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  1. I'm seeing the following message under the top left of the window Remote Control Error An Attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its Access permissions What exactly is this message, as I have not seen it before. I am using Stablebit cloud, if that matters
  2. Ok I see it now. I had to expand the window a little bit.
  3. I added my serial number and saw the legacy activations I have for DrivePool and Scanner. I installed the beta for each and have a few questions 1) After installing the beta and clicking the cloud icon to link to my cloud account, I see the activation disappeared from legacy activation screen. Does this convert the license from "Legacy" to "Cloud"? (I'm probably using wrong terminology) 2) When I look at apps, I see "2 linked" for DrivePool. When I click open, I see the 2 computers. If I check the box, it says shows a red "unlink" box. If I click unlink, is this the same as "deactivate license"? 3) I installed Scanner beta and couldn't find where the cloud icon was at to link. Does this only appear, if it was previously activated (legacy activation)? Thanks
  4. I just noticed that when I click the computer drop down, it shows the computers I have drive pool installed on and an IP address of 172.16.xxx.xxx. I see that this IP is internal like 192.168 and 10.0. Why would this be showing in my list when internal IP address range isn't using that?
  5. In Windows 10, when I select the properties for my Drivepool disk it says: Used Space working..... 94.2 TB Free space 6,412,489,531,392 5.83 TB Capacity working.... 100 TB Would there be a reason this would say working? Everything seems to be find and the numbers seem accurate for the most part I've tried rebooting, going into troubleshooting and resetting
  6. Motherboard is Asus X370 Prime Pro (8 Sata Ports). I have a total of 13 drives, with 1 of them being an SSD (Boot Drive). To connect the maining 5 drives, I have one of these plugged into the NVME slot on the board: (This was purchased from Amazon) "IO Crest Internal 5 Port Non-Raid SATA III 6GB/s M.2 B+M Key Adapter Card for Desktop PC Support SSD and HDD. JMB585 Chipset" When I use the latest released version, it tries to scan one of the drives on the nvme adapter and after about 20 hours, it's only about 7% complete (on a 4 TB size drive). If I try, it shows it being stuck on "Scanning File System" Is there a setting I can change? Is there a maximum number of disks that scanner can handle? Thanks
  7. I've downloaded and installed and after about 2 or so hours, none of the disks have started to be scanned. I've tried stopping the service for a few minutes and restarting to no-avail. How do I get it to start scanning?
  8. I did a reinstall of the latest version of Windows 10 and installed Scanner This morning, I noticed that it got thru the SSD and roughly 6% of one the HDD ( Machine has roughly 8 HDD installed) Rebooted this morning. After about 3 hours I opened up scanner, which I had to wait a few minutes for it to "Initialize". When it finally came up, it showed 1 of the drives as being at 4% complete and no attempts on the other drives. I could have sworn I have seen scanner try to scan multiple drives at once. This machine currently sits idle, so I can't see why the disk check % wouldn't be higher or multiple checks happening at once. Also should I be seeing initializing when opening the app, especially after a few hours? I would understand right after a reboot Is there a different version of Scanner that I should be using?
  9. Using beta, I've been noticing at random times in file explorer it will show the drivepool, but it won't list how much space is available (X GB Free of X GB), along with all the other physical drives. Eventually explorer freezes. Drivepool also appears to be stuck on 35% duplicating Metadata, as that has it checked for 3 & I'm not duplicating anything else. In the system, there are 8 drives. 4 - 8 TB Easy store. 5 TB Seagate, 6 TB Seagate & 2 - 4 TB HGST Green I'll reboot & the drives come back for about an hour & the same issue again. I have tried swapping sata cables on all the drives with new ones to see if that was an issue. Scanner & HD Sentiental both say there are nothing wrong with the drives The reason I'm mentioning the issue on here was when I unplugged some of the drives & drivepool is not doing anything except saying drives are missing, I didn't have any issues with drives disappearing whatsoever. A few minutes ago, I uninstalled 870 & trying the released version (I think its 2.1.561) to see if I have better luck. Also was adding of duplication of metadata fairly recently added, as I haven't seen it duplicate that before, even when trying some of the betas on other machines? Thanks
  10. I personally went back to the release version (I think 2.1.561) & haven't had any issues. By chance are the later version more geared towards W10? The reason I ask, is I seem to have better luck with the "release" version on my W7 machine & it seems that I can run the beta's on my W10 machine.
  11. It was the latest public beta & again this is a W7 machine. Not sure if it's best to use an older version with W7 or not, as it seemed in the past I had better luck with the released version. That being said, the beta seemed to complete the measuring faster compared to the released version. Not sure if I was just seeing things or not Thank you for confirming that it shouldn't measure after each boot. The only time I noticed that it would start over was if it didn't complete the measuring before a restart occurred.
  12. I've noticed with the latest beta that when DP is measuring, that trying to access the pool is very slow, and when I try to open a small file, I'm having to wait before it actually tries to open. Other times, it will acct like the drive pool isn't in file explorer. Is there a limit on the number of drives before setting out run slow, or is there a way to tell it at what time to measure No files on the pool have changed, but yet it's measuring after they reboot. Ok another computer, our doesn't measure after every reboot. This is a W7 machine & using the latest public beta. On the public "released" version, I didn't recall it measuring after every boot
  13. After opening Scanner, it's stuck on "Initialzing" with the dots going left & right. I even tried stopping & restarting the service & same result
  14. Hello, I wanted to get some clarification on the File Evacuation options "Damaged Drive" compared to "SMART Warnings" For example, I have seen two different type of SMART warnings in DrivePool. The first being the FYI type of warning & the second being highlighted in orange stating (in so many words) the drive is about to die. What I would like to be able to do is the SMART warning is more the FYI type to not do anything, but if DrivePool is saying the drive is about to die, to start evacuating the files Can this be done, or does the "Move files out of drives with SMART warnings" move all files regardless of the SMART warning message? Thanks
  15. Hi Everyone, I'm currently using Crashplan to backup the cloud & also to an external hard drive. What I'm wondering is could I install DrivePool on another computer that is running Crashplan & backup to that? Reason why I ask is the consumer version of Crashplan only allows you to backup to one drive The idea being I could take the external backup & make it become an offsite local backup Thanks
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