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  1. I have recently started using some VMs for various tasks. I have Drivepool installed on the host (Windows 10) and virtual disk files (VDI / VDX) saved in the pool (32TB across 10 Disks) Each Virtual Disk is about 60GB The issue is when I run a VM (Windows 10 client) the client Task manager reports 100% disk usage and the VM is VERY sluggish, (2-3 minutes to open task manager) As a test, I moved the VM Virtual Disk to a Physical Hard Disk not in the pool and the VM performance was a lot better, no more 100% disk usage (night and day difference)(WD 4TB Red) As another test I moved the VM Virtual Disk to a Physical Hard Disk which is part of the pool and had the same issues with performance (WD 8TB Red) Drivepool is doing something that is causing access to the Virtual Disk file to be really slow. In the Host, When the virtual disk file is in the pool, the pool disk that the virtual disk file is saved on, also sits at 100% when the VM is running.
  2. That's what expected, thank you. It's not so much that it's a single file over 120gb it's that i am backing up 3, 60gb files at once so after the 1st 2 files it just gives up. I could do raid 0, 240 (120+120) + 240 (single drive) hopefully 240 should be enough Thanks again for your time
  3. Thank you for testing for me!, I might consider RAID 0. But do you know what would happen in a configuration with different sizes drives? Ie 3 x SSDs 120GB +120GB+500GB - Would the available space still show as 120gb? Would X2 Duplication be handled ok? Trying to keep as many drive bays free as possible
  4. I just ran into this when trying to backup a few HDD images, and running a few VMS, i bought 2, 120GB SSD for caching but I looks I'll need 200GB-500GB to not run into any issues. I setup the cache because the VMs HDD access was sluggish. I need 2 SSDs for duplication. Question, i don't really want to waste those SSDs or money, is it possible to pool the 2, 120gb SSDs and buy 2 more 120gb SSDs and pool those, so i can a 240gb 2x duplication SSD cache? So, (120+120) + (120+120)?
  5. After some research,I have decided, I am going to build a 24 disk JBOD connected to the host (Windows 10) via SAS Passthrough, if everything works, the host should see all 24 drives individually and i should be able to manage them in Drivepool. Hopefully?
  6. The situation is, that I have run out of hard drive space in my current case.(15 drives) Ideally I would like build another machine running Windows, with loads more disks, is it possible to combine disks from both machines into one pool? If not is there an alternative way to achieve it? Perhaps instead of running Windows on the second box, running Some kind of NAS OS? All ideas welcome
  7. see the image below. I deleted about 200GB but Clouddrive is still showing the google drive as full, and isn't updating, still shows as 500+GB if i log into Google drive. i have tried cleanup, clearing cache and reauth (just in case)
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