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  1. Thanks, I ran these commands and now all sorted: takeown /f "S:\System Volume information" icacls "S:\System Volume Information" /grant "SERVERNAME\USERNAME":F takeown /f "S:\System Volume information\WPSettings.dat" icacls "S:\System Volume Information\WPSettings.dat" /grant "SERVERNAME\USERNAME":F del "S:\System Volume Information\WPSettings.dat" icacls "S:\System Volume Information" /setowner "NT Authority\System" icacls "S:\System Volume Information" /remove "SERVERNAME\USERNAME"
  2. Hi, Hope someone can help. I'm getting an error where duplication is inconsistent. The file is the WPSettings.dat in the System Volume Information. Clicking duplicate now does not fix the problem. I have attached a screenshot. I've tried searching and found similar posts but they don't have a specific resolution. I'm running Windows 10, drivepool version Thanks
  3. 5 Drives. I meant the bars at the bottom, before I pressed remeasure they were 2 colours (blue and light blue). Now 4 of the drives say they only have deduplicated data, this is incorrect as it is 50/50. I think as a result balancing is not working.
  4. Hi, Since I clicked on remeasure, the DrivePool disk allocation is not showing the Pooled usage for 4 of the disks. Any ideas what might be causing this? I'm running WHS 2011 with StableBit DP, all balance settings are default. Thanks
  5. yeah after I posted this I found it on wikipedia. Not sure what the 3 really means though, I guess I'll run WD smart tools and see if I need to RMA it. It's a 2.5" drive with a 5 year warranty. This is my 4th hard drive within 1 year that's failed or failing. 3WDs and 1 Samsung. All have been running 2-3 years continously. Thanks
  6. Hi, SMART is reporting an imminent failure, but I can't see what it is: I have StableBit Scanner installed. https://bitflock.com/FCZFEEYQ Any ideas. Thanks
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