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    Building an Epyc server

    Hello all........ im looking to build a server for both a home server and blue iris server but also a cloud backup server.. is this possible with windows 2019 essentials? microsoft says i need standard due to unknown user count.. is there a way maybe with clouddrive to bypass the 25 user limit of essentials and have an unlimited number of users back up to my server? i have a decent system idea in mind but need to solve this issue.. if im not clear enough please ask any questions and ill try to answer them....
  2. to whoever may be able to answer this.. i think a discord server would be great for this community and would like to see if we an make i happen.. hope to hear back soon
  3. I'm looking for a faster hard drive for my steam collection in my gaming rig. I'm currently using a 5400rpm wd red 3tb drive.. I'm debating going with a red pro 7200 rpm or maybe ssd but the ssd is so expensive on larger 1tb+ capacities.. so I'm thinking red pro for my drivepool on my gaming rig... any ideas would be great..
  4. 2 years later and all my reds are still going like brand new.. I have a ? about the wd red pro drives that run at 7200 rpm... what is the difference between them and comparable wd black drive .. besides the 24/7 operation... I'm curious because my 5400rpm red in my gaming rig is a lil slow and I'm debating what to get for the steam collection...
  5. will the stablebit products ever support mac os? im curious because im looking into a macbook pro and would love to be able to setup a small pool on it with thunderbolt drives.. im thinking this would also be great for the mac desktops..
  6. its a quad core xeon with hyperthreading.. also i was looking on technet for the download of the eval edition and im wondering why there no version for usb flash drives.. if you guys no of a usb option so i dont need to use dvd r it would be great.. its 4 core and 8 thread sorry for the typo
  7. saw 2016 essential for 399.99 just curious if my xeon 1246 will handle it? said someing in specs about needing 8 cores... my xeon is 4 core 4thread.. with 32 gb ram... am I good for 2016?
  8. for me its either pay 399 for 2012r2 or whatever 2016 will cost...thats why i ask
  9. I hope its not an issue with me asking a question here for drashna... I'm running server 2012 R2 essentials trial edition and saving up for the oem licence... is it worth staying on 2012r2 or I'm debating getting 2016 essentials instead... this means full reinstall and ill need help I'm sure.. on a good note.. 2012r2 is running smooth for I think 1 year without a reload... but if I'm purchasing the os I would prefer the latest edition... any thoughts are appreciated....
  10. im using a single crucial mx200 250GB in my pool o my gaming pc and transfer speeds are at top of my wifi cards speed limit... cant wait to run gigabit to my gaming pc... how bad will the ssd get thrashed as a cache drive? just curious...
  11. u think the wd red 3TB 64mb cache drives are fast enough for gaming at 5400 rpm?
  12. i think im gonna skip the ssd in the pool and just use wd reds... curent pool is a single 3TB red with 64mb cache... but hope to add more soon
  13. thank you that fixed it... 2nd question is can i use a ssd in the pool for games to play off of when being played and then move back to spinner when not being played? hope i asked the ? correctly....
  14. i tryed setting drivepool 30day trial up on my gaming rig activated the 30day trial... renamed pc to the proper name and rebooted... now Drivepool is insisting on a licence transfer from my server... why is this? please help... i wanna run the 30day eval and buy the licence in next few weeks.. is this allowed?
  15. hey hope this isnt wrong to ask here.. im loading my gaming pc and have 2 ssd and a 3TB wd red soon to be a 2nd 3TB and was debating creating a pool for the steam/origen game installs.. and my ? is can I use my 2nd ssd to boost gaming performance with the pool with the ssd optimizer plugin? and how should I go about setting this up? thank to everyone for any assistance...
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