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  1. Remeasure fixed it! What recheck duplication does if there's no prior duplication? I hope i didnt mess up something as i clicked it before doing remeasure.
  2. I moved my files to new hdds and drivepool thinks i duplicated these files and lists half of my space as duplicated. Will a recheck duplication under settings solve this issue? I dont want any duplication in my pool and have it disabled, yet drive pool was trying to duplicate something, is this normal?
  3. I have made tons of important questions the past couple months and still no reply from anyone. Please support be more active in this forum, we need you!
  4. I have version 2.2.3, how can i get the plugin?
  5. Drivepool hidden folder that has a really long name makes things worse. How can i move a file windows doesnt let me because the name of the path is too long?
  6. I keep getting a notification on bottom right corner "update found" but it doesnt give me option to update.
  7. Is it ok to fill non primary hdds to full capacity that would be accessed only to read files?
  8. I know wd has a software that can check for helium. Does seagate has something similar?
  9. I dont use duplication, currently i copy each hdd individually as i dont know better. My pc gave me a blue screen recently while copying files from an old hdd to a new one. Could it be the new one or the old one that is problematic, what do you think guys?
  10. Yeah that was it! I thought back then wrongly that it was giving access to the extra space that we cant touch now lol.
  11. I dont want the drive pool to duplicate itself to existing hdds but to the new ones. Is there a way to do it this way?
  12. Back into 2007-2008 there was a software that made hdds bigger than 1-2 tb be recognizable by windows and it was advertising that extra unused space can be used. It was a software converting mbr to gpt or something like that, cant remember its name. Thanks for the info everyone.
  13. I remember 10 years ago it was possible with some programs to use all space of hdd. Just got a 16tb and it has actual size 14.5, is it possible to unlock the extra size with drivepool or other programs?
  14. How can i tweak DP so it doesnt delete the files of the hdd i remove?
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