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  1. thx for reply, what settings are good for ACD and Sector size, Storage Chung and Chunk size ?
  2. Hi, i´m from germany and here its now possible to sign up for ACD unlimited, wich sounds pretty cool. i have at home plex server with right now around 13TB, but its near full and old... So, on change to a new pc my raid is going to break up... 1.? Is there anyone that use Stablebit to store every movies and series on ACD and watch movies etc with Stablebit on the fly? 2.? How is the experience with Amazon and Stablebit... yesterday i try netdrive, but i just get around 4/0,5mbit and i´m here at 400/50mbit so i break up, and want to try this software... 3.? When i create a storrage with Stablebit and upload everything to Amazon Cloud, whats up, when i get a news computer ore it crash, can i reconnect to it? Course as i see it looks like Stablebit dont use the Storrage as it is, it sams it create a container like truecrypt etc... Anyone may give me answers?!
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