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  1. yes you need a licence on each machine that has DP/Scanner installed AND - the versions of each program need to be the same on both machines
  2. Yes and Yes - with another version of scanner and dp on another machine in the same network
  3. Nope the free space stays the same - until its used as you may change say folder duplication to x3 in some cases - or back to x1 then calc free space gets complicated very quickly But 20.6TB is correct anyway as thats whats free at the moment
  4. yes it is just updated to the latest beta the other day was a new beta posted yesterday so i need to update again
  5. Ignore it - its normal and not an error
  6. Spider99

    Event log warning

    you can ignore them - i asked a long time ago and Christopher confirmed its a side effect of it being a virtual disk and nothing to worry about
  7. It depends on the OS Win10 will work but say 2012r2 will not or thats how it works for me with my 950 Pro's - unless 960's work differently
  8. Diskpart is accessed via the command prompt i.e. open a command prompt window type "diskpart" then type "/?" and it will list the commands available automount is one of them to get exit diskpart type "exit"
  9. I use SyncBackPro to backup my pool to my NAS and a second pool - works fine with no issues (does not use VSS) Point it at your pool drive rather than the individual drives @Pichu0102
  10. Not the full answer but mount your drives to a folder (dont need to have letters) and the "path" to the disk is shown by DP) Then IIRC you can then scan them in Windows - which version of windows are you using? The volume guid is i think (part guess) of the pool rather than a particular disk as its talking about a volume
  11. Question if you are renaming directories why are you using Move-Item? Rename-item would be what i would use. From a Dp perspective - does a balance begin after the script starts to run - which may be causing an issue if the directories being renamed are subdirectories of another which has also been renamed.
  12. My Win10 pc with 950 Pro is working fine with the same scanner version I'm using the Samsung driver rather than the Microsoft default drive via Samsung Magician - although that should not make a difference from what Chris has posted previously
  13. Spider99

    Maximum Space

    i was going by ... i created 6 1GB drives ... and ... looks like the space was slashed in half.... which indicates to me that he does have disks with duplication x2 on either way - i would ditch the vb setup and do it native
  14. Spider99

    Maximum Space

    You have duplication on? If so your 4gb pool can effectively store 2x2gb So turn off duplication and it will allow you to copy the 3gb file to the 4gb pool.
  15. You can get the same result with using the "Case" option under disk settings to group your drives Although not with a colour option
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