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    User rate execeeded

    I'm moving my files from one drive to another, it's around 900GBs, I've set 75mbps as upload limit all went fine until this afternoon I'm getting throttled for some reason, this is what the logs look like: :31:44.7: Warning: 0 : [ApiHttp:81] Server is temporarily unavailable due to either high load or maintenance. HTTP protocol exception (Code=ServiceUnavailable). 18:31:49.8: Warning: 0 : [ApiHttp:58] Server is temporarily unavailable due to either high load or maintenance. HTTP protocol exception (Code=ServiceUnavailable). 18:31:52.5: Warning: 0 : [ApiHttp:56] Server is temporarily u
  2. Thanks you've been very helpful, the only issue I have now is that for some reason the clouddrive won't mount the virtual disk after the setup and I have to do it manually, I'm waiting for support to get me back on this matter as I don't want to risk uploading everything for nothing.
  3. That makes sense, but now my issue would be that the disk I want to use for the cache has already been formatted to use 4kb clusters, would reformatting it for 64kb create issues with the old CloudDrive?
  4. This is what i was talking about: "In NTFS, cluster sizes larger than 4 KB may trigger inefficient I/O patterns in Windows. Therefore, creating drives larger than 16 TB with NTFS may not be optimal." I knew about the possibility to change the chace and drive's size, but is it the same also for the cluster size?
  5. Thanks for the in depth answers, I was worried about the cache thing, cause I don't remember how I formatted the cache drive when I first created it (probably 4kb) and was worried that reformatting it with a different cluster size would fuck up the old cloud drive. As of now I'm taking in consideration your third suggestion, but i'm not sure about using 16kb clusters, cause in the CloudDrive manual the devs have stated NTFS drives should be smaller than 20TB for optimal performance. EDIT: btw I tried creating a new drive and for some reason CloudDrive has only created the virtual d
  6. Before i proceed and reupload everything I still have a couple questions if you don't mind, looking through some threads related to my issue, I've read you've lost your data once due to corruption and had to reupload everything, do you know why that happened and have any suggestions on how to avoid it? Do you think full drive encryption is needed for my use case? Or does it add unnecessary overhead? Is it possible to store 2 different drives cache on the same disk? I ask this cause when I make a new drive there is an option to format the disk where I want to store the cache.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, I thought 20mb chunks would be worse when indexing or retrieving metadata of large libraries (cause it wouldn't download just the file's header, but also a small part of the actual video). Also what about the sector size and chunk cache size options?
  8. I've bought the full StableBit suite a couple weeks ago and I must admit my money were well spent. Now I'm running a Plex media server with these specs: Xeon E3-1231v3 16GB ddr3 2x4TB drives 1000/1000 mbps dedicated connection Everything is running smoothly, but reading some threads on the forums, doubts started arising on the fact my settings are not ideal and since I still haven't uploaded much data, I'm still able to create a new drive and upload everything again easily. My main concern is that when I've setup the drive i chose 10mb as chunk size instead of 20mb, wh
  9. Zanena

    CloudDrive and Plex

    Oh ok thanks for the suggestion, regarding the Gsuite account is it okay if I regisiter one with my real infos?
  10. Zanena

    CloudDrive and Plex

    Thanks for your answer, I have thought about paying for a Gsuite account, but i've read on Reddit some users got their 10$ Gsuite terminated without any notice for exceding the 1TB limit, that is something I'd like to avoid, I'm willing to spend 40$ and get 5 users but I fear Google could either terminate the account for some reason or change the pricing, forcing me to move many TBs of data in a short amount of time. But after doing an extensive reasearch I think a 40$ Gsuite is the less risky and easier way to do what I want. I tried coping the StableBit folder to another driv
  11. Zanena

    CloudDrive and Plex

    I'm very interested in getting a license for both CloudDrive and Drivepool, but I have a couple questions on how the software would work with my setup. I have a dedicated windows server, for over 2 years I've been using it with as my media streaming platform, but as of recently free space started to run out and so I began looking for any potential method to increase my storage, I found out about Gsuite and .edu accounts and now I'd like to to use the cloud as my main storage for future files. I own 1 legit .edu account (from my Uni) and other 3, which I bought. Now what I'd like to d
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