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  1. Hi Shane, I did not attempt the 'Resize' method; i'm downloading all my data from Google Drive to local storage and 'Destroy'ing the drives, that is working for me so far. Thanks for your response.
  2. I too have this concern. I just received notice from Google about exceeding pooled storage limit. I deleted about 2TB from my drive, ran the Clean Up in CloudDrive, but it did not reduce that amount of storage shown being used in my Google Drive
  3. No upgrade, i did clean install; it’s running well. Don’t be scared, lol
  4. I'd like to learn more about the cache drive too; I've only seen my cache drive clear on it's own once since I started using CloudDrive few weeks ago; it seems the cache drive not clearing is a serious concern because if you shutdown/restart, then it wants to go through and check the entire cache and I think try to re-upload stuff that already uploaded
  5. I spent a good amount of time reading other similar posts here about CloudDrive running recovery after a shutdown/restart.. other than running Trace and Troubleshooting, I don't feel like I got a grasp on what is going on or how to prevent this, so I'm asking again, for myself (sorry!) I am running CloudDrive v1.1.7.1391 on Window 11 Pro; I have 2x 60TB drives with Google Drive and a 1TB SSD drive caching both CloudDrives (@ 200GB/ea) I patiently waited until uploads on both drives completed; I shut down my PC and unplugged all wires for a dust cleaning and hardware removal + installation; i completely unplugged all my drives. When I fired my PC back up, my CloudDrives didn't immediately appear like they normally do; after some time (~5-10mins) they appeared, I have Unsafe Shutdown notfications and each drive is showing 200GB/each "To upload"-how is this possible when there was nothing uploading when I shutdown? If shutting down via Windows Shutdown is Unsafe, then what is a 'Safe' shutdown for CloudDrive? A second question I have is-I assume after uploads are complete and no data on the CloudDrives are being accessed, the cache drive should be empty, but I've only seen my cache drive empty once in the few weeks I've been learning and trying CloudDrive.. is this incorrect? Will the cache drive always be half-full? Please forgive my ignorance and THANK YOU so much in advance!
  6. Hi all! Please forgive my ignorance, I'm just about 24hrs since creating my first CloudDrive, I'm BRAND NEW around here... I would like some advice re: Should I add a new connection (using gdrive) when adding a second/multiple drive or is it okay to add additional drives under the same connection? Thanks!
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