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  1. OK I got them to appear again by running Windows Memory Diagnostic and rebooting (well I rebooted twice cuz the first time it bluescreened lol)
  2. I will give this a try as soon as I can get the drives to show up again. Right now none are showing up. Maybe the Icy-Dock 8-drive bay I'm running is on the fritz.
  3. I can access the files on one of the underlying drives. The others will show me the folders/files but no preview and I can't open them or modify them.
  4. I have also had issues with drives in the pool disappearing. I am running several ssd's in the pool. And in researching my current dilemma I found that apparently there is a known issue with Windows 10 in which SSD's randomly disappear. One thread I read said it has to do with the SATA ports changing but that's a bit over my head.
  5. F is the pool and I can see everything in the pool in terms of the icons but cant open anything or change permissions and even the icons aren't showing a preview for example if it is a jpg, I assume because theres no access to that data for some reason. I can post more info tonight when Im back at my computer. F:Backups was just the first folder on the F drive that it (unsuccessfully) attempted to apply the permission changes to.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried that but it doesn't work and I get the same error. It seems like I am not able to modify the pool drive at all, so any attempt at changing something like permissions results in an error saying I don't have access.
  7. Thanks I tried what you said in that thread but it didn't work. It only gives me the option to take ownership of files, not the whole drive. When I tried to take ownership of the single file, it gave me this error:
  8. Drivepool has always worked great for me until today. All the sudden I can't access any files in the pool, and can't add/delete anything. Basically I can see an icon for every file, but when I try to open it it says I don't have permissions. I tried scanning the pool for errors, but it won't let me because I don't have access to the drive. I tried scanning individual drives in the pool and they scanned fine with no errors. I tried changing security permissions for the drive to Everyone, Administrator, etc...but since I'm not allowed to modify the drive I can't modify the permissions. Anything else I can try? This is on Windows 10 which I just upgraded to a few weeks ago (again everything was fine until today, even with the upgrade to W10.)
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