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  1. I can't remember when I had to run the repair backup tool last, I *think* that was when I was running WHS2011. One question though: Do you make actual backups, e.g. do you run Server Backup as well? Cause if you do, then there is no issue deduplicating client backups temporarily or even definitively (if up-time is nit that high of a priority). Duplication isn't backup and that becomes clear when you have to run the repair tool to bring things back.
  2. Uninstalling Scanner does not sound like a good idea to me. AFAIK, DP will only evacuate a drive marked by Scanner if you have the StableBit Scanner balancer add-in active in DrivePool. And if you have that add-in, it allows for a number of options, for instance, to limit the HDD to duplicated files only.
  3. I see. Yes, it takes a but of engineering but I think it is the best way to go. Edit: I would consider to do: Pool A: HDD 1, 2, 3, x1 duplication Pool B: CloudDrive 4+5, x1 duplication Pool C: Pool A + Pool B, x2 duplication And then, for files that you do not want duplicated, do not store them in Pool C but in Pool A. So for a "user" it would seem his files are on two (virtual) drives, Pool A for undup and Pool C for duplicated files. I am guessing here that the distinction between Pool A and Pool C is clear cut (e.g., work files in Pool C, downloaded media in Pool A). Otherwise this won't work well for a user.
  4. Umfriend

    Upgrade question

    You mean your Stablebit licenses? So best is to deactivate on WHS2011 and then activate on the W10 machine. And yes, install W10 and DrivePool, shut down, connect HDDs, power on and you should be good to go.
  5. Yes, it does get more complicated, especially if you want only parts duplicated. Perhaps to simplify you could (a) duplicate all, (b) duplicate nothing and have real backups or (c) have separate Pools for duplicated files and unduplicated files?
  6. There are file placement rules that may help but I never used them. I do use hierarchical pooling to ensure one duplicate is on one and the other on another group of disks so that I only need to backup one set of disks. Maybe that can help you. But afaik, within one pool, there is no way to ensure one and only one duplicate ends up at a specific subset of HDD and the other duplicate on another subset.
  7. Ah yes, you are right. Hadn't considered your data is duplicated.
  8. There is the Drive Usage Limiter Balancer that allows you to set individual drives to store only duplicated or unduplicated files. So you could set drive 2 to only hold unduplicated files. It would mean that if you have duplicated files, none of the duplicates would arrive there.
  9. First, if the Pool has 12TB free and one HDD has 8.3TB used, then you are not even able to endure the loss of a 14TB drive. The fullest drive has 5.7TB free and if that drive fails, you lose that 5.7TB as well. So then you'd have 6.3TB free on the other drives to cover for the 8.3TB on that 14TB HDD. That won't work. So if it fails slowly, such that Scanner may trigger an evacuation, but you don't add a HDD before it fails completely, you may lose data (assuming no backups). I use duplication for resiliency/up-time and as such always ensure that any Pool has more free space than the largest HDD in that Pool.
  10. Drive replacement seems simplest. Instead of a new MB + CPU with 8 slots, you might consider a 2nd hand SAS HBA card (like IBM M1015 / Dell Perc H310). But in all these scenarios there is the placement of addiotnal HDDs.
  11. AFAIK, NTFS an ReFS (but maybe limited)
  12. https://storage.microsemi.com/en-us/support/sas/sas/aha-1100-24i/ Yes. I have never heard of a SAS card that did not work with SATA drives. I guess you need cables like these: https://www.onlinekabelshop.nl/mini-sas-hd-sff-8643-4x-sata-0-50-meter-40520 but cheaper/better models may exist.
  13. No way a spinner like that reads 300MB/s. Suggest you restart scans on both and report how much they've progressed after like 10 minutes .
  14. Sorry but to me that seems like a weird piece of advice. Managing a collection of torrents might just be one of the use-cases you'd like a Pool for. And how do torrent files work differently from other normal files?
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