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      If you're experiencing problems with the software, the best way to get ahold of us is to head to https://stablebit.com/Contact, especially if this is a licensing issue.    Issues submitted there are checked first, and handled more aggressively. So, especially if the problem is urgent, please head over there first. 

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  1. What if I wanted to upgrade the OS on servers that use Drivepool?

    That should be good. You can add/change the mount points at ANY time. StableBit DrivePool may display these, but the software doesn't actually use them. We use UNC/device/kernel paths to access the drives, and these never change (at least without rebooting)
  2. Best practice to access pool data under WinRE

    You wouldn't. It's not supported. WinRE is a modified WinPE environment. And we have tried setting up a WinPE environment with just DrivePool. It doesn't work. It doesn't like the drivers. So you need a full installation to access the pool properly. So if you're backing up to the pool, then this won't work for a bare metal restore. That's fine. We hide them to make things easier (eg, harder to eff up) But remember that the contents will be spread between the disks, so you may not have all of the data on one disk
  3. Meltdown / Spectre Benchmark

    I'd answer, but most of this needs to be answered by @Alex, I think. But the first two, I think are "expected". As for the rest, I'm not sure. And for the most part, normal usage may not be affected drastically. Browsers are CPU light, but heavy on RAM, for instance. Games, and some processes may be affected, and the values may be "real world" depending on the program. But running as Admin may be a (shitty) stop gap to regain performance.
  4. Box Account, uploading FOREVER, cannot STOP/PAUSE

    Well, as for the CPU usage, I/O access is "expensive". So if you had a LOT of drives, (and 44 is a lot!) that could potentially bog things down, especially if you have a lower end CPU. And yeah, even with it paused, it's still downloading from the provider, and it's still reading and writing data locally. So, a lot of I/O still. As for the script, no, that's fine.
  5. Simple Newbie Question

    You mean adding a RAID5 array to StableBit DrivePool's pool? As long as it shows up as a normal disk, absolutely! And any "hardware" controller will do this. (show up as a normal, physical drive, that is) StableBit DrivePool doesn't do parity (RAID5) itself. It's more like a RAID10, but even that's not quite accurate. That said, you can add and remove drives at any time. And unless one or more drives is very full, it shouldn't need to rebalance (redistribute) the data. So again, StableBit DrivePool doesn't do parity, at all. It's not a RAID5, but closer to RAID0/1/10, or a JBOD. And this depends on what you've set the duplication to. But you can use other software like SnapRAID to add parity protection, if you'd like. Unfortunately, I don't see that email or ticket. Where did you send it at/to?
  6. Icy Box IB-3810U3 JBOD + Drivepool

    Yeah, I definitely understand that. However, adding a utility to do this wouldn't be a small/simple thing, and we're nor really ready to add something like that, right now. In the future, maybe. it's bee something that I've been pushing for, for a while, as well. Otherwise, "enable duplication on everything", and it's not a great answer, either.
  7. Down sizing my server

    Okay, glad to hear it, then! I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of this beforehand. it's easier to change specs before you buy and build the system!
  8. Can´t access my HDD on another PC

    If it is taking a while to load the permissions, then it sounds like it may be a network configuration issue. On both systems, try running this and rebooting (from an elevated command prompt) netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=hoghlyrestricted And in device manager, for the network adapter, try disabling any feature with "checksum" or "offload" in the name.
  9. Down sizing my server

    Just be careful. A low power CPU is, well ,low powered. You may have issues with transcoding still. Or multiple streams. You'd want to direct stream, as much as possible.
  10. List of missing unduplicated files when drives crash ?

    For the list stuff, check out this thread: https://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/746-drive-must-have-died-is-there-a-way-to-tell-what-was-on-it/
  11. Device Timeout Fix?

    Not just "no cables", but it also doesn't include a bracket, so you'd want to mount it somewhere in the case, and run molex power. Rather than using a PCIe port. Is this disk cloned? And are you running this in a VM? Also, run the StableBit Troubleshooter, and use "3398" as the Contact ID for it. Make sure "collect system info" is enabled/checked.
  12. Device Timeout Fix?

    Yeah, this stuff get super expensive. Especially when dealing with more than 10 drives! As for 32, no. But how about 40? Get a LSI 9207-8i card, and a couple of SAS expanders. Such as the Intel RES2SV240. Between the card and the two Expanders, it would cost you about $300, though. So ... not cheap. But that's 40 drives that could be hooked up! You hook up one of the SAS ports on the expander to the controller, and then you have 5 ports (for 20 drives). And then "repeat" with the second port on the controller, for another 20 drives. As for bottlenecking, it shouldn't be an issue (the PCI-e 3.0 bus should be able to handle ~40 drives at 150MB/s, and each port on the controller should be able to handle half of that).
  13. Icy Box IB-3810U3 JBOD + Drivepool

    I'm sorry to hear about that. In some cases, a "chkdsk" pass will fix this. But not in this case, from the sounds of it. TestDisk is a good solution though! Not at the moment. We're trying to finalize changes to DrivePool and CloudDrive, and then after releasing those, StableBit Scanner. But there are ways to do this. "dir > list.txt" works. So would "tree > list.txt".
  14. Google Drive "Server is temporarily unavailable...."

    Sorry for missing this. Yes, I think that this is a new way that Google is throttling connections.
  15. Device Timeout Fix?

    I've had nothing but issues with the HighPoint 2720SGL that I owned. I sold it and replaced it... As for the soft locks, Windows is/can be very sensitive to I/O issues (it's why CloudDrive will unmount drives, actually). And if you're experiencing issues, that's why it's happening. Also, HighPoint uses rebranded and heavily modified Marvell controllers, usually. And that heavy modification seems to make these cards much more unstable. Aside from "sell it and buy something better", I'm not sure how much I (or anyone else) could help you. I've checked HighPoint's site, and there are no real updates from the card, and ... it's not available for purchase ANYWHERE (which is pretty telling, IMO). This looks like it's port 1 on the controller. Try moving the drive to a different port, and see if that helps (it did for me, sometimes)