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    2 pools - best setup method?

    ok so I now have a 10gb network and I can saturate the setup I have... I had a pool with 3x 2tb and 2x 4tb - sata drives. All WD Blacks... I added an ssd cache and installed the optimizer and I guess it works for copying files TO the pool. However I do a lot of retrievals and just ordered 2x 6-2.5 hot swap bays. first setup I bought didn't like and returning.. second one will be here in 4 days... so I have some time. new pool will be 12x 500gb crucial ssd - Pool 1 (6tb) 2x 4tb and 2x 2tb (for now) wd black and 500gb ssd optimizer - pool 2 (12tb) my thinking is... I don't retrieve much but when I do, I want it fast... so keep software and iso here and a robocopy job to copy over to pool 2 so it can replicate. does this sound overthought? I have a server 2016 with essentials role that I am using right now with ssd optimizer and mess of wd black drives and has been great. just setup a new box running server 2019 ( essentials role is gone and that sucks) / stablebit drive pool / 2x hp h220 sas controllers (to handle the 12x 2.5 drives) and room for growth. thoughts?
  2. TeleFragger

    SSD Optimizer Balancing Plugin

    thanks.. yeah I went back in and now I have it set for just I: as cache and rest are archive... so that now the drive is empty and seems to be functioning correctly where it is a straight copy without the dwindling speeds.... I added the SSD as a cache as you see I'm having copying file issues. Now that I have set this, I'm still having an issue but I believe it is my machine itself. before you see slowness, now it copies at a full 450MB/s but another machine I have (plex) copies at 750MB/s. While it is totally faster from my plex box and funny how that works as the computer not copying as fast is the main rig that edits videos, photos, large iso copies, etc... so id want it faster there... but still 450MB/s on 10gb is still faster than 120MB/s on my 1gb network!!! so while 4x faster.. not full speed. ive got a system issue.. because.. iperf shows super fast across the 10gb (and think iperf does memory to memory omitting hardware) so network is good. my machine has 2x nvme on a quad pci-e 16x card that copying across each of them, they get 1.35GB/s.. its just exiting this machine... so more for me to test when I get time.
  3. TeleFragger

    My Rackmount Server

    Wow yall got awesome setups! I don't have a rack, nor do I want the sound of the rack servers. what I have started using was a Lenovo ThinkStation Towers - dual xeon - 16 slots for memory!!!!! and now Lenovo P700 and P710's. they are all quiet and can be pumped up on drives and ram and dual xeon's ESXI 6.7 Machine 1 - 2x Xeon E5-2620 v4 @ 2.10GHz - 64gb ram ESXI 6.7 Machine 2 - 2x Xeon E5-2620 v0 @ 2.0GHZ - 128 GB Ram ESXI 6.7 Machine 3 - 2x Xeon E5-2620 v4 @ 2.10GHz - 64gb ram FreeNAS 11.1 - 1x Xeon E5-2620 V3 - 24gb ram - 6x 2tb wd black (yeah I know reds not back but ive got them and they work.. hah) Server 2016 / stablebit drive pool - HP Z420 - OS-128gb SSD / pool - 3x 2tb wd black + 2x 4tb wd black + 512gb ssd crucial for SSD Optimizer Server 2016 is getting ready to gain 2 ( 6x2.5" hot swap bays) and filled with 12x 512gb crucial ssd running off 2x HP 220 SAS controllers Network... this is a beauty.. ive got $75 into.. HP Procurve 6400CL - 6 port CX4 port 10gb switch 5x ConnectX-1 CX4 port 10gb NIC running HP FW 2.8 1x ConnectX-2 CX4 port 10gb NIC running Mellanox custom forced 2.10.xxxx fw!!!!! just got it and toying... I get that people say cx4 ports are old and dead but for $75 to be fully up for me is just the right price...
  4. TeleFragger

    Drivepool on Hyper-V Server 2019?

