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  1. Looking for a clean strategy for backing up vital data to CloudDrive please. Up to now I've been using Crashplan for backing up vital data but want to migrate away from them (long story). Data in Crashplan comprises about 3tb. So far I have a DP (12tb with full x2 duplication) and a CD (2tb) using several OneDrive drives which I can readily enlarge/add to. My thinking, for simplicity, I would just synchronise my vital data (i.e. not all data) directly to the CD (one way synch with a synch/backup program). But it occurs to me that perhaps a better solution is to add my CD to the existing DP and do some form of folder duplication/balancing of vital data to the CD drives from the DP drives. Is this more optimal? Another alternative is to create a new DP and then include the existing DP and CD. Not sure what added benefit this would give me, but asking anyway. Data in the CD does not need to be duplicated within the CD (as by definition it will be stored locally and duplicated there and anyway I assume Microsoft's Onedrives are robust). However I need an easy way of including/excluding folders that get uploaded to the CD.
  2. I'm working on folder/file placement duplication and for my largest folder(s) in my pool I'm getting 'Unable to enumerate folder - access is denied' error in DP. However in Windows explorer (and other programs) as well as over the LAN I can access all the folders without issue. Where do I start troubleshooting this issue please?
  3. Interesting. I also use Macrium and will look at this with a view of moving my image files out of the pool.
  4. Fully recognize that the current issue is not mine (but I'm the OP) however would highly appreciate if: 1. How do I find out which files on drives are unduplicated? 2. That this thread is anyway updated with recommended processes/commands need to be followed when a problem occurs. Or a link to such processes/commands. cheers Edward
  5. I got notified about your new post on this old thread. Very disappointing to hear no progress has been made since I posted 4 years ago. Let's hope Christopher is able to sort out your immediate issues and longer term some progress is made on the issues Christopher and I discussed 4 years ago. I've not had any issues with drives since 4 years ago but I guess it is only time ....
  6. Edward

    OneDrive not mounting

    Thx Christopher Did it. You will have received twp submissions. The first may simply be the default files from your troubleshooter app. The second hopefully the actual logs from cature log. But the main issue running this is that I did not complete the error within CD as I got stuck in a cert error at live.com and firefox did not allow me to progress further. The cert error said following: login.live.com uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown. The server might not be sending the appropriate intermediate certificates. An additional root certificate may need to be imported. Error code: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER However when I run the CD process without the FiddlerCap process I don't get a live.com cert error. I guess this is due to having to accept the FiddlerCap temp cert or something like that. Anyway have a look at the submissions. Hopefully something there that you can work with. I cross referenced to this thread. By the way I could not find a way of navigating within your app to the FiddlerCap capture file which defaulted to my desktop. Not sure if your app picked the capture file anyway. cheers Edward
  7. Hi I have 3 onedrive drives within 1 CloudDrive, two of which are not mounting. Retry in the CloudDrive app does not work. Reauthorize at first seems to work (it gives the 'authorized' message within the browser) but then within the CD app I immediatly get a message saying "Error Connecting to Onedrive - Cannot reauthoirze drive X. Drive Data was not found when using the provided credentials". I have not changed any passwords on the affected OneDrive drives. I did recently change the password on the non-affected Onedrive drive (and if I recall I had to reauthorize which worked just fine). Any ideas as to my next steps please? Should I simple 'destroy' the OneDrive drives and start again? I hope this is not the only solution as it defeats the integrity of any data in those drives. cheers Edward
  8. Edward

    Drive 'not checked'

    Hi Christopher Yep it was enabled. I toggled it again and all drives now q'ed for a scan. Let's see if the specific drive get's scanned. Nope I had not messed with disk settings. In particular I did not exclude the specific drive from a scan. Is there any way of forcing a scan on a specific drive rather than all drives?
  9. Edward

    Drive 'not checked'

