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  1. I'm thinking to get few Countersunk Cross Head Self-Tapping Screws M3X15mm and try attaching a noctua fan to the lsi 3905 24i. Can i get the job done with a screw driver or i need to use a drill?
  2. You saved me from a lot of frustration with the info you gave me about the lsi card. I plan to build an open air frame and i'm thinking to custom mount a fan next to it, i have a lot of options on how to mount fans on the frame i'm planning to build using 2020 t slot extrusions. I was also thinking since i will be using the lsi card on an open frame is a cooling fan really required? Will this card get really hot when copying files to a single hdd? Most of my hdds are full and will just be sitting there so only one hdd right now will be doing work and i was thinking do those hba cards get really hot when operating multiple hdds at the same time or regardless of what you do they always get really hot? Also what software you recommend to monitor temps? I'm thinking to also get a pwm fan hub, which one you recommend? I see on amazon some listed at 12v, do they still get plugged in at the psu 6 pin 5v power sata ports?
  3. Thank you so much for all the info pocketdemon. The lsi 9305 24i card, i measured the distance where the fan goes diagonally and it was little less than 2 inches. A 40mm fan doesnt look like it would fit there, i contacted broadcom but still havent heard back from them. I'm thinking to buy a 40mm fan and try it out but just by looking at the heatsink the 4 holes where the fan goes dont make also a perfect square like most fans are but a rectangular. Are there any rectangular fans out there or the holes are like that so we can mount two 40mm fans side by side using only 2 screws on each fan? Also i read somewhere that 8 pin psu vga to sata adapters exist that convert the 12v to 5v so we can mount hdds there too but couldnt find such cables by googling. Are you familiar with such cables?
  4. Thanks for the valuable info pocketdemon, my concern is the 5v rail of the evga 1600w is at 24A and most hard drives use around 2A, would that limit me to 12 hdds then? On the evga psu hdds can only be plugged in at the 6pin ports which are 5v. The hdds i plan on using from now on are the seagates 8tb archive. I also think to get the lsi 9305-24i hba card, what size of fan does it support do you know?
  5. It comes with cables that connect up to 14 hdds, can i connect more with splitters? What is the safest amount of hdds per 6 pin sata psu port? Also what cables you recommend getting to give me access to more hdds? Evga has only 6 pin to 4 sata ports cables(times 3) and scaring people from using different brands. To connect more than 14 hdds i will need to use 6 pin to 5 sata ports cables or more. Can you guys recommend me some good cables for my psu so it can support the most hdds it can?
  6. Thank you so much for the help guys! I'm looking to get the LSI 9305-24i to be future proof. I was thinking to add it to the 2nd pcie x16 slot as they told me from newegg that the one on the bottom is x4 and will lose even more performance. If i understand your post correctly PocketDemon i can go to the bios and increase the lanes the 3rd pcie x16 slot uses? I would also like to add a fan to the LSI 9305-24i but the guys at newegg couldnt tell me what size of a fan it supports. Can i use the Noctua NF-40 on it?
  7. I read hba cards come with their own software, can i skip that and keep using the drive pool software or i need to use the hba software to see the drives in my system? Also what hba card should i get for 14-24 hdds range?(i have couple 8tb hdds too, i heard some hba cards dont support more than 3tb hdds.) I thought i would need at least something like the LSI Logic Controller Card 9305-24i 24-Port and then i came across this much cheaper card LSI Logic SAS 9207-8i that says it supports up to 256 sata devices. Also my motherboard is the p8 z77 v lk paired with the i7 3770k, will i have problems, do i need to mess with the bios or are those hba cards plug and play? I also have a 2080ti will i loose gaming performance if i add an hba card to my system? Help a noob out guys and thanks in advance for any advice you can give me!
  8. I just looked at the event viewer and couldnt find any DISK/ATAPI/IDE/NTFS errors. I saw on youtube people changing the hdd board and getting it to work again but linus when he did it he was getting 0 capacity issue and had to open the hdd and replace parts. I guess i'm out of luck for an easy fix. I saw at seagate's site they charge over $600 for data recovery and that doesnt cover the cost of the replacing hdd. Is seagate data recovery professionals my best option to recover my data or are there any others as good and cheaper professionals that can recover my data? Found some guys from hd-parts charging $350 for data recovery but dont know if they're any good.
  9. I tried to scan it with getdataback and easeus and both freeze when try to detect the hard drive. When i unplug the hdd the programs work fine. I tried to connect it to another pc and scan it there and had the same problem. I can see the drive letter of the hdd in my computer but cannot access it and shows capacity 0. Also if i try to restart my computer, my computer will not boot to windows until i unplug that hdd.
  10. My hdd was lagging and freezing so i tried to restart my computer and it got stuck at restarting. After i forced my pc to restart the hdd shows up in windows but with 0 capacity and i'm unable to scan it with data recovery softwares. Can you guys help me by letting me know what's wrong with my hdd and how to fix it?
  11. I had added an 8tb hdd to the drivepool without initialize it in device manager. A year later i visited device manager and it asked me that i need to initialize a hard drive. After i did it it all the data on that drive disappeared.(I was tricked lol) Is there a way to restore the data/poolpart folder in the same 8tb hdd without having to copy it in a different hdd? It's a seagate archive by the way and currently i'm scanning it with getmydataback but seems to locate only up to 4tb of data. Is it because of the special way these hard drives are made?
  12. billis777

    Disk damaged.

    The red block says sectors 1.33gb 152gb readable 982kb unreadable 163gb readable Is 982kb unreadable able to ruin the entire drive? the drive is 1 year old and is the seagate archive 8tb.
  13. billis777

    Disk damaged.

    Hello everybody, my stablebit scanner started reporting one of my drives to be damaged. It shows only one block of 465mb damaged and drive pool started immediately evacuating the entire drive. The drive seems to function normal. Can i continue using it in the pool by telling the pool to ignore that damaged block and continue use the rest of the drive?
  14. I bought a new samsung 850 pro ssd and would like to check it if it's good as when i tried to clone my c hard drive on it i got "failed to write sector" error. The ssd is detected by stable bit scanner but it is not being scanned. Is there a button i need to click for the scanner to start scanning it?
  15. Thank you so much! I got it working now and thanks to your instructions i wont have this problem ever again.
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