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  1. thanks for all the help and the main thing is I got there in the end and its all working as it should
  2. Thanks Christopher yes it still worked but it gave me an extra folders in the server folder ( 3 I think a client backup one and 2 with numbers as there name) on the client so I thought I had did it wrong and panicked so did a clean install again. But I now know for the future. Thanks
  3. Thanks I had seen that but I also seen that it says for Drivepool 1 only so that put me off
  4. Thanks got there in the end by a different route as I couldn't find the options pane on the right. so I RDP into the server and went into file explorer and brought up the drives then into c:, then into the server folders and cut the folders and pasted them into the pool drive servers folder which replaced the ones in there. then in the dashboard the folder option reported missing folders so I clicked renew and it automatically filled the path as going to the pool drive rather than c:, so you were right on renewing it had defaulted to the c: drive. Thanks
  5. Hi could you tell me how to do the first part of this, is it from the server desktop and how to do it ? Thanks
  6. Hi I deactivated drivepool and then did a clean install of whs 2011 and set up drivepool again and activated it. Now going into the network/server folder on the client with the 5 sub folders (music,pictures,documents,video and recorded tv ) the folders are empty, in the server folders in the dash board these are all empty and the drives in my computer are also empty but the drive pool shows all the files,any help on this ? Thanks
  7. Hi I had the same problem and after a search on here it was recommended that you go into Drivepool settings and change duplication settings and just let the program rebalance and it removes files from the drive and when empty run remove disk and it worked for me, sorry can5 find the post now
  8. Thanks how do I do a surface scan with stablebit?
  9. Hi in the past I just added my drives to the pool, but they were only old drives that were being reused from my htpc, now getting ready to add a 4Tb red and wondered if you all test new drives before adding and what to use for it ? Thanks Robert
  10. Hi looking to add a couple more drives and was wondering if anyone could help with the above, wether any reported problems with either size ? Thanks Robert
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