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  1. Honestly, the default settings should be great.
  2. That's ... a bit out of date! And yeah, there are a number of fixes to deal with that issue. but if you run into issues again, let us know.
  3. Sorry for not mentioning that. And yup, that's where it is.
  4. Honestly? There isn't really anything that you should need to do. The "native" service should prevent the system from shutting down before the service has a chance to cleanly shut down. That was it's only intended purpose. However, power loss, BSOD, and the like can happen. And in this case, these events can happen. A battery backup will help prevent issues with power loss, but that depends on the VA rating of the battery backup (UPS), and how long it takes for CloudDrive to gracefully shutdown. As for BSOD's... that's a lot harder to prevent. Running a semi-regular memory test, checking the system disk, and being careful what you install/download, and hoping no weird issues pop up, those are about the only options. I'm glad to hear that you have access back. If you haven't, it may be a good idea to run a simple CHKDSK pass on the drive, to make sure there is no file system corruption, and to fix any if there is.
  5. The API (well, more likely, the API endpoint) is different, so... Yes, it should. Depending on what exactly you mean, all of our products track volumes by the "Volume IDs", which shouldn't change. Additionally, both stableBit DrivePool and StableBit CloudDrive are designed to handle reinstallation or system migrations gracefully.
  6. Yup! For reference (for anyone else that stumbles upon this thread), it's the "connect" option in the provider list. You can keep connecting to different accounts. And no problem. A long day really does the number on brain power! It makes simple things much more difficult!
  7. welcome! And yeah, it's a really nice way to set up the system. It hides the drives and keeps them accessible, at the same time.
  8. To make sure, you have the bitlocker detection disabled, and the SMART queries throttled? Do you have CloudDrive installed? If so, it has a similar bitlocker detection option, and may be worth disabling. And do you have the drives configured to idle/sleep in the Windows power settings? Otherwise, if you're still seeing the drive being kept awake, it may be worth checking something like process monitor or process explorer to see what is accessing the drive in question, to see what is keeping it awake.
  9. Yes. Most of those can be left, as is. But that depends on what else you're doing. Mostly, if you're using file placement rules. That said, setting the balancing ratio to 100% may help.
  10. Can it exclude a process? If so, that would be the simplest option. Otherwise, it's probably catching the balancing pass. Also, it may be worth turning on "bypass file system filters", as this may also effect it
  11. The default/built in balancers are all to address edge cases. So as long as your config doesn't fall into one of those edge cases, then you should be fine. Specifically, the two most common cases are one or more drives being more than 90% full. The other is the duplication space optimizer, and as long as you don't have any "Unusable for duplication" space, you should be safe from this. That said, we do generally recommend disabling other balancers when using the Balancer Plugins, like the SSD Optimizer, to help prevent weird interactions or unexpected behavior. If you've done so, you shouldn't have to worry about the other balancers, or data being balanced.
  12. That came from the SMART data for the drive. And it's very possible, likely even, that the unstable sectors were because of the blackout and a write that was happening at that point in time. And that the disk was able to correct or remap those sectors. So, not really a false positive, but something that the disk was able to resolve. Though, if you see this happen often, that may indicate an issue.
  13. I'm assuming you mean adding a feature to backup and restore the balancing setting, in the future. It has been requested before, but we're not looking to add new features to DrivePool at this moment. Once StableBit Cloud is "out", we'll see about it.
  14. That's not typical. But there are a number of things that can cause this. The first is if you accidently added one of the pools to another pool. Opening the UI for StableBit DrivePool would be the simplest way to check that. If this is the case, you should be able to remove the pool from the other pool. This will remove the "extra" pool. Another possibility is Windows itself. Sometimes when mounting a disk, it will cause this "double disk" effect. It's pretty rare, but it's not unheard of. Rebooting the system works in some cases. but uninstalling the drive in Device Manager may help, too.
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