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  1. Christopher (at support) came back on my ticket. He reenabled my ID and all now good. Can write to the DrivePool. Just in case someone else encounters this problem use a fresh trial ID to get things going while waiting for support to reenable the paid ID.
  2. My drivepool (consisting of 4 drives) has gone into read only. However the individual drives (outside the partpool folders) are fully accessible. This *seems* to have followed the fix mentioned by @Christopher (Drashna) in this thread (and via a support ticket). On looking at drivepool and specifically at its authorization I see that my Drivepool ID is missing. Adding it back (both with and without the {} brackets) I get a not valid ID error. Not sure why the ID is missing (never had this issue through multiple updates over years) or why the ID is not now valid. Have sent in a ticket to support but posting here whilst the ticket finds it way to the top. Anyone else have or seen this behaviour? Fixes? I've tried to 'take ownership' as well as reshare the drive but no joy. cheers
  3. Thanks. Done Hope the solution is easily found.
  4. Anyone have any ideas on this please? paging @Christopher (Drashna)
  5. Hi I keep getting a notification saying an update is available. When I click on Install update I get an error "the system cannot find the file specified". See attached screen grab. I tried installing via downloading the latest beta from the website, but the latest (apparently 1277) is not available - only 1244 which is already installed. Any tips on getting past this error condition please? E
  6. Thanks guys I plucked up the courage and went to beta on all apps and connected to the new cloud thing. Looking good!
  7. Thanks Tim, I'll go to beta on Scanner and probably CloudDrive. Reluctant to go to Beta on DrivePool as it contains live data.
  8. Trying to sign up for StableBit Cloud (thanks for the invite). I have 3 licenced StableBit apps (DrivePool, CloudDrive & CloudDrive) but can't see the cloud icon in any of these apps. I have latest stable versions installed. Do I need to be on the Beta channel for the underlying apps to sign up for StableBit Cloud? Thanks
  9. Resurrecting an old thread - hope ok. Is dedup still on the roadmap?
  10. I initially did the simple take ownership process (cross referenced above in this thread) and that worked for a while but then I started getting similar access denied errors. When I did the full process (as mentioned here: https://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q5510455) on the DP drive itself it worked. Few notes: 1. Important to do on the DP drive itself (not a folder within the drive). 2. Seems important to delete the erroneous/existing elements in the permissions tab and then add back in the default permissions (Administrators, SYSTEM etc). 3. The new permissions will be inherited by the underlying drives that make up the DP drive. So far (crossing fingers) things are stable and I get no access denied errors. Also all my LAN shares and RDP items survived the process intact.
  11. Hi @vrcsix I'm still struggling to reach a conclusion on this sadly. I opened a ticket regarding the child poolparts not appearing on the underlying HDDs and Christopher (at support) came back and said: ______ _____ However, before I could start 'seeding', I ran into a 'permissions' error state which Christopher helped me out by pointing out the following link: https://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q5510455 I've now done that and still only see partial poolparts so I will need to do the 'seeding' mentioned but it is not clear how. So I've gone back to support asking for details on how the seeding should take place. However I'm 8 hours ahead of support so the turnaround times become protracted. I'll update this thread when I can. E
  12. Well I deleted the parent pool (which I had called HybridPool) which contained LocalPool which itself did contain 4 real HDDs all of which contains the relevant poolparts for LocalPool. I then rebooted and created HybridPool again and only added LocalPool (skipping CloudPool for now). Now the relevant child poolparts (created by the creation of HybridPool) are only seen in 2 of the 4 real HDDs. So something screwy happening here. I'll ask Christopher via a ticket for his assistance. I had hoped to get this wrapped up now, but will have to wait for Christopher's timelime (I know he is super busy). By the way where do users here get such massive cloud storage? For example Google charges over $200pm for 10tb which is way above what I would pay.
  13. Hi srcrist I took yesterday (Dec 25th) off, but now coming back to this. Thanks for your patience. So conceptually I think I have this. Stop the drivepool service, move (within each pooled drive) all folders/files I have at the same level as the first poolpart folder into the child poolpart folder, restart drivepool service. Change drive letters etc. Small issue however, one of the pooled drives (drive F: in image below) does not show the child poolpart folder. Am confused. Any ideas? Cheers
  14. Thanks again for your valuable input srcrist. Hmm, yes after I posted I did imagine I would need to move data around and likely it would involve poolparts. I certainly did see various poolparts being created. I'll need to drill down and make sure I do it correctly as I would hate to move things around and inadvertently delete things. In the community post you mentioned there is a link to some additional help (see here) which I will also digest. I'm also wondering if after I move folders/data around the relevant shares will move as well? Also there are various apps that point to specific locations for their data (e.g music files for Roon and video files for Plex), but I guess I may just have to re-define them.
  15. Well I gave this a go and hit a brick wall as the parent pool, containing my local and cloud pools, do not 'see' the folders/files in the local pool. Specifically I following the walk through examples mentioned here: https://blog.covecube.com/2017/09/stablebit-drivepool-2-2-0-847-beta/ When I try do folder duplication (or the relevant balancing) all I get are the hidden folders and not any of the folders within my LocalPool. This is contrary to what I expected in the walk through examples mentioned in the above link. Here is what I'm getting: This is what my LocalPool looks like. (NB, the sizes mentioned are incorrect, DP was still counting when I grabbed the screenshot). Clearly I have done something wrong but for the life of me don't see what. Any ideas please? cheers Edward
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