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  1. Hmm i have an nvme adapter in my gaming rig and i should add one to my server... ill have to look into that too. This post i put up was more of seeing if i can tweak things. Currently i am fine with low speeds to a few shares which is my sata pool and i keep my large iso files..software installs on my ssd pool. I figure i can copy to a folder on the ssd pool then run robocopy to move them on a schedule.. then who cares how long... thats my next thing to set. Technology is changing all the time. Was reading wd blue drives are cheap and way faster than ssd. Just saw a 1tb wd blue for $119... get a quad card with 4 in a pool... good to go for fast needs and only takes up a pcie slot...
  2. True but once you go 10gb... you will wonder what took you so long.. lol I agree though.. i would copy files from my dslr and see eta.. then walk away. Now i copy and its done within a minute or two...
  3. ok so I just gave a plethora of pieces a try.. freeware and paidware and only the one you mentioned worked with stablebit… imDisk Miray RAM Drive StarWind Ram Disk OSFMount SoftPerfect RAM Disk - only one to work. ok so it kinda stinks as my machine only has 32gb ram and I allocated 24gb. Copying to it, it started to work but it actually fell off way quicker than using my true SSD. Thought that was weird. I have another machine I almost built as my file server but chose to go freenas with that due to 64gb ecc ram but it has less drive bays. I needed many bays for my setup thus why I am running it on the i5 vs e5... oh well.. There is another that people like.. Primo RAM Disk... It too is seen by Stablebit; however, it requires a server version to run on my server 2019 and is $119... yeah but no thanks.. now if Stablebit added a ram disk to their setup.. that would be sweet!!!!! hint hint… hah
  4. ahhh so I get it.. I was confused at first. thinking your doing that to go from RAM to the ssd.. but your essentially cutting the SSD out.... hmmm ok..
  5. thanks ill check it out.... I have the same problems with freenas..hah.. and they say they use ram (I have 64gb) and ssd for cache.. and it does a botch on the face... ill give it a try and let you know. appreciate it
  6. Ok so I put this under ssd optimizer thread but thought I would do my own. I have 2 pools.. ssd pool - can copy a 20gb file @ 1GB/s roughly... sata pool - can copy but drops to 100mb/s roughly... added a 500gb SSD and ssd optimizer plugin and still cant seem to get it going right. I thought you copy to the "share" and it will copy to SSD first then out... well im getting maybe 10gb copied before the drop off... just uploaded video and its not done processing yet.. but will soon.. https://www.flickr.com/photos/144784186@N04/shares/L66tza stablebit by Jeffrey Riggs, on Flickr
  7. ok so I am redoing everything and shuffling stuff around. what has stayed is ... Network... this is a beauty.. ive got $75 into.. HP Procurve 6400CL - 6 port CX4 port 10gb switch 5x ConnectX-1 CX4 port 10gb NIC running force fw to 2.9.1000 ConnectX-2 CX4 port 10gb NIC running Mellanox custom forced 2.10.xxxx fw!!!!! just got it and toying...I get that people say cx4 ports are old and dead but for $75 to be fully up for me is just the right price... then the hardware/software... Case: Antec 900 OS: Server 2019 Standard (Essentials role is gone.. im sad) CPU: Intel i5-6600k MoBo: Gigabyte GA-Z170XP-SLI RAM: 4x8gb ddr4 GFX: Onboard Intel HD 530 PSU: Corsair HX 620W OS Drive: 128GB SSD, Samsung Storage Controllers: 2x HP H220 SAS controllers flashed to current fw Hot Swap Cages: ICY DOCK 6 x 2.5" SATA /SAS HDD/SSD Hot Swap Storage Pool1: SSD Storage Pool2: Sata with 500GB SSD Cache pics are garbage and I haven't moved it into my utility room...
  8. ok so I now have a 10gb network and I can saturate the setup I have... I had a pool with 3x 2tb and 2x 4tb - sata drives. All WD Blacks... I added an ssd cache and installed the optimizer and I guess it works for copying files TO the pool. However I do a lot of retrievals and just ordered 2x 6-2.5 hot swap bays. first setup I bought didn't like and returning.. second one will be here in 4 days... so I have some time. new pool will be 12x 500gb crucial ssd - Pool 1 (6tb) 2x 4tb and 2x 2tb (for now) wd black and 500gb ssd optimizer - pool 2 (12tb) my thinking is... I don't retrieve much but when I do, I want it fast... so keep software and iso here and a robocopy job to copy over to pool 2 so it can replicate. does this sound overthought? I have a server 2016 with essentials role that I am using right now with ssd optimizer and mess of wd black drives and has been great. just setup a new box running server 2019 ( essentials role is gone and that sucks) / stablebit drive pool / 2x hp h220 sas controllers (to handle the 12x 2.5 drives) and room for growth. thoughts?
