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    2nd request for help

    I have only been using DrivePool for a short period, but if I understand your situation, you should be able to open the DrivePool UI and click on the "Remove" drive for the drives you no longer want in the pool. I have done this in DrivePool and it did a good job in transferring the files from the "remove" drive to the other pool drives. However, given nowadays we have large HDDs in our pools, the process takes a long time. Patience is a virtue. Another option is to simply view the hidden files on those HDDs you no long want to keep in DrivePool, and then copy them all over to the one drive you want to consolidate all your information. Once you verify all your files have been successfully reassembled on that one drive, you could go back and format those other drives. The main advantage I see with using DrivePool is that the files are written to the HDD as standard NTFS files, and if you decided to leave the DrivePool environment, all those files are still accessible by simply viewing the hidden directory. I am coming from the Windows Storage Space system where bits and pieces of files are written to the HDDs in the pool. When things go bad with Storage Spaces, there is no way to reassemble the broken files spread across a number of HDDs. At least with DrivePool, the entire file is written to a HDD as a standard file, so in theory you should be able to copy those files from the pool HDDs over to one HDD and have a complete directory. I used the Duplication feature of DrivePool for important directories. Again, I am still learning the benefits of DrivePool over Storage Spaces, but so far, I think DrivePool has the advantage of recovering data from a catastrophic failure whereas I lost all my data in Storage Spaces. If there is a better to transfer your DrivePool files to 1 HDD, I would like to know for my benefit as well.
  2. I did open a support ticket and Stablebit sent me reset directions for DrivePool. That fixed the problem.
  3. I have a few days left on my Stablebit Scanner evaluation. A couple days ago, Scanner found a bad sector on a 5TB HDD in the pool. DrivePool removed all the files off that drive - took almost 2 days. So I checked the "bad" 5TB HDD with Windows 10 chkdsk and no errors are found. I checked the S.M.A.R.T. and everything is healthy there too. So, I appreciate Scanner finding a bad sector on my 5TB drive and moving all files on the HDD to other HDDs in the pool, but now I have a blank 5TB HDD that Windows thinks is fine but will not work in DrivePool because Scanner reports 1 bad sector. Is there some way to "fix" this 5TB HDD so I can use it in DrivePool? Again, chkdsk found no errors so it never attempted to "fix" anything. Given the price of a 5TB HDD, I would like to get in back in service with DrivePool, if possible. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  4. I set Drivepool up on a desktop computer which is used as a media server. I do not normally use a monitor on that system. I do most of my computer work using either a laptop computer or my home office desktop computer - and I use TeamViewer to log into the media server and make changes or to monitor that system. Anyway, last night, I was unable to remote manage Drivepool from my laptop computer - it reported that my server was no longer on the LAN. So I tried to remote manage Drivepool from my home desktop computer - but got the same error messages. So I logged into my media server computer using TeamViewer and discovered that - evidently - Windows 10 had updated the system and rebooted. I tried to run Drivepool on the media server itself, but it will no longer connect to the background service. Scanner no longer connects to the background service. I have attempted to restart the media server computer and that did not help. I then completely shut down the media server, and then restarted from a cold boot. Unfortunately, Drivepool and Scanner still will not connect to the background service. FYI, I had previously mapped the network drives on my LAN and all the Drivepool folders still appear on my J: Drive as before. I just have no way to manage the Drivepool anymore. And Scanner no longer runs either. I have not noticed any other problems with my home media server except for Drivepool and Scanner no longer connect to the background service. I have no problems connecting to the media server with TeamViewer and the media server is still sending media to my Fire TV Stick on my big screen TV running KODI. Something broke with Drivepool and Scanner and any help on how to troubleshoot this situation would be most helpful. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the response. Turns out, I was clicking on the down arrow and that did not give the option of enable auto scanning. So after reading your response, I clicked on the "button" itself and it toggled to enabled. Problem solved. Auto scanning immediately started so I know that it is working. Thanks.
  6. Trial User here checking out Scanner. My GUI states "Automatic Scanning Disabled." I have checked the settings and it is set to auto check the drives every 30 days. So I manually initiated a scanner check and all my HDDs were healthy (it took about 4 days to complete the scan). Anyway, I am trying to set Scanner to auto check my HDDs so I changed the scanner settings to recheck the drives every 3 days, thinking maybe the auto scanning feature would not register out 30 days since I only have 20 days left on the trial. Still, after having set the scanner to scan every 3 days, the GUI displays Automatic Scanning Disabled. Is the Automatic Scanning feature disabled on Trial Versions of Scanner? If not, how do I set the program to auto scan my HDDs? I would like to see at least one auto Scanner event triggered by the program before my trial period ends. If the auto scanner feature does not work, then that portion of the Stablebit package would have little value to me as I already have other programs that I can manually check the drives. Thanks for any feedback.