    I posted a question in here recently and no reply either... so I'm not sure what gives... wondering if it is a very small team and maybe they are on vacation.. haven't sprung into 2019 yet??? I am getting ready to be installing server 2019 with essentials role to replace my current server 2016 with essentials role... so I want to hear replies to your thread as well
  5. TeleFragger

    SSD Optimizer Balancing Plugin

    I need help understanding how to test that it is fully functioning correctly.. I just got up and running with a 10gb network and to cut it short for explanation on testing.. I have a ramdrive on machine A (non stablebit machine) and so a 9gb file is sitting in ramdrive (memory) and I copy it over the 10gb network to the SSD Optimizer drive and I have a crucial 500gb ssd drive set there. At first yeah its super fast.. starts out at 780MB/s and gets about 9 seconds in and slows down to 120MB/s then 40MB/s then just slows down. I had a remote connection with stablebit window up and I saw the SSD drive get a chunk filled on it but I expected the full 9gb to copy over at lightning speed.. fyi im not griping.. just trying to understand. I am getting an hp procurve switch in this week (just got off ebay) and I will have 5 machines connected via 10gb and im just learning and tweaking and making sure this is all setup correct.. I have a habit of missing something! lol
  6. TeleFragger

    Server 2016 built in Pool VS SDP...

    Ok so I own Stablebit Drive Pool (SDP) and love it.. does what it is suppose to. I have been holding of for almost a year to do a new machine and get things rolling and now that time is here. Upon messing around I see there is the ability to add drive pools in the server os.. can you list out the benefit of SDP over the internal pool? Like said I own it and going to install it but curious on what I am getting over the server os one. and may help others in the future!
  7. Ok so I am installing as we speak. My hardware is as follows: HP Z420 Xeon E5-1620 @ 3.60ghz 16gb ram 1x 128gb ssd - OS 3x 2tb WD Black slowly will remove my 3x 2tb WD Black from my other whs and get all 6 in my new machine so far Server 2016 installed Windows Essentials Experience Role installed Stablebit Drive Pool installed
  8. TeleFragger

    My New Server 2016 Standard running Essentials Experience Role

    Machines used @gmail accounts to login and now after running the connector... the connector HAS joined them to the domain!!!! and they want to login that way but you can still login with anything.. just type email@gmail.com and it will login... PC backups working on 2 devices.. laptop wont join still but not worried for now... i do remember on previous versions you had to domain join on your own and there was a script/reg hack you had to run first... but seems that isnt needed anymore and this connector does both domain join and connector add
  9. TeleFragger

    My New Server 2016 Standard running Essentials Experience Role

    Agreed... I am however going through a MASSIVE CLEANUP and don't want to just move drives in... I am deleting A TON OF STUFF!!!! so I do however have my gaming rig, a hp touchsmart (kids homework pc) both connected via the connector... my laptop wont go.. got my surface, wifes laptop to get in then figure out what is up with my laptop...
  10. TeleFragger

    Server 2016 built in Pool VS SDP...

    Thx Chris! That is what I was curious... I know SDP is better.. was just curious. I am going to setup a server at work though and play around with Storage Spaces... I watched a youtube video and it was interesting the amount of steps needed (typical Microsoft)... as seen here...
  11. well I am installing Server 2016 and Essentials role at this moment. I see there is a built in pool now and going to add my own question... but I too am hoping this is ready...
  12. TeleFragger

    Which Drives in new setup?

    Ok so I have had a Dell Professional Workstation in use for a few years now. Specs: Dell T3500 Xeon w3550 - passmark score of 5747 24gb pc5300 ram 6 x 2tb black drives this houses a few things 1. Windows Server 2012 R2 essentials personal pictures personal videos personal data files tv shows tv movies 2. Stablebit drive pool 3. Plex - remote streaming of dvr shows live tv via hdhomerun/plex plugin 4. Homeseer home automation software I am replacing this machine with a better one once server 2016 essentials comes out. Cant wait! new machine specs HP Z420 Xeon E5-1620 - passmark score of 9096 16gb - 4x 4GB PC3-12800E DDR3-1600 UNBUFFERED ECC 2RX8 CL11 240 PIN 1.5V now the machine has 3 internal drive bays and I have a 5 1/4 to 3 1/2 adapter so can fit 4 drives for now. need help figuring out the drive that would work for me... so SSD for OS then... Red/Black/Archive ???? so many drive types.. what makes sense on a storage/streaming machine? I figure i would put 3 in at first and use stablebit drivepool. for backups I would just use 1 external drive not in the pool and backup to it. i like this as I can then just unplug and go on vacation and have all my stuff with me (wife feels better with this and I call it our offsite storage... hah...) fyi here is my plex setup at the moment...
  13. TeleFragger