    I changed my OS ssd about a month ago. From a 125gb to a 1tb disc - windows 10 Pro. WDC SSD. Disc is seen by Scanner (and Drivepool etc). However it never get checked. Settings for disc in Scanner is allowed. Partitions not in any Drivepool. Even if I force a check all the other drives get checked but not this new SSD. Previous SSD was checked just fine. How can I force a check please?
  10. Thanks Chris I downloaded the dpcmd utility from here, however the paramater check-pool-fileparts does not seem to recognised. But In any event my unduplicated data is explicitly input by me in a partial endeavour of reducing disk usage. Thanks again for the link to Shane's and Alex's post about 'other' - all fully understood. Small question though if I may. How/where does DrivePool get the reported value? thanks/regards Edward
  11. Thanks Christoper Since my last post I've been trying to sort things out. Specifically I moved about 500gb of duplicated data out of the pool to an external USB drive. This had two positive and one negative effects. The positives are that the free space in the pool increased by 2x (as expected) and 'other' decreased by about 400gb (not expected). The negative is that I have 500gb unprotected data. The current view of the main pool is as per screen shot below (I did not grab a screenshot of what it was before). What I'm not getting is why 'other' has reduced to such an extent (still significant but far better than ~700gb it was before). How is Drivepool calculating 'other' and do you have a utility that allows me to drill into the detail?
  12. Hi Chris. Thanks for responding. I'm not getting the full picture here. I get the difference between 'size' and 'size on disk'. However the numbers are not consistent. I have 3 onedrive 'disks' (H, I and J) all within one CloudDrive Pool (Z). Currently I have nothing in the pool. When I look directly at H, I or J at the 'size on disks' the numbers are low (~200mb each). The size of the PoolParts on these drives are zero. Looking at the poolparts on the real physical drive (d:) the numbers are inconsistent. Two of the poolparts show 1gb used and the other 280gb used. All three of these Onedrives were set exactly the same in the CloudDrive app - namely with 1gb local cache and expandable drives albeit max sizes set at different values. Within the DrivePool app I'm seeing ~700gb of 'other' and I can't get anywhere near that number by summing the values I see as being either 'size on disk' or 'used' (fully recognise that there may be other stuff like metadata in 'other'). Having a way of drilling down into 'other' would help in the analysis. The app is reporting a value so must know what it comprises. Also it would be helpful for my understanding that once data is uploaded to the relevant CloudDrive at that point the local cache is deleted? Or is it the case that all data in a CloudDrive has to be mirrored physically at all times on a local physical drive? kr E
  13. I had not fully appreciated that for all CloudDrive allocations it consumes the same amount of space on my local drives on a 1-2-1 basis. Specifically I have ~2.2tb of CloudDrives (over 3 allocations) and I also have 3 instances of CloudPart folders on 1 local drive. This has consumed the majority of of my spare local disk space. In my case the CloudParts are on my largest HDD which is now nearly full. Is this correct or is something wrong with my set up? If it is correct behaviour then CloudDrive is quite a bit more costly due to the requirement to provision local storage. I would have thought that these mirroring requirements could be done via some sort of efficient database handling of metadata or some such handling. I really do hope my set up is in error. Cheers Edward
  14. Edward

    Crashplan refugee

    Thanks Chris Since I posted last time I created 3 onedrive drives (totalling 2.2tb) and added that to my existing pool. I got terribly lost trying to work out how to do things like balancing and duplication. So I removed them and created a new (z:) pool just with the cloud drives. I was just researching how to backup things to this new clouddrive. Things like Allways Sync (which I know well) and opendedup were on my radar. However you mention creating a new pool encompassing the two pools (which I did not know was possible) is something I need to look at and see if it achieves what I want. Let me think on that. Allways Sync I like as it 'just works'. It does not have dedup and versioning but does allow deletions not to be propagated which is useful. I had another look at Crashplan and see that I can get 75% of their business account for the year following expiry of my account. Given that I still have about a year left on my plan it will only cost me $30 for two years of their business plan. So I may keep that as well as keep clouddrive (hey, one can't have too many backups!). I'll probably switch the backups from my local drives rather than the DrivePool so as to get round the shadow copy issues we spoke about (via a recent ticket). I thought my google accounts had 1tb attached to them but find it is only 15gb which is pretty useless for my purposes. So I'm stuck with onedrive for now - unless you know of some place that still does not charge a fortune? I really need an university account with 1pb of ftp storage. Anyway thanks again for your time on this. Edward
  15. Edward

    Crashplan refugee

    Christopher Thanks very much, most appreciated. Couple of quick Qs if I may? - What is the optimum way of organising the DrivePool? Create a new pool for the cloud stuff or simply add the cloud pools to the existing pool? In either case how do I ensure that data in the cloud is the backup and not live data being used? Or should I just add to the existing pool and let the balancers and the local caching just do its stuff with no hit on (perceived) performance? I have about 75m downstream bandwidth with no data cap. - Is versioning enabled either in CD or DP? The Veeam app looks very interesting. regards Edward
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