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  1. welcome! And Read Striping is enabled by default on DrivePool, but is worth double checking.
  2. Restoring to the pool drive would be best, skil exiting files, if they exist. Otherwise, it gets complicated. And duplication may be simpler.
  3. I believe that it doesn't grow. The main limit is that the drive needs to be as large as the largest disk it's protecting, IIRC
  4. For the file placement rules, you'd want to add "thumb.db" and whatever else to the rules, and have it limited to just the local disk. One entry per file/type. https://stablebit.com/Support/DrivePool/2.X/Manual?Section=File Placement
  5. Looks good, and you are very welcome!
  6. You could do so by having the CloudDrive disk in a pool with a local disk, and using the file placement rules, though.
  7. Well, StableBit DrivePool can use 100x drives, without any issues. As for snapRAID, I'm not too familiar with it, but you may want to take a look at this link: http://www.snapraid.it/faq.html#howmanypar basically, more == better, but they've only had reports of 4 disks failing at a time. So, you may be able to get away with 5-6 disks for parity. But again, I'm not too familiar with it.
  8. If you have duplication enabled, then it will do so, automatically, as long as read striping is enabled. You can use the File Placement Rules to do so. https://stablebit.com/Support/DrivePool/2.X/Manual?Section=File Placement Yup. https://stablebit.com/Support/DrivePool/2.X/Manual?Section=File Protection#Per-Folder File Duplication You can set it to x1 to disable duplication. Yes!
  9. Probably because they are actively trying to discourage shucking external drives.
  10. This would be the wrong place to look. Check in "Storage Controllers", and check the "Covecube Disk Emulator". And this should be "", and the date for 06/30/2020.
  11. No, it doesn't. However, it may be easiest to remove the smallest drives first.
  12. Actually, we don't really track the Insider stuff, since things are known to break and be fixed before general release. However, if we have a bunch of reports of issues, we'll take a look, as in this case. And because it was a change rather than a bug, we decided to fix it (as the cause of this is very likely to make it to GA). But ... in no uncertain terms, if stability is critical, you should NOT be using an Insider build. Period. Expect things to break on the Insider channel, because they will. Either way, we do have a fix for this issue. And if you run into issues, the "reinstall" guide I link above should fix any issues.
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