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  1. Ha! Well that's what I get for digging through menus and not combing the main UI first. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you! Trying the beta now. On a related note, is there a way in-program to verify the current active version?
  3. Hi there, I recently set up CloudDrive and CloudPool via Google Drive, and it was working beautifully until about a week ago. I started seeing this error, and while attempting to migrate or upload files I'd see a good initial transfer speed drop down to almost nothing before timing out. I've seen something similar to this reported in the forums for specific beta versions of CloudDrive. Here's my current version: Here are my I/O Performance settings (I hadn't been hitting any sort of throttling previously, but maybe there's something I need to set here to help avoid that?): Appreciate your help!
  4. Thank you so much! This is absolutely perfect. One final question as a follow-up to your answer here: Would it be reasonable to begin with a single 50TB cloud drive, and then expand to a DrivePool managed multi-drive setup if necessary? Or, would I save myself a lot of headache by setting up a pool of 50TB cloud drives from the get-go? Thank you again.
  5. Hi there, I posted this to the Plex build help subreddit, but there wasn't any activity there. I'm hoping some folk here might be able to help point me in the right direction! Please let me know if I'm breaking any rules or etiquette with this post. I'm happy to move or repost. I should add that I have dug through these forums as initial research. It seems this general configuration comes up often, but questions tend to focus on how to configure the drives and pool themselves. So far I'm planning to use the information provided by srcrist in this thread for that. My initial questions are even more basic, which is why I'm posting here, though feel free to let me know if those instructions are out of date. I truly appreciate your time! --- I'm almost full up on storage, so I've been considering a migration to a cloud-based solution (rather than blow a ton of cash up front to swap out all the drives on my Synology NAS). I'd love to hear some recommendations (or get pointed to a current guide) on the CloudDrive + Google Drive + Plex configuration, or some alternative. I'm still very much a novice to all things hardware and networking, and while I've been doing a bunch of reading in the forums and here on how different folk tackled this, I'm definitely not grokking it yet. If I go this route, I'd plan to keep backups of my most important files (e.g. home videos, and the rips of my old Lord of the Rings DVDs with special features), and only post things to the cloud I don't mind losing. Here's my current setup: 1 Gbps down / 40 Mbps up (Xfinity) Plex Server (latest beta) running on Intel NUC Intel Core i7-5557U @3.10GHz 8 GB RAM Windows 10 Home 64-Bit Synology DS414 Media folders on: 4x WD 4 TB Drives (10.9 TB usable storage; currently at 90% capacity) Different folders for each media type (Music, TVShows, Movies, Fitness, HomeVideos, AudioBooks, etc) Also running Sonarr & NZBGet Home to personal backups in addition to media NVIDIA Shield TV Currently use this to run Plex Client only QUESTIONS I've seen some differing opinions on how to setup drives in the cloud. Ideally I can keep my existing folder structure, but I've seen some folk say that it's better to have several smaller drives (partitions?) rather than a few big ones (i.e. better to have 10 10TB partitions than a single 100TB drive). If that's correct, I'm assuming I'd need to add StableBit's DrivePool to the mix, right? A few threads have mentioned using a local SSD for "caching." I don't have a spare SSD, and I'm wondering how important this option is to performance and/or longevity. What's the best way to leverage my existing hardware in this new configuration? Which device is best suited to run the StableBit software(s)? Should my NAS continue to run Sonarr/NZBGet? Right now I'm leaning toward running the Stablebit suite on the Intel NUC, but I wasn't sure if that could overtax the system already running Plex Server. Thank you so much in advance!
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