    Which Drives in new setup?

    ok cool ill check this out... Ok so I was just perusing around before finding my topic to see if anyone replied and I saw the SSD optimizer... so im guessing it is included with my Stablebit license. I may buy a nice sized SSD for this use and just use my current 2tb black drives for now and buy new archive drives creating a new pool. funny thing here. I have been all over the web for the differences between Plex and Emby. They both do the same thing but differently. Some have other features the other doesnt have. so I am going to get my server up (once OS is released) and get back up and running. Plex is on a different box so I will fire up another and do emby too. I will then compare them and see what works with what. If you look at my pic there is the youtube link and you can see all my videos on live tv, plex, etc.... ...............
  14. TeleFragger

    missing disk warning... help...

    Ok so I am getting a missing disk warning. How do I tell what it is or where? I think I removed a disk a while ago and have been getting this warning. I dont know how to get rid of it. I just removed 2 3 disks (one at a time) and formatted them and made a new pool) copying all files to them and once done want to delete my old pool. I created this one as a temp pool. will that get rid of the error? not sure if it matters but I was going to get these other 2 drives empty and make sure all files are backed up then format. Create a new pool, move all files on temp pool over to the new pool then remove/format and add these drives back. Does it matter on using a temp pool and moving stuff temporarily? I dont know so.... 1. will getting the old pool emptied and deleted get rid of the error? 2. is there any benefit to getting the old pool moved to a temp then delete original and recrreat it then move back? maybe just more work with no outcome as I dont know... thanks...
  15. TeleFragger

    missing disk warning... help...

    i managed to get by. Forgot how I did... sorry didnt reply back when I did..
  16. TeleFragger

    starting over?

    Ok so I had a pool giving the false drive missing.. anyway I messed around so much it is a total mess. I had a pool letter H. I removed 2 drives and formatted them and made a pool letter I anyway.. I have all my files backed up on another computer but also a backup on I. What I need to know is.. how do I get rid of H as I am having errors removing a drive in the pool. It is telling me access denied. would it be easier for me to uninstall stablebit and format all drives then create a new pool? Oh also upgrade stablebit as I am still on the 2.1 with issues. looking for direction. Thanks!
  17. TeleFragger

    missing disk warning... help...

    done. files uploaded. go figure I should of posted before removing drives from the pool. Created way more work for myself. so now going to make sure reset got rid of the error and if not not big deal will still get my drives added back into the pool. also i have check for updates checked but im still on 2.1 as it hasnt upgraded...
  18. TeleFragger

    Limitation on Trial? Server 2016 and beta

    I just setup a server 2016 essentials server running the lates beta Stablebit Drive Pool. I currently want to cleanup my current server and fired this up so i could move all my data over, remove from other server and format drives, bring files back... but seems I can no longer copy files to the server. Is there a 1TB space limit on trial?
  19. TeleFragger

    Using a friends house as a cloud provider

    So I was excited seeing this cloud piece as I get tired of backing stuff up to an external when we go on vacation. Cloud providers issues.. 1. My stuff on "Their Servers" 2. pricing 3. My stuff on "Their Servers" 4. throttled at providers end did I say... My stuff on "Their Servers".... anyway.. is there any way to use a friends house as a backup? really close friend so I dont mind my stuff on his machine as we are thinking of how to do this both ways... family pics, family movies, documents, etc... is this possible? thanks guys... Love my Stablebit DrivePool running on Server 2012R2 Essentials!