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  1. Do you have Scanner? And yeah, even though I have a far smaller Pool (6 HDD in a 9 HDD setup), I label them with a sticker.
  2. Oh, and I am not convinced about energy/heat. 25 500GB SSDs is just 12.5TB. I would think they use more than one 14TB spinner.
  3. TL;DR but yes, DP will recognise the Pool. You could disconnect them all and plug them in on another machine and DP would see the Pool again. One small caveat is that if you use plug-ins that are not installed on the new machine then you may have some unwanted behaviour. Other than that, it should work.
  4. OK, I am mixing up threads, sorry bout that. I guess D is the new HDD. Everything I said above is true expect that D may not be faulty. The question is, why does it have arrows at the right (showing that DP does not want to write to it)? Other than the x3, are all balancers at default with default settings? If not, what is specific with you?
  5. No. What does the status bar just below what you pasted look like? Is the faulty HDD stil in the Pool (the D drive perhaps)? If your Pool is K, J, D and I and D is the faulty HDD then I do see what the issue is. You have 6TB of data spread over 3 disks (the faulty HDD does not count because it is, well, faulty!), that is 2TB per disk. As your smallest HDD is 2TB, you have 3 HDDs and x3 duplication, there is no way you can have more than 6TB of data in such a pool. You need another HDD or replace the 2TB with a larger one. Mind you, if you have x3 duplication on 3 HDDs, then the max you can store is 3 x [smallest HDD size]. If you have more HDD than the duplication factor then this is typically not a problem (it can be, say 1x14TB + 3x3TB still won't let you write more than 12TB or 4TB net of duplication but you get the idea).
  6. AFAIK, no. DP does not warn. Which is good as many have it running on servers. I do not know of a way to get the behaviour you desire.
  7. Yes, I noticed the (small) size differences as well which I do not understand but perhaps they differ in brand or in logical sector size. Anyway, the bad sector HDD, is that I:? If so, then DP is trying to migrate all the data off of it. You could click on the DP symbol in the top left where it says "2" for more info. Also I wonder whta DP says at the pool organisation bar just below where the screenpic ends. I am not sure but I am thinking you should replace that HDD and, given how little space you have left, perhaps add another disk as well. Edit: Or replace with a far larger HDD. Personally I prefer more and "smaller" HDDs (in your case, 6 or 8TB instead of, say, 12/14TB) as they are quicker to rebuild/replace but the cost is more energy use). With this much data I would also wonder about backups.
  8. Do you have scanner as well?
  9. Are your balancers all at default settings? I wondr why you have that red arrow for disk 2 / I:. What happens if you force a rebalance?
  10. What may be good to know is that when you write a file to a Pool, DP will select a disk, based on the balancer settings, and that selection may point to a HDD with little space free. Then a write will fail. DP does not spread individual files over more than one disk.
  11. Yeah, so my remarks about duplication were useless actually. You already said you did not use any and I was confused by the "x2" information (weird that). It was because due to the ordered file placement causing DP to try to write to disk 8 which only had, I think, about 8GB free. How 1-2GB deletions helped I don't know. Anyway, I don;t think there is a real need to use order file placement and it can in fact cause some of these kind of issues I would think. But adding a drive would help a lot.
  12. I see an "x2" to the left of the pie chart, that indicates at least something is duplicated? Oh wait, it probably tries to write to Disk 8 to fill that up first and that one does not have enough space. Do you have it set to fill up drives to 100%? How much are you trying to write?
  13. You can, just not as x2 duplication because the 480GB free space is (mostly) free on one single HDD. DP will not write duplicates to the same physical HDD.
  14. Yeah, so as you have used ordered file placement to fill up drives in order and, it appears, up to 100%, there is only 1 (one) HDD with free space. You can't duplicate to one HDD though so that is unusable for duplication. If you have 480GB free space in the Pool then one HDD should not have more than 240GB free or you can not use all space in an x2 duplication scenarion. Personally, I would always want to have enough space so that the Pool can reorganise after a failure of the largest HDD. Perhaps it is time to add/replace a HDD.
  15. And we see the "x2" thingy now, it seems to me it is working out indeed. Perhaps transferring over USB is relatively slow.
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