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  1. I underrated the power consumption that all of my equipment used. Everything was spread out over the four APC Smart-UPS X 3000VA's. But on a clear day out of the blue out power went off. The lead to the server and all of the MSA's overloading the one battery backup powering the server to make allow for it to shut down instantly. Now with so many 4+ TB hard drives doing scandisk I calculate will be take years to finish. While Windows is starting I never get a chance skip scan disk. I prefer to run the scan after the computer boots up. Does anyone have any suggestions how to skip the scan knowing a prompt will never appear? Am I hosed? Terry
  2. Spider99, Thank you! I found a few explanations and how to "shade tree mechanic" fix it, but this appears to be the least troublesome and easiest way out. You are a hero! When building systems at work cooking up a Nimble Storage Array with 1PB when it's not my money is up my alley. But building on the cheap at home with garage sale parts required more thought. Like playing chess it 4D. It just blows the mind. Now off to find some chassis to house the 3.5" SATA drives as 16 are 2.5" and work flawlessly in the MSA70. Maybe I can get out of the dog house once all of the home movies and family photos are back online. Once again, this forum has saved my bacon and I only hope to become knowledgeable enough to help others as I've been helped. Much appreciate the quick answer! Terry
  3. I'm having problems with maintaining stability on my computer after adding a SAS controller connected to an HP MSA70 maxed out with 24 drives. This brings the total of drives in my computer to 81 Only the system drive and 24 SAS drives are other than USB. After it runs for about 30 minutes it gives the BSOD with WDF_Violation. The SAS controller I'm using seems to break it. But if all of the USB drives are disconnected the SAS works perfectly. It's just that not everything works perfectly together. Am I putting too much strain on it? What would others recommend? System is: HP Z440 latest BIOS Windows 10 Professional 64 bit 2004 Sept 2020 32GB of RAM Xeon E5-2630 v3 not overclocked Any help is appreciated! Terry
  4. Thanks Shane and gtaus! I'm testing it with a few files and folders to begin with then will Re-measure the pool. If all is well I'll rinse and repeat. Hopefully in a few days the usage bar will be totally blue for all of my drives. My next project will be learning how to use (QTY 4) 256GB NVME's pooled as a cache for my Primary Pool and set up syncing with my Secondary Pool. I'll be able to sleep once all of our data is backed up to Google, Dropbox, and Backblaze. I hope to be as familiar with Stable Bit products enough to assist and answer others' questions. This is the best software I've ever used at home. Wish it was around 15 years and all of the hardware I have now I had then. I'd not have spent thousands of dollars on servers and pay and extra $150 per month on electricity. Terry
  5. I added a hard drive with data to my pool. What would happen if I move files from folders not in the pool folder into the pool folder? Would this be considered an illegal move according the DrivePool? My thought here is doing so moves data much faster because the move is thought of as moving data between folders on the same drive. Should I not do this? I know the other way is slower but I don't want to corrupt DrivePool or cause in unnecessary problems. Terry
  6. Try launching PowerShell as Administrator. I just ran it on my system and now the Admin account is the owner of everything. takeown /f F:\ /R /D Y Let me know if it was successful for you.
  7. JohnH, Please read this thread. It should help you untangle the problem you're having. Good luck, Terry
  8. Hi Edward, Maybe I can pass on to you what I did to solve that same problem last week. There are a couple of ways to take full control. One is through a PowerShell command and the other is using a GUI doing the same thing I suspect. Of course my work on a computer is based that we have a mouse so throw away the keyboard. Haha Google search for Winaero Tweaker and install. Once install look in the left side pane and find the section Context Menu. You want to add Take Ownership to the context menu of Windows Explorer by ticking the blank box. I don't recall if you need to restart the computer or not. But work in Windows Explorer left pane and find the drive letter that has a problem. Right click the drop down to Take Ownership. You may have to login as an administrator but the Admin account should be the owner anyway. That should help get you going. I did find that sometimes I had to work deep in the folder structer and work my way back up to the root before it worked all the way through. Good luck and if you need help with the PowerShell commands ping me and I'll help you with what my hours upon hours of searching revealed. I will try to reply within 12 to 18 hours. Best regards, Terry
  9. Hi Drashna, Thanks for the reply. I apologize for wording the subject incorrectly. It should have been "How to split a current drive pool". With over 40 hard drives connected there are half that are connected externally. They are currently part of the 40 hard drive pool. My goal is to split the external hard drives so they become their own separate drive pool. The two pools will be mirrored. During storms I can power off and disconnect all external hard drives for safe keeping. Everytime I try to remove one of the hard drives from the pool Drive Pool insists on the standard removal process. I doesn't make sense in my case to remove the data then turn around and copy the data back to the drive again. Does it? Perhaps I'm pushing Drive Pool to do something it's currently not capable of doing. If that's the case I'll revert to using the supported method. Thanks, Terry
  10. I have a 12 bay SAN that screams while it's running. I need to create a new pool and move the drives from the SAN into the newly created pool. That pool will be my backup pool that I'll power on during the weekends to synchronize. At 4TB each I don't have a year to move data off then back on. How can I immediately remove a drive from a pool? As in 3,2,1, done. Thanks.
  11. Sorry for the slowness of responding, but, the license key won't work. I have two and have used one. What do I do? Isn't there a license portal to go to in order to check, delete, re-issue licenses?
  12. I wasn't aware there was such a site, but I would also like to know. It would be helpful because my license didn't work after a system crash and I reapplied the license. Having to run off a temp isn't good practice.
  13. I deactived DrivePool and moved the license to the new computer. The button appears and wants me to click to transfer license. After clicking it closes and the notice appears asking me to transfer license. It's stuck in an infinite loop. Rebooting doesn't solve the problem.
  14. Wow, I really appreciate the super fast response! Thanks for explaining it in such a way that I now completely understand. I guess I can't drop ExpanDrive after all. But CloudDrive definitely has a use it sounds for long term archival storage.
  15. Hi All, Maybe I misunderstood how CloudDrive works. I already have ExpanDrive and mounted the OneDrive for Business as drive Y:. Everyone in the company can see the contents. After installing CloudDrive it wanted me to create what seems to be a whole new drive, requested the size, then formatted it. After doing so none of the previous OneDrive data is there, nor anything that is copied there can be seen by other employees using their OneDrive in File Explorer. Can anyone shed light on what I did wrong? I would like to trash ExpanDrive and configure CloudDrive to be drive Y: and allow everyone to see the contents regardless of what computer they access it from. Am I asking for too much? Thanks, Terry Mundy Independence, Missouri
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