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Building a new pc soon, how to back up/restore settings?


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So its about that time and I have two options im weighing as far as a new pc goes.  1) use macrium to restore a system image to the new pc (which would likely make this post moot for the most part) or 2) start fresh.

I'm leaning towards 2 which means I have to back up important settings like the way I have drivepool/scanner configured.

Are these things stored in %localappdata%?  Is it is simple as placing the backed up files from the current pc in the proper location on the new pc then installing the suite?

I know settings are saved in stablebit cloud which I pay for but things get janky as I intend to migrate my current pc into a secondary pc role.

stablebit cloud seems to identify the pc based on its host-name and I intend (at some point) in the process of setting up the new one, to give it the hostname of the pc its replacing, and then change the hostname on that one to something different. 

Just trying to feel out what the safest way forward is.  unsure if these things are stored in the registry, or several locations etc but this is something I want to be 100% on before i get my hands dirty. 

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in Scanner go to settings with the wrench icon > advanced settings and troubleshooting and on the first tab is where to bu/restore its settings.  it will create a zip file containing many json files and want to put it in 'documents' by default so just back it up elsewhere.  note that i have never actually restored Scanner using this procedure but it seems easy enough.

as for DP, any duplication settings are stored in metadata on the pooled drives poolpart folders and the pool will be automagically detected by DP when installed on the new machine and all original pooled drives from the old machine are reattached.  balancing settings are not saved anywhere that i know of.  i imagine this is because of possible hardware changes.  i went old school and made screenshots of all my balancer settings in the UI and i back them up in a folder with a text file containing snippets C/P from forum posts for future reference. 

if you have edited DrivePool or CloudDrive json files then you know you can find and copy them from C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool\Service and C:\ProgramData\StableBit CloudDrive\Service.  perhaps grab a copy of C:\ProgramData\StableBit CloudDrive\ProviderSettings.json as well if you have a CloudDrive that you want to keep easy.  i don't use CD so i'm not sure about that last one lol.

and you may need to reset permissions on the pool as well.    https://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q5510455

all that said, i haven't needed to restore any StableBit software yet, but i feel like i'm prepared enough should i someday need to.  hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in here and add info if needed.  hope this helps... good luck :) 


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thank you for the reply.  yes i was aware of the scanner settings/backup so thats covered.  also dont use cloudrive (at least at current) so less of a concern.  drivepool with the way balancers and plugins etc are set up though, really dont want to have any issue with that as i use snapraid and things need to be kept just-so when i make the swap.

also curious how the backing up/syncing of settings works with stablebit.cloud.   Since i have two licenses (bought an extra just in case) and the site says its designed to sync things between locations, perhaps adding a new pc will automatically pick up the settings that are in the cloud once i log in.   just trying to gather more info. 

based on what youre saying they seem to store in %programdata% which is just as well.   wondering if backing up then replacing before install would serve the same purpose. 

with a setup spanning 30 disks, one needs to think big picture/long term.

Im even paranoid about how to handle it that wonderful day hopefully at least a decade down the road when my backplane decices its had enough and i need to get a new chassis and/or backplane lol.

anyhow, digressing.

perhaps someone who has done a migration between systems will come across this and speak up as to how it went. 

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