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  1. Yup, shouldn't be any issues with running it.
  2. Not through the UI, aside from manually, which may be very, very time consuming. However, the "dpcmd" utility should have an option to do this.
  3. You posted on another thread too. But You may need to enable the "Unsafe" "Direct IO" option to get the SMART data off of these drives, due to the controller. https://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_Scanner_Advanced_Settings#Advanced_Settings if that doesn't work, enable the "NoWmi" option for "Smart", as well.
  4. Yup, that's exactly how to disable it. As for if there is benefit, I'd say there is. The surface scan is a sector by sector read. For an SSD, this doesn't read the platters, but it does read from the NAND flash. If that is having issues, it will show up, all the same. Also, because they're SSDs, the scan should happen a lot faster, and IIRC, there is no real downside to scanning, as it's read only. It's writes that are an issue with SSDs.
  5. There are two settings that may effect this. The "Smart" "NoWmi" option, and the "DirectIO" "Unsafe" option. https://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_Scanner_Advanced_Settings#Advanced_Settings
  6. in this case, try navigating to the pooled drives, rather than the pool itself. See if any of the disks also exhibit this issue.
  7. Try doing the same on the underlying drives. Also, if you have antivirus software installed, it may be worth disabling/uninstalling that temporarily, as that can cause issues.
  8. That's definitely not typical. Is StableBit Cloud connected? And could you open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/contact ?
  9. Tinkering with the I/O performance settings may help here, namely the download threads. And the enumeration is dependant on the pinning and connection speed.
  10. Is this over Remote Desktop, by chance? If so, make sure you're on the latest versions.
  11. Are you using MSI Afterburner, by chance? If so, that can cause this to happen. Otherwise, there is a "C:\Program Files\StableBit\DrivePool\DrivePool.UI.exe.default.confg" file, copy this and remove the ".default" from the file name. Edit the file (I recommend Notepad++ for this), and there should be a "Wpf_SoftwareOnlyRendering" setting. Set this to "True" and it should fix the issue.
  12. I wouldn't say dead. It's far from mature enough to be used with anything other than Storage Spaces, and a mirrored or parity array.
  13. It's an automount issue. We have a guide on how to fix this, actually: https://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_F3540 This will let you remove the drive letters and still keep the drives mounted properly.
  14. Remeasuring the pool is a good idea. Also, running a CHKDSK pass on the disk in question may help (and remeasuring).
  15. Try stopping the StableBit Scanner service, and see if that helps?
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