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    Weird. Your account had been flagged, but I can't see any reason for it. Should be fixed now.
  2. If you uninstall DrivePool, any existing pools will retain their content and be automatically re-detected when you reinstall DrivePool. Their duplication levels should be kept, but you may need to recreate any custom balancing/rules you had for them.
  3. No need to worry, Drivepool is not affected by changing which bay any of its drives is in. So long as it can see the drives locally, you're good.
  4. Nice catch. I'm guessing the large difference in the example screenshots is because you have NTFS compression enabled?
  5. Generally well-developed. Scanner will also still report - as you found - that the drive itself is flagging a problem even if Scanner can't recognise exactly what the problem is.
  6. The problem is that SMART is not a strictly formalised standard; every manufacturer has their own implementation (sometimes differing even between models) using different scales and ranges and formats. Manufacturer A might use values between 100 and 199 at location 235 to measure an aspect of their drives while Manufacturer B might use values between 0 and 65535 at location 482 for that same aspect; and those values may not even be in the same scale (e.g. celsius vs kelvin vs fahrenheit for temperature). And so on ad nauseum. This means that if the particular SMART software you're using d
  7. Hmm. Tricky. I've done some testing; the SSD Optimizer balancer conflicts with the requirement to keep certain files on the SSDs because the Optimizer wants to flush the cache disks despite the File Placement rules (even if it does not do so on the first balancing run, it will do so on a subsequent run) regardless of the File Placement Settings in the Settings tab. I'm not sure if that's a bug or if it is working as intended... though I suspect maybe the former. I'll play around with it some more and see what I can come up with. EDIT: @Christopher (Drashna) is it possible to get the
  8. Something like "If user rate limit exceeded, defer uploads for ____ minutes" (and another for downloads) ?
  9. Perhaps submit a feature request for a daily upload limit option in Clouddrive, and in the meantime maybe set the upload throttling speed to about 80 Mbps to avoid hitting the provider's daily quota limit?
  10. I'm on the latest stable release ( for my backup machine and the latest beta release ( for my main server; haven't encountered any problems with either.
  11. That's another odd thing since Scanner's burst test shouldn't have anything to do with DrivePool at all.
  12. I use FreeFileSync to nightly mirror the content of my file server (an 8-bay tower PC) to my backup server (another 8-bay tower PC) via a read-only network share on the former, using FreeFileSync's Versioning feature to keep old versions and deleted files for a couple of weeks. If I was getting into serious amounts of video footage/editing I'd probably have hunted for a second-hand pair of the server rack chassis Christopher described rather than my two tower PCs; some research would definitely be required.
  13. Are you running third-party antivirus (e.g. norton/avast/whatever), and does it make any difference if you uninstall it (not just set it to whatever it claims is "off", but actually uninstalled)? Have you run a memtest? (yeah I know very unlikely to be the problem, but hey) In addition to Scanner's burst testing, do you have any HDD benchmarking software? If you uninstall drivepool, is there any difference? When you disconnect enough disks that it starts working properly, does it matter which disks are disconnected?
  14. Hmm. With a really large number of files, the MFT might have become fragmented - if it gets truly bad enough, you can get effects like taking ages to list directories, access files and so on. Do you have a defragmenter than works on the MFT? UltraDefrag is free and can do so (highlight the physical - not virtual - disks to defrag, click Action menu then Optimize MFT).
  15. Just checking: if you reinstalled the OS, did you remember to re-activate the DrivePool license after you reinstalled DrivePool? Maybe check that it's activated anyway (DrivePool GUI, cog icon, Manage License, should have your key displayed). If it's indeed a permissions issue, then this (linked) is what I use when the usual MS-supplied tools don't work. If that doesn't work... something is well and truly hosed.
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