 1 OUR SUPREME LEADER HAS SPOKEN! I received a response to my support ticket though it did not provide the wisdom I seek. You may call it an "Aladeen" response. My second drive is still stuck in "Drive Queued to perform recovery". I'm told this is a local process and does not involve the cloud yet I don't know how to push it to do anything. The "Error saving data. Cloud drive not found" at this time appears to be a UI glitch and it not correct as any changes that I make do take regardless of the error window. This morning I discove
  12. The software works great if you use the latest stable or beta I would suggest that you set it up and keep your drives relatively small for right now (<6tb data). Eventually you will have to upgrade and have the new file structure that the current beta is doing. These kinks will be worked out. I imagine that Stablebit is limited on engineers and they were blindsided with googles new rules. That is a lot of pressure on them to adapt while keeping a lot of data safe.
  13. Unintentional Guinea Pig Diaries. Day 5 - Entry 2 *The Sound of Crickets* So I'm in the same spot as I last posted. My second drive is still at "Queued to perform Recovery". If I knew how to force a reauth right now I would so I could get it on my API. Or at the very least get it out of "queued" Perhaps our leaders will come back to see us soon. Maybe this is a test of our ability to suffer more during COVID. We will soon find out. End Diary entry.
  14. I submitted a ticket. Let me preface all of this with I am tech savvy but by no means a programmer. Prefetch is working intermittently right now. The big problem is that it keeps telling me i'm throttled (double yellow arrows on download and upload sides) but it is not acting as if it is throttled consistently. For example, I have my prefetch set to grab 1Gb and it did so just now at 250 mbit/s without issue. I still have the error "Error saving data. Cloud drive not found" when trying to change performance I/O setting or when I press the pause button on upload. However it does tak
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