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  1. Thank You for this satisfying answer.
  2. Hi. I'm using DrivePool with SSD Optimizer plugin (with option Fill ssd drives up to 90%). I have dedicated partition on my ssd (small, 70GB), SSD Optimizer plugin configured and worked as expected till now. Free space on SSD Partition - 22GB. Trying to copy one file 43GB to DrivePool Pool (with have 2TB free space) and give error "Not enough free space". I'm assuming that SSD Optimizer plugin is trying to put new file on my SSD disk, but this file is larger that free space on that disk but - there is still more than 10% free space on that disk and plugin is forcing to place new file on sdd partition. I suppose i'm right because when i disabled SSD Optimizer plugin i was able to copy that file no problem. Is this real issue or i need to improve my SSD Optimizer settings?
  3. OK, now it's clear to me . Thanks for help!
  4. I mean balancer settings, "Prevent Drive Overfill" one. There are "Empty the drive up to" sliders. I don't understand when those settings are active. About languate - i'm not sure if You guys understand polish
  5. Hi. First of all - sorry for my English. As in topic - what this options is responsible for? I've been searching for this in google but no luck.
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