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  1. All thrown into XLS and I was able to see that 4 of the drives that are not registering, are all together...
  2. Ok so I installed Drive Scanner and running as trial for now, but I will have to buy it as I see its benefits. Shows 6 of my drives as hot, ranging from 109F to 141F... What would of been nice: If I could print out to a txt file or pdf all of the information. Instead I had to copy model number and serial (glad i could) and drop it into an XLS. Now I went to update firmware in my drives, to which some are Crucial so I downloaded Storage Executive. VERY NICE TOOL!!!! It showed me every drive, even non Crucial, and showed me the drive number, serial, firmware and status (good
  3. Yeah that is what im thinking... I will have to figure it out somehow though as I am missing files. I purposely didnt care too much if I lost stuff and it seems that in actuality I do. hah I believe the drives are ok, just my system cant see them anymore so not sure if powering down, reseating, etc will do it but you know once you open hardware, it tends to be unforgiving... I think if I can find the actual drives, I can verify their connections and at least pull the drives and put them in another machine to pull the files off. will give this a try
  4. Tried reading through the various posts, but didnt see my answer so figured i may as well ask here to get my answer. I have 35 drives in my system. It states 4 are missing. I have rebooted a few times, not coming back... i removed them from the pool so I could at least get write access back to my pool. my question, How can I find out the drives that are showing as missing. I am not sure if there is a loose connection or what but I need to start somewhere. I ran a command line to get a list of disks and serial numbers, so to me that is a start but to unplug e
  5. dunno if I can get them to spin down... I was going to go with an hpa expansion card that only used Molex for power so I could save a pci-e slot but they are all 6gb cards... or add ins... this baby is 12gb!!!! so figured, why not.. actually.. I got it for $160 when others were $200... took a chance on one a guy was selling on ebay.. works like a champ!!!! drive spin down.. I don't use that.. as I store all my plex movies/shows here too...
  6. update to my setup... Case: Antec 900 Corsair 750D with 6x3 bay cages OS: Server 2019 Standard (Essentials role is gone.. im sad) CPU: Intel i5-6600k MoBo: Gigabyte GA-Z170XP-SLI RAM: 4x8gb ddr4 GFX: Onboard Intel HD 530 PSU: Corsair HX 620W OS Drive: 128GB SSD, Samsung Storage Controllers: 2x HP H220 SAS controllers flashed to current fw Dell 5100 8i HBA / H220 36i HBA Hot Swap Cages: ICY DOCK 6 x 2.5" SATA /SAS HDD/SSD Hot Swap x 3 Storage Pool1: SSD Storage Pool2: Sata with 500GB SSD 256gb NVME Cache So...
  7. moved it all in the new case. worked great. Didn't realize that I didn't have enough pci-e slots for all of my hba cards in this one machine... so had to remove my 10gb nic and still now need power adapters to get 4 more drives in. So I will be on the hunt for 2x 16i hba cards at a later time.. but thought id as this as I didn't realize this... can I assume StableBit does not require drive letters for drive pool to work? windows ran out of letters so I did none and its working... so all good?
  8. ive gotta checkout scanner...
  9. so another curious thing... we just had a power failure and after i powered back on. one drive was unknown. made entire pool go grey. could access but not add...thats how i knew there was a problem. so how do you know what drive is what? if im gonna organize this..how do i know what s/n drive is what? well actually device as it did say that i think. wouldnt give s/n. it said drive missing. powered down and reseated hotswap drives..back up
  10. yeah ill use large ssd when my 1tb friends wanna go bigger
  11. gonna move all drives.. mobo and os drive. os drive will be plugged back in correctly. cool so i should be good
  12. I went throught all of the threads I could but just didn't see it. Maybe I missed it... So my current setup is an Antec 900 case Icy Dock - 6x 2.5 hot swap 2x 8i hba cards (using onboard sata as well) 11x 500gb ssd - 7 in icy dock and 4 just floating around the case 3x 4tb 3.5" 3x 2tb 3.5" 2x 500gb 2.5" 1x 250gb 2.5" ssd pool and sata pool This case is jammed up... totally full... as I get drives, I add them... so it is totally unorganized. I just helped a mess of friends upgrade their kids (college, etc) laptops and desktops. amazing how 500gb ssd just
  13. Hmm i have an nvme adapter in my gaming rig and i should add one to my server... ill have to look into that too. This post i put up was more of seeing if i can tweak things. Currently i am fine with low speeds to a few shares which is my sata pool and i keep my large iso files..software installs on my ssd pool. I figure i can copy to a folder on the ssd pool then run robocopy to move them on a schedule.. then who cares how long... thats my next thing to set. Technology is changing all the time. Was reading wd blue drives are cheap and way faster than ssd. Just saw a 1tb w
  14. True but once you go 10gb... you will wonder what took you so long.. lol I agree though.. i would copy files from my dslr and see eta.. then walk away. Now i copy and its done within a minute or two...
  15. ok so I just gave a plethora of pieces a try.. freeware and paidware and only the one you mentioned worked with stablebit… imDisk Miray RAM Drive StarWind Ram Disk OSFMount SoftPerfect RAM Disk - only one to work. ok so it kinda stinks as my machine only has 32gb ram and I allocated 24gb. Copying to it, it started to work but it actually fell off way quicker than using my true SSD. Thought that was weird. I have another machine I almost built as my file server but chose to go freenas with that due to 64gb ecc ram but it has less drive bays. I needed many
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