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  1. @Rob Manderson, Thanks for the offer. Attempted to send you a PM with some info.
  2. My ~10 year old MediaSonic ProBox died today. Will no longer recognize the USB interface. So my DrivePool is now down hard because I have 4 drives offline. At first I was just going to replace the old MediaSonic ProBox with a new one. However, current price on the MediaSonic ProBox is now close to $200. When I bought my ProBox, it was $50. OK, sticker shock. But this leads me to question other options. Individual USB enclosures are around $25, so about $100 for 4 enclosures to replace the ProBox. Have also looked at dual docking stations for about $36 each, or $72 for my 4 drives. Are there ot
  3. Follow up: I moved my CineRaid USB Docking Station to a USB 2.0 port instead of a USB 3.0 port, changed the TeraCopy default from asynchronistic mode to OFF, and checked the default copy/move command to verify. Since then, I have had no further problems. I suspect the main benefit was moving the USB Docking Station to USB 2.0 and just slowing down everything. But that is just a guess. At any rate, I no longer have the problems I was complaining about in this post.
  4. I don't think DrivePool would like to see 2 hidden directories with the same directory names. If you took the HDDs offline, I think you could simply cut and paste the whole hidden folder within the drive containing 6TB of information, and then only connect the new drives back into DrivePool. IIRC, DrivePool only checks for the hidden PoolPart directories and does not care what the HDD serial number or name is. But you don't want 2 HDDs with the same hidden directory names. +1, that is how I would go about this transfer. Then I would "remove" the old drives using the remove comma
  5. I'd like to have a 256PB disk, too! If upgrading to Beta does the magic, I think I'll upgrade now! More seriously, I have not seen this issue with v2.2.5.1237 Stable, so let's just hope it's a beta issue that can be worked out before final release.
  6. What is the size our backup system file? Is it possible to write the backup file to your system HDD first, and then transfer it to DrivePool? I have never seen the Status_Wait_1 error you mentioned, but I don't use the "old" Windows Backup System in Windows 10 (Labeled as Windows 7 Backup) that you mentioned. I have used some other backup software, and it worked fine on DrivePool. Assuming you have at least one pool drive that can accept the complete system backup file, I don't know why the process is timing out on you. But I have never tried to write a file that takes an hour or t
  7. I don't have an answer. I have never seen this error. I'm signing on to see if anyone else knows what is going on.
  8. In theory, you should be able to run chkdsk on your drives without negatively affecting DrivePool. In fact, I have seen DrivePool recommend running chkdsk on HDDs if it detects some problems. In most cases, chkdsk will find and repair problems without any problems. Having said that, I once ran chkdsk on a DrivePool HDD and chkdsk wiped out the directory on that HDD, so it was basically an empty disk after it ran its task. So those contents were gone from everything, including DrivePool. My lesson learned was that if I needed to run chkdsk on a DrivePool HDD, I will now empty the HDD to th
  9. I had a similar goal, but use a different method than what you suggest trying to do with DrivePool HDDs. I added some numbers to your requirements for discussion. First of all, I don't think DrivePool is capable of performing #1-#4 like you want. [1] As soon as you remove a drive from DrivePool, the pool goes into a missing disk routine and the pool becomes read-only. [2] DrivePool will scatter files over various HDDs in the pool. So, if you have an album of 15 tracks, you might have 10 tracks on HDD01 and maybe 5 tracks on HDD03. DrivePool does not split a file, but it will spl
  10. Whenever I have problems with duplication, I go to the Settings Cog>Troubleshooting>Recheck Duplication and let DrivePool try to figure it out. Honestly, if there are duplication problems with DrivePool (like after removal of a failed HDD), it takes me a couple times running the Recheck Duplication and Balancing tasks. Last time that happened to me, it literally took a few days for DrivePool to clean itself up, but I have 80TB in my DrivePool. To be fair to DrivePool, it did fix itself given time. I only have a few folders set for duplication in my DrivePool, so out of my 80TB pool,
  11. Shortly after I switched over to DrivePool, I had a number of old pool drives that started to die on me. I was getting those random corrupt files and then my drive would just die. The drive monitoring programs, like Stablebit Scanner, or Hard Disk Sentinel which I use, only provide so much protection. I replaced all those failing drives, and so far, my problems have gone away. However, some of the lessons I learned during that period may be of use to you. First of all, for as good as DrivePool is, it does not tell you if the file has been corrupted. My first clue to corrupt files is when
  12. Well, I did not take it that way, so nothing to apologize for from my perspective. Even though the full format routine might take awhile, I think you will be better off for the effort. From my experience, data loss can sometimes take a lot longer to recover than a few days. Data corruption on a pool can sometimes go undetected for a long time, and repair might be very difficult. So I always take the time upfront for a complete full format with new drives before I add them to my DrivePool. I ended up getting Hard Disk Sentinel for monitoring my drives, but, in general, I als
  13. There are many options to the balancing settings. It took me a while to figure out what works best for me. Once I got to my happy place, I have not changed it. Sounds like you dialed it in faster than I did. Just wanted to mention that when I was changing DrivePool settings, sometimes I would get unexpected results. I found that if I restarted my computer, DrivePool would come up fresh and things worked as expected.
  14. OK. Hope you get your answer on the forum. If not, maybe a support ticket....
  15. Hello SCB, welcome to the forum. If your HDD has never been formatted, it is still recommended to do a full format on a new drive. That way the OS will check the HDD for any bad sectors and mark them not to be used. A quick format should be good enough for a HDD that was formerly fully formatted. The quick format does not check for bad sectors, so if you have a new drive with only a quick format to save time, you could end up sending data to bad sectors. Bottom line, IMHO, it is far better to use the full format on a new drive even though it may take days. It would be far worse to find corrupt
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