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  1. time to get a proper anti virus app and delete the ms one - you will have less grief
  2. i would raise a ticket to get direct help - as things might go fully south soon
  3. well thats a good one did not think anti virus would be the cause and its blocking excel,diskinfo scanner and drivepool hmm - not good
  4. 1 if you re-install it might but you can "just" set all the disks to scanned/good - it part of the gui 2 something odd with your setup i think regarding working not working - i wonder if it might be a dodgy card 3 might be in the card bios but not the m/b bios 4 restarting the service will not do that its the "same" as rebooting you PC
  5. even weirder is i dont have that enabled and i can see the smart for all disks connected to my 9211 sas controller question - did use use windows to format the disks via disk manager or some other utility?
  6. For open files - found this You can use the Resource Monitor for this which comes built-in with Windows 7, 8, and 10. Open Resource Monitor, which can be found By searching for Resource Monitor or resmon.exe in the start menu, or As a button on the Performance tab in your Task Manager Go to the CPU tab Use the search field in the Associated Handles section When you've found the handle, you can identify the process by looking at the Image and/or PID column. You can then try to close the application as you normally would, or, if that's not possible, just right-click the handle and kill the process directly from there. Easy peasy!
  7. huh - must be missing something the fact that disks connected to a sata controller on the motherboard give smart info - is not what your OP was about - i would be surprised if they did not its the disks connected to your sas card we were discussing are did we get this wrong????
  8. do all drive have no smart in scanner? there are settings to force reading/ bypass so things cant remember the details but try searching the forum this has come up before
  9. Other things to consider is the quality of the ssd's you use for the cache and the quality of the sata controller i have three pools each with 2 ssd's nvme 950 pro, 850 pro and Kingston SSd's all connected to medium to good sata controller because the motherboards are good quality - if the performance was poor i would have changed the controllers long ago. Also with duplication on for me each file added has to go to both ssd at the same time and if you have cheap sata controllers things can slow down, also the cache on the ssd can play a significant part - e.g. with samsung ssd if they are pro disks they dont have a cache as you can write to them all day with no slowdown hence why they cost more - but if you have evo disks they have a cache of 11Gb (iiRC) and those you can swamp with big transfers - the speed drop noticeably - so could be what you see. I use a n evo in my laptop and can see it slow down with copying say a large movie file - but 99.9% of the time its not an issue in everyday use. my nvme and 850 do not slow down at all and copying to them with big files get well over 500 mb/s or more sustained - nvme are faster than that obvs but its not i suspect a normal use case to be using them for cache on a pool. I have a 10g network so can take advantage of the extra speed. I have only seen a small decrease in speed with the 850 compared to when not in the pool but its marginal to a couple of percent - which i put down to the controller not the disks doing the double copy/move operations. Obviously if you copy a lot of small files or a mixture of file sizes you are going to get less performance - not much you can do with that. So in summary better quality sata controller and ssd's will give you a better result than cheap/budget version of both. Also ensure you have latest drivers and latest firmware for the ssds as that can influence the disk speeds and interaction with the sata controller. Assuming there is not actual fault/bug then the better kit the better result will be - that choice is yours to make to fit your budget etc Have Fun
  10. to get IT mode you need to flash the card with the IT firmware when you find it as to which firmware - go with latest you can find - as the card is old and not that common you might find it a challenge and firmware might not have been updated in a few years but thats not a problem IT mode basically sets the card to just pass thru the disks to windows - windows will load a driver for your card usually - more likely with windows 10 than older windows versions my 9211-8i drivers in 2012r2 show as from 2014 and are from Microsoft as the card was available straight away after installing OS - i did not load any drivers / firmware is P20 - and in IT mode it just works with 24 drives connected (have a sas expander) If you cant find firmware for the 9207 - and as they are so cheap on ebay - get a 9211 as they are more common etc and easier to find firmware for etc
  11. Unless i get performance issue need more speeeeed - i dont replace mine till they die or i run out of space and need bigger ones have a lot of old smallish drives hanging around gathering dust
  12. has the card been flashed to IT mode - if not thats why you cant get smart info - as the card is controlling the disks - which is fine but not what you want in your use case IT mode - allows the disks to be passed (untouched) to the system and then scanner etc will be able to get the smart info IT mode info and how to do it is available via your friend called google
  13. Well that's a 2 years old version - and there have been numerous changes/bug fixes since then if you want to stay on the stable version is available from October 2019 - which is the latest or move to the beta and see if your problem goes away or not
  14. Ok - i have downloaded the flac.exe have tested on two different machines (win10 and 2012r2) with drivepool installed ( beta) with same settings as you listed - i am not seeing any corruption of flac files - or any other files flac.exe (1.3.2) always comes back "OK" tried copying to same folder as original copying from pool to a non pool drive tried several files - all copied fine and came back as "OK"
  15. where did you get this "flac" program? as its not part of windows
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