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  1. Christopher (Drashna)

    Lost ability to open i/o performance settings

    Anyone still having this issue, grab the latest build, as that should definitely fix this issue: http://dl.covecube.com/CloudDriveWindows/beta/download/StableBit.CloudDrive_1.1.0.1025_x64_BETA.exe
  2. Christopher (Drashna)

    Upgrade failing....

    "Error 0x80070643" means you have a pending reboot. Reboot the system and try again. Also yeah, grab the above linked version.
  3. Well, I hadn't had a chance to get back to you yet, there. But disabling balancing "isn't the answer" here. At least, not a good one.
  4. Christopher (Drashna)

    Error Removing Drive: Operation was canceled

    Reboot the system, and try again. If that doesn't work, then enable file system logged, and reproduce: http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_2.x_Log_Collection Then run the StableBit Troubleshooter, and use 3674 as the contact request/ID. http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_Troubleshooter
  5. Christopher (Drashna)

    [Suggestion] Dual cache HDD.

    Pro is also rated for higher IOPS, which for this is the most important attribute.
  6. Christopher (Drashna)

    NFS Issues Post Clean OS Reinstall

    For Windows, I think you're best using CIFS/SMB/Samba/Windows File Shares. But for some linux programs, it's better to use NFS. Or in my case, I used NFS for PXE booting, since that is all that is supported.
  7. Christopher (Drashna)

    is DrivePool 3 being worked on?

    You're very welcome!
  8. Christopher (Drashna)

    Disk Space Equalizer + File Placement

    Uncheck the "File placement rules respect real-time file placement limits set by the balancing plug-ins" and "Unless the drive is being emptied" options on the main balancer settings page: https://stablebit.com/Support/DrivePool/2.X/Manual?Section=Balancing Settings#File Placement Settings
  9. Try this version: http://dl.covecube.com/DrivePoolWindows/beta/download/StableBit.DrivePool_2.2.3.936_x64_BETA.exe Also, check with a utility like WinDirStat, and check where the files actually are located on the underlying disks. If they're not in a PoolPart.xxxx folder, then that's the problem.
  10. Christopher (Drashna)

    NFS Issues Post Clean OS Reinstall

    Use an older version of HaneWin NFS server. They updated something that broke compatibility. 1.2.30 NetworkLockManager added file-id as inode for NTFS on win7 and higher gui modified So the 1.2.29 version on their site should work fine.
  11. Christopher (Drashna)

    High CPU usage after Google update

    Damn. If you could, do this: http://wiki.covecube.com/System_Freeze
  12. Christopher (Drashna)

    Damaged Drive

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Something that may help (that doesn't require new software), is to clear out the disk, and run a full (non-quick) format on the drive. But that's a guarantee.
  13. Christopher (Drashna)

    is DrivePool 3 being worked on?

    "Release Final" means that it's a stable release, and will be pushed out to everyone. Not that it's the final build. Besides, we have at least 7 more major features to add, before even considering a 3.0.
  14. Christopher (Drashna)

    [Suggestion] Dual cache HDD.

    Then it sounds like the two issues that you're having is capacity, and IOPS. A good SSD (and better, an NVMe drive) will fix the second issue. But the capacity issue is something I can't really help with. But this also sounds like a case of "throw more money at the problem".
  15. Christopher (Drashna)

    3TB Drive showing as 115 PB

    Odd. Because the VDS logs are what I was looking at, and that's what Disk Management (and diskpart) use, as well.