  9. thanks.. yeah I went back in and now I have it set for just I: as cache and rest are archive... so that now the drive is empty and seems to be functioning correctly where it is a straight copy without the dwindling speeds.... I added the SSD as a cache as you see I'm having copying file issues. Now that I have set this, I'm still having an issue but I believe it is my machine itself. before you see slowness, now it copies at a full 450MB/s but another machine I have (plex) copies at 750MB/s. While it is totally faster from my plex box and funny how that works as the computer not copying as fast is the main rig that edits videos, photos, large iso copies, etc... so id want it faster there... but still 450MB/s on 10gb is still faster than 120MB/s on my 1gb network!!! so while 4x faster.. not full speed. ive got a system issue.. because.. iperf shows super fast across the 10gb (and think iperf does memory to memory omitting hardware) so network is good. my machine has 2x nvme on a quad pci-e 16x card that copying across each of them, they get 1.35GB/s.. its just exiting this machine... so more for me to test when I get time.
  10. Wow yall got awesome setups! I don't have a rack, nor do I want the sound of the rack servers. what I have started using was a Lenovo ThinkStation Towers - dual xeon - 16 slots for memory!!!!! and now Lenovo P700 and P710's. they are all quiet and can be pumped up on drives and ram and dual xeon's ESXI 6.7 Machine 1 - 2x Xeon E5-2620 v4 @ 2.10GHz - 64gb ram ESXI 6.7 Machine 2 - 2x Xeon E5-2620 v0 @ 2.0GHZ - 128 GB Ram ESXI 6.7 Machine 3 - 2x Xeon E5-2620 v4 @ 2.10GHz - 64gb ram FreeNAS 11.1 - 1x Xeon E5-2620 V3 - 24gb ram - 6x 2tb wd black (yeah I know reds not back but ive got them and they work.. hah) Server 2016 / stablebit drive pool - HP Z420 - OS-128gb SSD / pool - 3x 2tb wd black + 2x 4tb wd black + 512gb ssd crucial for SSD Optimizer Server 2016 is getting ready to gain 2 ( 6x2.5" hot swap bays) and filled with 12x 512gb crucial ssd running off 2x HP 220 SAS controllers Network... this is a beauty.. ive got $75 into.. HP Procurve 6400CL - 6 port CX4 port 10gb switch 5x ConnectX-1 CX4 port 10gb NIC running HP FW 2.8 1x ConnectX-2 CX4 port 10gb NIC running Mellanox custom forced 2.10.xxxx fw!!!!! just got it and toying... I get that people say cx4 ports are old and dead but for $75 to be fully up for me is just the right price...
  11. I posted a question in here recently and no reply either... so I'm not sure what gives... wondering if it is a very small team and maybe they are on vacation.. haven't sprung into 2019 yet??? I am getting ready to be installing server 2019 with essentials role to replace my current server 2016 with essentials role... so I want to hear replies to your thread as well
  12. I need help understanding how to test that it is fully functioning correctly.. I just got up and running with a 10gb network and to cut it short for explanation on testing.. I have a ramdrive on machine A (non stablebit machine) and so a 9gb file is sitting in ramdrive (memory) and I copy it over the 10gb network to the SSD Optimizer drive and I have a crucial 500gb ssd drive set there. At first yeah its super fast.. starts out at 780MB/s and gets about 9 seconds in and slows down to 120MB/s then 40MB/s then just slows down. I had a remote connection with stablebit window up and I saw the SSD drive get a chunk filled on it but I expected the full 9gb to copy over at lightning speed.. fyi im not griping.. just trying to understand. I am getting an hp procurve switch in this week (just got off ebay) and I will have 5 machines connected via 10gb and im just learning and tweaking and making sure this is all setup correct.. I have a habit of missing something! lol
  13. Machines used @gmail accounts to login and now after running the connector... the connector HAS joined them to the domain!!!! and they want to login that way but you can still login with anything.. just type email@gmail.com and it will login... PC backups working on 2 devices.. laptop wont join still but not worried for now... i do remember on previous versions you had to domain join on your own and there was a script/reg hack you had to run first... but seems that isnt needed anymore and this connector does both domain join and connector add
  14. Agreed... I am however going through a MASSIVE CLEANUP and don't want to just move drives in... I am deleting A TON OF STUFF!!!! so I do however have my gaming rig, a hp touchsmart (kids homework pc) both connected via the connector... my laptop wont go.. got my surface, wifes laptop to get in then figure out what is up with my laptop...
  15. Thx Chris! That is what I was curious... I know SDP is better.. was just curious. I am going to setup a server at work though and play around with Storage Spaces... I watched a youtube video and it was interesting the amount of steps needed (typical Microsoft)... as seen here...
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