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  1. doing remeasure fixed my problem, hip hip hooray!
  2. Thanks for the info, i can at least stop searching for a solution now knowing the only way to fix it is to do the same thing you did.
  3. doing checkdisk fixed my corrupted file, i'm doing remeasure again as drivepool didnt finish remeasure because of the corrupted file. Any ideas what may be causing drivepool to prefer to write on older hdd?
  4. thanks i have the stablebit scanner scanning the drive right now, should i stop it and do a checkdisk from properties instead? also i wanna try removing my old hdd from the pool temporarily and add it again later to see if that fixes the drivepool's behavior, should i check the boxes "force damaged drive removal", duplicate files later and force close any open unduplicated files so drive pool dont start moving or copying files while removing the drive?
  5. After doing remeasure drivepool found a corrupt folder that i cannot delete, i tried the cmd way and couldnt delete it either, is there any other way?
  6. I tried remeasuring and it didnt fix the problem, but this did for few seconds Unchecking in plugin settings the "Allow balancing plug-ins to force immediate balancing" , then drive pool started writing on new hdd but after a minute it went back to the old one. What plug in setting could have drivepool keep preffering to write on old hdd instead of the new one i have pointed to write in ordered file placement plugin?
  7. Sounds great, thanks for the info Christopher.
  8. Thanks i'll try remeasure, i had added an hdd in the past and drivepool did remeasure and i didnt have this problem only now that no remeasure was done. Also when drivepool does remeasure it deletes duplicate files without telling me which files it deletes. Is it possible to view what drivepool deletes automatically during remeasure? As i have files with same name but are different and i'm afraid drivepool deletes them.
  9. I disabled all other plugins except the file placement plugin and it still doing it. I have attached a picture of my settings. Do you think doing a remeasure could fix my problem?
  10. I added a new hdd to the pool and drivepool still writes files on the old hdd, I have specified in ordered file placement plugin for my new hdd to be first to write files on but drivepool still writes files on older hdd. Can you guys help me with this problem?
  11. If i connect the computers with home network will 1gb ethernert connection be as fast to watch videos and even play games with no problem? Would it be better to use 10gb network cards? Also is it possible to play a game that will be stored on my 2nd storage computer on my first one like you can play a game from external hdd without having to transfer it to the windows hdd? Will my 2nd storage computer will require a gpu too? Thanks for helping me out gtaus!
  12. I was looking on youtube a video and they used freenas but it erased all data on hdss and i read if you add hdds in the future they better be empty as they'll get erased too. Is it better to keep drivepool and windows on the old pc and connect it with a cable to my new pc and use it like a usb or ethernet storage device? Can you give me some advise guys how to go about this?
  13. Remeasure fixed it! What recheck duplication does if there's no prior duplication? I hope i didnt mess up something as i clicked it before doing remeasure.
  14. I moved my files to new hdds and drivepool thinks i duplicated these files and lists half of my space as duplicated. Will a recheck duplication under settings solve this issue? I dont want any duplication in my pool and have it disabled, yet drive pool was trying to duplicate something, is this normal?
  15. I have made tons of important questions the past couple months and still no reply from anyone. Please support be more active in this forum, we need you!
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