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  1. what would be the optimal setting for plex if i want to buffer more locally before plex is able to start. i am beginning to quite ofthen getting choppy video and messages that my connection is to slow for these settings. i have a 1000/1000 connection and 1000 ethernet in the house. i am using gdrive
  2. HI Srcrist. I´m on version and I am having this issue with a existing drive. so unfortunatly I will have to create a ticket
  3. Thanks. From what i can read i need to 1 create a drive pool 2 attach cloud drive (1) (10TB) containing original files to the drive pool 3 attach a new cloud drive (2) empty (10TB auto sized to 20TB) with Duplication enabled 4 enable duplication within this drive pool 5 wait until data is written to new cloud drive 6 remove drives from drive pool 7 delete cloud drive (1) 8 give cloud drive (2) drive letter previously attached to drive (1) Do this again four time for each original cloud drive end result should now be 4 new cloud driv
  4. How can i use drivepool for that? sorry if i Sound dumb but can Seem to figure out how
  5. Sorry. my content is already on clouddrive but would need to be copied to a new clouddrive with duplikation enabled to make the data more redundant and Secure
  6. HI. I have 4 G drives all at 10 TB full. That i would like to copy to new Drives with Duplication enabled. Is the anyone out here that knows of a program that would help do this automatically as Google limits the amount of data you can upload each day. Limit daily uploads to 350 GB as that doubles too 700 GB and resumes the next day so i can start one drive and the wait 1 month and take the next one.
  7. HI. I have a 10 TB clouddrive that is running low on space can i add them to drive poll as one large 20 TB drive with just one drive letter?? without loosing the data allready uploadet to my clouddrive?? and can a secon one be created with mirroring for backup purposes??
  8. Farmand

    Reclaim space

    Hi All. I have made a 10 TB google drive and i am running low on space. but i know i have deleted a lot of data without regaining this date. is there a cleanup or reclaim feature?
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