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  1. Thanks Christopher, that sorted it. Now for the joys of a full rebuild...
  2. I'm running Windows Server 2016 with Essentials Role installed with both Scanner and DrivePool. Something has gone screwy with Essentials and I can no longer open or use the Dashboard so looks like I'll be rebuilding the OS. No issue with DrivePool as it also installs the desktop application which allows me to manage the pool and deactivate the licence. However, since Scanner installed the Homeserver plugin for the dashboard, there is no desktop application to allow me to deactivate the licence. Is it just a simple matter of re-installing the "normal" version of Scanner or will that cause more problems?
  3. Ok, a little late to the party but better late than never As it stands: Main File/Media Server Case: Chenbro RM42416 OS: Windows Server 2016 Standard (with Essentials role) CPU: Intel i5 2405S Mobo: Intel DQ67OW RAM: 4 x 4GB GFX: On CPU PSU: Generic 750W ATX OS Drive: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB Storage Pool: Pool 1 - 2TB (2 x 1TB), Pool 2 - 25TB (4 x 1TB, 9 x 2TB, 1 x 3TB) - mixture of HP, Seagate and Samsung drives. (yes, I am phasing out the Seagates ) Misc Storage: 500GB temp download drive, 60GB app data SSD, 500GB backup drive. HDD Controller: Dell H310 (flashed to non-RAID SAS HBA) plus Intel RES2SV240 Expander ESXi Server (new acquisition - still tinkering ) HP DL380 G6 OS: ESXi 6.0 (HP custom image) CPU: 2 x Xeon L5520 (quad core) RAM: 140GB ECC DDR3 2 x 750W Redundant PSU 3 x 72GB + 3 x 300GB SAS drives (2 RAID5 arrays) Network Switch Netgear GS724T v3 UPS APC SmartUPS SMT1000RMI2U Ultimate plan is to make the main file/media server into purely a file server and virtualize the domain controller, media server etc. onto the ESXi host as separate machines (just for the fun of it)
  4. Perfect, thanks for the quick reply.
  5. I'm planning to upgrade my (home) server from Windows Server 2012 to Server 2016 in the near future, but will be making no hardware changes. I've checked the FAQ's and see that for DrivePool I can just deactivate the installation on the old OS and then re-activate when installing it on the new build. However, for Scanner it says I need to contact support to transfer the licence. If I'm not making any hardware changes, does this still apply given that the licence is - according to the FAQ - linked to the hardware?
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