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  1. Thanks for the advice Christopher, i used to have my computer on all the time.
  2. There was a lot of lighting strikes recently and soon after found my computer not booting to windows and a loud clicking noise coming from the hdd. I took it out opened it and found the head to have scratched the platter circuraly in 2 different areas. The hdd was a seagate 1tb. How a power surge or power going off due to lighting strikes can make the hdd head crash on the platter? Also how can i avoid this from happening again, is a upc battery good enough? Is it also possible to use two hard drives at the same time so if one dies i wont lose all my files and wont have to reinstall windows?
  3. My main and only drivepool was the A, the P showed up after a windows update. How can i safely remove the 2nd drive pool without losing my files? When i open the P drivepool it is empty there's no files in it.
  4. It decrypted it as it was required before turning off, it took couple days. Now i added it to the drivepool but the bar shows grey/other and doesnt become dark blue/unduplicated automatically like on other drives, is there a way to have drivepool scan it and turn it dark blue/unduplicated? I also noticed on other drives i have 27gb of duplicated files, does that mean they are written more than once and if yes is there a way to have drive pool delete the duplicated ones safely? I also use everything search to find folders i wanna view but it shows them splitted as drivepool has stored them on multiple drives. Is there a way to make everything search to show up whole folders and not splitted ones?
  5. the chkdsk fixed the problem, i can access the drive now but lock icon is stuck in the unlocked position. i would like to remove it permanently if possible. thanks for all the info pocketdemon! ok just found it was locked with bitlocker, i'm turning it off now, this should do the trick. Thank you guys!
  6. They sent me an extenral usb hdd, i connected it to my pc using an external usb hub, do you think that might be the problem? I had connected before many usb hdds to that hub before i got my highpoint card and never had this issue. Now the chkdsk is at 98% i hope it fixes it, will let you know soon. But yeah i'm so unlucky with hdds, one went bad back in september another 2 were erased by mistake thanks to microsoft's disk management falsely telling me that i needed to initialize 2 hdds. Was able to recover those 2 but on one i lost all names of my files. The bad one i sent to seagate to recover my files, i think they send me back a different hdd and now i got this problem. By the way is there a way to remove the lock icon from the hdd they sent me? In case i get through the first problem that will be the next that i will need to fix.
  7. Seagate recovery service just returned an hdd to me with all my files recovered which hdd was locked with a password. After unlocking it, i cannot access it, it says "is not accesible, access denied" and i try right now the chkdsk x r f method but it gets stuck at 47% is there any other way to fix this?
  8. Found it, thank you! It was the serial number i was looking for.
  9. 5 days now and no more clicking, my hdds werent clicking also prior to installing the highpoint card and its drivers. Maybe they did something to drivepool the update fixed. By the way pocketdemon do you know how to make stablebit scanner display the hdd's 8 digit identification number? It did it on its own when it spotted a bad hdd but dont know how to make it display it on other hdds.
  10. I'm very unlucky with electronics, when an hdd of mine died and tried to recover files, windows 10 told me falsely that i need to initialize two hdds and i lost data on 3 hdds while i tried to recover data from one lol. It's been over 24 hours and none of my hdds have clicked after the drivepool update, i'm excited i think it worked!
  11. On youtube comments i read people making seagate hdds quite by installing newer firmware or special firmware provided by emailing seagate, people warn that there's a small risk bricking the hdd. So far no more clicking occurs but if it comes back and the bitlocker setting doesnt fix it permantly would you recommend updating the firmware? What would be the safest way to do it? Do i need to be in safe mode etc?
  12. After manually updating the drivepool now that settings file is showing. While updating all clicking of my hard drives stopped so i think it's drive pool that makes my hard drives click, i will wait now for my hard drives to click again before changing the bitlocker settings in hopes the newer version installed might be better on its own and dont have to make changes.
  13. Yes that option to show hidden files is enabled, does drivepool updates automatically as i havent manually update it for years.
  14. The Settings.json file is missing in the service folder. I only have error reports, logs and store folders inside the service folder.
  15. The clicking came back and on multiple drives after i started playing a video game. When i restarted the computer it went away again. How can i disable the BitLocker_PoolPartUnlockDetec´╗┐t ? I think now there's something in my windows that makes the drives click. I have turned the spin down drives option in highpoint to enable and power settings on hdds in windows to 0 minutes. Still the hdds sound like fans but that noise doesnt bother me anymore, i hope i can nail down the clicking problem. So far restarting the computer fixes it temporarily.
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