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  1. Umfriend

    Maximum Space

    But duplication is irrelevant here either way as a space limitation could be solved by adding more 1GB volumes. But still a 3GB file can't ever be written to a Pool that only has volumes < 3GB.
  2. Umfriend

    Maximum Space

    Yes, that is because you have partitioned the drives and added 1GB volumes to the Pool. DP does not split individual files over HDDs/Partitions/Volumes. So if you have a Pool that conssists of 1GB volumes, then the largest filesize you could ever write to that Pool is 1GB as that one 1 GB file needs to end up at _one_ volume. In theory, you could have a million 1GB volumes added to a Pool and your storage capacity would be huge but only for files that do not exceed 1GB per file in size. @Spider99: I think you misread his post. A Pool that consists of 1GB volumes can never hold individual files larger than 1GB.
  3. Umfriend

    Maximum Space

    With DrivePool, that is very easy. You have the 1x4TB+1x8TB Pool. Then you add the other 8TB HDD. Then you select the 4TB Pool and press Remove. DP will move the files out of the 4TB HDD and presto. It will take a while as it is actually copying TBs of data. There may be an issue with a few open files but that will work itself out.
  4. Umfriend

    Reallocated Sectors - Drive Latency

    And it never hurts to have a look at Event Viewer just to see if there are IDE, ATAPI or DISK errors.
  5. Umfriend

    Advantage of using Win Homeserver vs Win10?

    The only reason I would consider a (windows) server platform is the (client & server) backup solutions, both file as BMR.
  6. Umfriend

    Planning for DrivePool

    Wow. The notion of DrivePool not ever balancing except by selecting the appropriate disk for new files is, given my circumstances, ffing brilliant! How do you ensure DP will never rebalance (unless by user intervention)?
  7. Umfriend

    Planning for DrivePool

    AFAIK, the SSD Optimizer requires a number of SSDs that is equal to the level of duplication. I.e., one SSD will not work for a Pool that has x2 duplication. Having said that, you could create two x2 duplication Pools and put one on top of that, unduplicated and with the SSD as cache. That would work I think. I actually think may not work fully unless the backups made are instant. The reason for this is that you may have run a backup at T=0, DP may rebalance at T=1, your drives of one pool may fail at T=2. At T=1, some files may have been written to the failing drives and you would not know it and these would not be available in the backup made at T=0. This may seem similar to the (normal) loss of data created between backups but this is in fact a bit worse. I may be wrong though. Now two HDDs failing at the same time is rather rare but you could consider to use CloudDrive as well. You would have either x2 or x3 duplication, depending on how OCD you are and then backups to e.g. Backblaze (which I assume allows for versioning and history). Should you consider CloudDrive then I advise to ask here what the best providers are as some have all kinds of limits/issues (I do not know, not a CloudDrive user).
  8. Umfriend

    How long are damage errors present in launchpads warning display?

    In WHS at least you can ignore the warning. Sometimes it remains but greyed out, althoug a reboot tends to help. Mostly, they disappear. I have never encountered _new_ warning not to occur because I selected to ignore the notification (but then, how would I as it is hard to experience something that does not occur...things not known). For instance, if I insert a new HDD I get a notification that I can either use it as storage or as a backup disk. When I ignore the warning it disappears but a new one will pop-up when I insert another HDD.
  9. Umfriend

    did i just lost 7~8 tb of data

    Then do as Christopher says but I think you may have lost some...
  10. Umfriend

    did i just lost 7~8 tb of data

    Not familiar with testdisk. Best to follow Christophers' instructions. Is F:\ the drive this is about? Explore that through Windows Explorer and see if there is a hidden Poolpart.* folder. You could also attach it to another PC to see if you can read it from there. Did you have duplication active?
  11. Umfriend

    did i just lost 7~8 tb of data

    First thing I would do is: 1. Assign a drive letter to the HDD (if it is not there already) 2. Explore the HDD with explorer. Make sure you have Explorer set to show hidden files. If it shows a PoolPart.* folder, open that one and if it shows data you have likely _NOT_ lost data. 3. If that is the case then I think you need to give more details about OS/DP Version/HDDs/MB/Controller card etc and better describe what is happening exactly. It sounds to me like you experienced behaviour that should have been addressed way earlier and, as it hasn't, must be now. I don't see you writing about deleting/creating/formatting partitions, that's good at least.
  12. OK. So would it be possible to set that parameter by controller or disk? Or is safe I/O tried first and only upon failure would deadly violent I/O be tried?
  13. What kind of issues could it cause and is it possible to set the parameter by controller?
  14. So I just got my SAS controller (Dell H310 flashed to IT mode). It works but it does not pass SMART to scanner. I have looked but could not find it. Isn't there a setting I should change in Scanner? Edit: Never mind, found it. Scanner -> Settings -> Advanced Settings & Troubleshooting -> Cinfiguration Properities -> DirectIO- check Unsafe (which does not sound scary at all!)
  15. Umfriend

    Equalise HDD and SSD usage by percentage

    1x128 SSD for OS, 1x8TB, 2x4TB, 2x2TB, 1x900GB. The 8TB and 1x4+1x2TB are in a hierarchical duplicated Pool, all with 2TB partitions so that WHS2011 Server Backup works. The other 4TB+2TB are in case some HDD fails. The 900GB is for trash of an further unnamed downloading client.So actually, a pretty small Server given what many users here have.