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  1. correct. Some of the drive "geometry" can't be changed after it's been created. You would have to destroy the drive and recreate it to change those settings. Also, some of it can be changed, but the process is dangerous or requires reformatting. So it may be simpler to just recreate, since you could have both running at the same time.
  2. That's very unusual, and I haven't seen anyone else report it. If you could, open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/contact
  3. that's rather odd. Could you open a ticket about this at https://stablebit.com/contact?
  4. To clarify, StableBit DrivePool doesn't use the drive letters or mount points. It uses the volume ID for the disks. So you can change how the drive is mounted without any issues. Personally, I prefer mounting the drives to folder paths, as that hides them, but still allows them to be accessible.
  5. There are some hidden by default, already, but that's because they're experimental. But I don't see a reason why this couldn't be added. StableBit Scanner uses Telerik controls, which we stopped supporting/using, since they come with a bunch of their own issues. StableBit DrivePool and StableBit CloudDrive use entirely custom implementations, and all native WPF controls, because of some of the issues we've had with telerik controls. So, pretty much the opposite. Eg, StableBit Scanner is the older product (the first, actually).
  6. Yeah, this would be the best/simplest option, as you'd need to move the data off of the drive anyways, to change the cluster or sector size.
  7. It's not currently supported, but may potentially be possible. The issue is that it then becomes harder to access the pooled data when this happens.
  8. There isn't any documentation for it (other than snippets posted in the forums), because the dpcmd utility is not meant for normal usage and bypasses a number of normal checks and procedures. However, the utility itself will give a basic description. But in this case, "dpcmd unignore-poolpart poolpart.xxxxx x:" is what you want.
  9. There isn't a publicly accessible API for Apple iCloud, so support is very unlikely. We avoid 3rd party implementations, as well as reverse engineering the API, because these are finicky solutions that may require a lot of updating due to hostile changes.
  10. This should cover that in a bit of detail: https://stablebit.com/Support/CloudDrive/Manual?Section=Recovering from Errors But basically, it depends on how much data was left to upload. And which data. In essence, it's like power loss before the cache has been written to disk, which can result in data loss.
  11. Try setting the balancing ratio to 100% and see if that helps. Otherwise, could you open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/contact ?
  12. The 100gb has been there for a long while, TBH. And that's been the default for it since the start. And by a long while, I mean since the DrivePool v1 days> (so ~2011). Eg, back when drives rating in TBs were at the high end, for the most part. You and disable the option or set it to something more reasonable for your setup. But it sounds like unchecking it may be what you want here.
  13. All of our installers are digitially signed, and I've verified that this is still the case (eg, the installers are clean). It's a false positive, because we're a small company. So it's software that isn't downloaded as much, so it's much more likely to get flagged due to heuristic/predictive protection. For instance: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/0e7f2f56af412d5ab5c2f185af0ea371ce20a68b901bba4dfafc2eb3f3812b1d
  14. correct, internal operations (balancing, duplication, measuring) are not reported there. Only activity it reports is what happens through the pool drive.
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