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  1. I figured out shortly after this what best method probably is... I'm just going to copy the files to a temp folder on the drive, then I can move them into the PoolPart folder after that like the guide above. Turning off the service for a few minutes while I move the files sounds a lot easier than the other way.
  2. I have two large DrivePools. I want to copy about 30 TB of data from one to the other. If I copy through the DrivePool letters I'm limited to the transfer rates of a single drive. Can I setup a copy process to copy from the PoolPart folder of one drive to the PoolPart folder of another drive without having to stop the service? This way I can setup multiple copy jobs. https://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q4142489 This mentions that the main issue with copying/moving the files this way is the duplication/balancing but if these options are turned off is there any issue? Reason why I don't want to stop the service is that other programs are accessing the pools through their drive letters.
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