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  1. thepregnantgod

    IO operation was retried...

    So, I have 4, 8 bay enclosures with their own PSU to support my Pool. Lately, I've been paying more attention to Event viewer and realized that all the errors are coming from one port/drive bay not a drive (as I originally thought). The error is : The IO operation at logical block address 0x15461528 for Disk 5 (PDO name: \Device\000000a5) was retried. Now...I'm not getting any NTFS errors that say there's corruption on the drive or anything. But can someone smarter than me tell me if this is something I should worry about? Should I remove the drive from that bay and leave it empty? Or can it be ignored like some Distributed Com errors that I see on every single computer build I do?
  2. thepregnantgod

    Easy way to identify disk by Volume?

    So, for future reference, I did take the following steps. 1. As Spider99 suggested, I mounted each disk to a folder on my C drive. Now, in Event Viewer any NTFS drive errors show which volume (i.e. disk) so I can add a letter to it and then scan. 2. I'm still unable to simply scan within windows without actually adding a letter to it. I've not tried using CMD/Diskpart then chkdsk volume because that's actually more tedious then just adding a letter and going to properties/scan.
  3. thepregnantgod

    Easy way to identify disk by Volume?

    So, for whatever reason, I get corruption on a drive. But as I have 46 drives, none with letters, and Windows can't repair unless there's a letter attached to it, I have to manually go through, add letters then check properties, scan and if it's the one, it'll list repairs. Or I can go into Event viewer and find this below. However, I can't easily identify the disk by this. Anyone know a trick or program?
  4. thepregnantgod

    Drive Letter Assignment issues...

    Not sure of advantages or disadvantages. But to confirm, DP can see unmounted drives and add them so long as they are formatted in the same format as the pool you are adding them to (i.e. if I have a NTFS pool, it won't show me any ReFS drives I have to add). I don't like using the "mount to folder" option because one time I did that, forgot about the folder, and deleted it. Which deletes everything on the volumes as well.
  5. thepregnantgod

    Drive Letter Assignment issues...

    Yes. I've manually assigned them to the end of the alphabet and they still pop up at the beginning. So my options are to assign my pool letter to A or B or Z. The pain is just that my plex folders all point to H...
  6. thepregnantgod

    Drive Letter Assignment issues...

    Yes, first world problems... But I have my pool assigned to H: and all my Plex Media pointed there. Upon reboot - DESPITE MANUALLY ASSIGNING THE DVD DRIVE LETTERS - the DVD drives upon boot take the initial letters shifting my Pool Letter to L: Is there a work around from this? Is it a matter of somehow having Drivepool load first? My DVD drives are assigned to my RAID expander cards - not the mobo - if that matters.
  7. thepregnantgod

    Scan File System despite no letter assigned?

    If I mount them it will auto scan them? My fear is deleting that folder deletes the entire drive contents!
  8. thepregnantgod

    Scan File System despite no letter assigned?

    I have Stablebit Scanner set to scan my file systems every day. Regardless, I get warnings from Windows that says one of my disks has an error and I should run chkdisk. Because none of my drives have letters assigned, I have to go through 35 drives, assign letters individually and then run chkdsk. Shouldn't Stablebit Scanner being doing this instead? Or does that also require a letter assigned to scan the filesystem?
  9. thepregnantgod

    UNKNOWN pool?

    When I had a mixed pool (REFS with NTFS), it would say UNKNOWN on bottom right of the pool chart. However, I have a pool with 16 drives all formatted NTFS/1024k cluster (for large media files) and it's showing Unknown. Any thoughts?
  10. thepregnantgod

    Scanner lost all data?

    Thanks, but I actually don't know what drive is the unchecked one. Scanner doesn't check them in any particular order...
  11. thepregnantgod

    Scanner lost all data?

    38 drives connected to my server. Been scanning non-stop for almost a week now. Was 1 drive away from having scanned every drive for errors, etc. System hangs, I have to reboot, come back and now Scanner has no record of scanning any of the drives and has started all over. Uggh...
  12. thepregnantgod

    Advantage of using Win Homeserver vs Win10?

    I'm rebuilding my Plex server and am curious if there's a reason I should switch my Win10 x64 for a Server platform.
  13. thepregnantgod


    Drashna, I have a 152TB pool (35 drives). Four of those drives are USB so when I remotely rebooted my system from vacation they didn't pick up and would register as missing. (I thought, that's fine - the pool is triple duplicated so...read access will just be locked until I return). I come home to find my pool running out of space...I have 40TB of data triple duplicated - so give or take, I should have 30TB of space available since 40x3=120 out of 152TB. Would the system, with four disks missing, simply checked the remaining disks and said, well look at all these files that aren't triple duplicated so let's duplicate them a third time on the remaining drives? Otherwise, I can't explain where all the space went. In fact, using TreeFileSize in admin mode, I confirmed only 40.2TB of data but the pool is showing only 8TB free out of 152TB.
  14. thepregnantgod

    Wish List - colored duplication

    Not sure if this is possible or easy... Right now I have my pool 3x duplicated (upgraded from 2x duplicated) and I have 1.51TB marked in a dark blue which is keyed as "unduplicated." Does that mean it's only x1 on the pool, or it's x2 but not yet x3 duplicated? If you had colors for how many copies of a file are on the pool that would be great! (i.e. Red for 1x copy, Blue x2 Copy, Green x3 Copy, etc.) * Of course, not sure how this would work if folks are doing a full pool duplication like I am and instead duplicating some folders only.
  15. thepregnantgod

    Way to speed up measuring/duplicating?

    Drashna, I'm curious if there is a way to speed up measuring and duplicating? I have 38 drives (over 152TB) - mostly green in a single pool. The entire pool was duplicated twice but considering the moving parts, I changed the duplication to 3 times. Then one of my pain in the arse drives decided to go RAW. I don't think I lost any data because everything was duplicated twice already. But now, it's taking forever to measure, check duplication, then start duplicating again. It's not system power since they're attached to a 1950x at 4.1ghz with 96gb RAM. And by a long time I mean more than 24hrs of measuring time...