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  1. My storage needs don't really grow so I am just sticking with what I have, anything between 1.7 and 5.5 yo (6 drives). I bought them spread out over time. Mostly Toshiba and HGST as I had a few issues with Seagate and WD years ago. Only 2 HDDs of same type and purchase date so those are in seperate Pools. As long as they don;t fail, I'll run them until they do.
  2. You can have two PoolPart.* folders on one drive at one folder level (e.g. root) but that is a symptom of something gone a bit wrong. Long story. Only one of them would be the real currently active PoolPart.* folder. A PoolPart.* folder can in fact contain yet another PoolPart.* folder in the case where you use Hierarchical Pools. But mostly, no, normally a drive has one PoolPart.* folder in the root. You're most welcome.
  3. It's a bit of a long shot but perhaps on the E and F drives, the PoolPart.* folder is not hidden and on the D and G drives it is? You can set Windows Explorer to show hidden files and folders.
  4. I am just guessing but as this appears to relate to one file, perhaps use the "Automatically resolve [...]" option in the first screen? Alternatively, seek out the individual copies and delete them manually, then recheck and/or rebalance?
  5. Just note that with a 3x10TB + 3x8TB setup, hieracrichal Pools will suffer a deadweight loss. Why? Because you can not create two non-duplicated Pools of the same size. So when you then create a Hierarchical Pool for duplication, it will see one 28TB and one 26TB drive and 2TB will be unusable. You don't happen to have a 2TB HDD lying around somewhere, do you? Edit: Of, should you have, say, a 6TB HDD, you could do 3x10 and 3x8+1x6TB.
  6. I would just consider to split the 2x2 Pools so that each Pool has one drive on each adapter and perhaps split the 1x5 Pool into two and use Hierarchical Pools for duplication and have each underlying Pools' drives on seperate adapters. Why? Should one adapter fail then you can still access all files without having to connect all HDDs to the other adapter. Sure, you will do so anyway but at least you can now read before you do that.
  7. So gtaus did a good elaborate job but there is one thing that is not entirely correct: If you use the SSD Optimzer plugin, where you assign an SSD as a cache / first landing zone, then that will only work for files that are not to be duplicated. If you write a file to a folder that has x2 duplication, DP will write one copy to a HDD right away. If you have little duplicated data then it won't matter much though. If you do have duplication and insist that one SSD suffices then there is a way to trick this using Hierarchical Pools. Two copies would be written to the SSD initially. I conside
  8. Umfriend

    Plugin Source

    This is why last time I bought two 8TB drives but different brands Still, that risk is small and what you could do is add one, balance, add another, balance etc.
  9. Good idea but no. And LR might be the app you need a log for. But I am speculating really.
  10. Or an issue with the combination of the two. You might raise a ticket. I have no clue how one would investigate this, probably would need to recreate the issue first.
  11. I find this amazing but it is what it is. I have no other suggestions, sry. It may still be a LR issue that arises when DP is running but this is all way over my head. You could raise a ticket with stablebit.
  12. That last suggestion of Spider99 is what I was trying to accomplish. Instead of having Lightroom scan Z:\, try a scan on M:\ (no need to hide/unhide files). If that also results in Lightroom scanning C:\ and D:\ then it is not DP related (which I can not imagine anyway) because direct access to M:\ does not go through DP software. But, as Spider said, a real seperate USB drive would work better to show that the issue can be recreated and is not caused by DP at all.
  13. I wonder. If you were to assign a drive letter to one of those 8 drives, say T:\ and then let Lightroom scan T:\, would it then also scan C:\ and D:\? If so, then it really can't be DP related IMHO. It would be even better if you can recreate the issue with a whole other disk, perhaps some USB HDD lying around.
  14. I think a 2nd Pool for non-critical data using old hardware is an excellent idea.
  15. I have never tried to use File Placement Rules but as I understand it, if you tell DP to place \movies on that 6TB HDD then it will and also spill over to other drives when the 6TB HDD is full. DP will not, I think, through a no space error. Not sure how to ensure that non other data arrives on that drive, that might need a lot of FPRs, but may be easy. Having said that, I would not add a drive I am suspicious about if, unlike me, you do not use duplication. Do you have Scanner? Maybe run the Seagate tool again.
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