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  1. albur

    Schedule clear Cache

    Hi, my cache doesn't clear automatically, so when it reachs the maximun size it gets slower. I would like to clear local cache every night with task manager, is there a way to do this? thanks
  2. Hi, i've clonned my O.S. disk and after that i get "Cheksum mismatch" error and it can't upload, i can see all files but i can't upload anything. I've tried to detach the drive but it can't. Is there any solution for this? Thank you.
  3. same here, chunk size 10MB, minimal download 10mb and prefetch trigger 10MB Forward 150 MB time 30s It has been working great until last month
  4. albur

    Google Drive slow

    I work with high bitrate 1000fps vídeos, i Store them in clouddrive with Google Drive, but when i play one it starts downloading fast but later it goes slow. The same when i copy a large file from the Drive to my computer, it starts downloading at 70-80MB/sec and after a while it goes to 4-5 MB/sec I have 10 threads up and down, threshold 1mb or 5 min, 1mb mínimum download size, and prefetching with these values Trigger 1MB Fordward 150 MB Time window 3600 seconds And 300gb caché not limited How can i improve the config for vídeos? I have a 1000Mb Internet conection and i don't reach the 750gb daily limit of Google Drive
  5. Can't get google drive unlimited (i'm not a student and my company has less than 5 users), i'ts only 1TB per user
  6. When i try to change upload threads to more than 2 it shows a message saying that ACD only accepts 2. I really like clouddrive but i'm getting better speeds with netdrive2, i'm thinking going back to netdrive, can't upload more than 15 Teras at 40Mbits/s Is there a release date as production mode instead developer mode?
  7. yes, i have set: storage chunk size: 10MB Chunk cache size: 20MB thanks
  8. I'm getting very low speeds for ACD (40Mbits/s) (with other sync apps i'm getting 15-20MBytes/s), what's the best config to upload faster? at this speed it's not possible to upload a video library
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