  7. Thanks for the link. I read, and reread those articles. It seems to me that "balancing" in Drive Pool only moves files off a drive if there is not enough free space on other drives for duplication. In my case, I have 6 drives, 5 of which are less than half full so there is no need to move files off my 1 drive that is 93% full. If my understanding is correct, I am very happy with this strategy because I don't care to move files around just for the sake of having all drives at the same % of free space.
  8. After another catastrophic failure and data loss with Windows Storage Spaces, I am looking into Drive Pool as a safer replacement. I started out with 1 HDD, filled 2.53/2.73 TB with data, then added 2 more HDDs. New data was written to the new HDDs. Everything is working fine. Now I added another three 4TB HDDs to the pool to make a total of 18.2TB in the pool. As I started transferring data to the Drive Pool, again it wrote the transferred data to the newly added empty drives. All good. Last night I noticed that Drive Pool was doing a "Balancing" of the HDDs in the pool. This morning, I see not much changes in the data levels on the HDDs and my original HDD is still at 2.53/2.73 TB. The other HDDs are, more or less, reporting 1.38/3.64 TB. In short, I have 5 HDDs which all appear to be "balanced" at ~40% but 1 HDD, my original HDD, is still sitting at 93% used. I would like to learn more about how Drive Pool balances the data levels on the HDDs and whether or not I should be concerned that after "Balancing" I have on drive still at 93% and the other 5 drives all sitting at about ~40%. Any links to relevant articles on Drive Pool Balancing methods or help in responses to my question would be most welcome. Thank you.
  9. I have been running Windows Storage Spaces (SS) for about 4 years without many problems, however, the last 2 months have been nightmare and I have finally lost the SS pool with many of the VirtualDisks on it. IF I can recover the SS data files, I would like to move the data to a long term archive system with some kind of error correction and/or redundancy on USB HDDs. I was hoping that DrivePool would allow me to fill up HDD's and then take the older USB HDD's offline for storage in the closet, or wherever, and take them out only if I needed to access a file that was on a stored drive. It does not look like I can use DrivePool in that manner - all HDD's in the DrivePool must be online. Or do I have that wrong? Currently I have about 24 USB HDD's in my SS pool of drives with 100+ TB of data. In reality, I could easily archive and store about 90 TB of those files, leaving only about 10 TB of recent active data. Does anyone know of solution that I could look into to meet my archive goals? Thanks for any suggestions.
  10. Yes, he used the diskpart and clean commands. After that, DP recognized the drives as new drives and I was able to add them back to the pool.
  11. I had a friend over this weekend and he did a "low level format" from a command box on the 2 drives in question. DP then recognized them immediately and I added them back to the pool. Evidently, a "standard" format from the windows explorer did not delete whatever info DP was using and/or getting all confused about. At any rate, I am back up and evaluating the program. Thanks for the response.
  12. Lots of views on this question, but no replies yet. Don't understand why DP no longer sees the HDDs after rebooting the system. I would think that if you reformat a HDD, then DP would recognize it as a new drive. For some reason, it does not. Now I am thinking that DP must read and save the HDD name/number thinking that it is still part of the pool, but since the data has been wiped clean, it does not know what to do with it? All my other programs see the HDDs as freshly formatted drives, with a drive letter, etc... I can read/write files to them as you would with any new drive. Only thing, DP does not recognize these drives anymore and I cannot add them back into the pool. It's like these drives are dead to DP, for some reason. I was hoping that I could fix this problem within DP itself, but should I just delete the entire test pool and start over again with a new build? Would really like to give DP a workout during this trial period. Any suggestions or help appreciated.
  13. While the drive is making the noise, is it possible to touch and feel each drive to see if one has an unusal vibration? If so, I suspect that might be the bad drive and you could probably disconnect that drive first. Otherwise, your troubleshooting plan of removing each drive one by one seems reasonable. I replace my drive(s) at the first sign of abnormal function, and I have never had a loud drive that lasted very long. Good luck.
  14. Newbi to DrivePool, just started my 30 day trial. Currently running Storage Spaces on Windows 8.1 but considering other options. Installed DP and built a pool of 3 USB HDDs. Transfered 50GB of test files on and off pool, everything worked fine. Deleted all the files in the pool but discovered there was 38GB of duplicated data still remaining. Could not understand how any duplicates could be taking up space if all files in the pool had been deleted. Tried to find the files on two of the drives showing file space used. Could not figure out how to delete the files within DP. Decided to reformat those two drives to reclaim that space. Everything seemed to be working fine and DP recognized the reformatted drives after remeasure. Rebooted the computer and now DP no longer sees these drives in the pool and also does not list them for add to pool. Windows explorer, Scanner, etc... all see these two drives. Working fine in every other program except for DP. Thinking that formatting the drives while a member of DP caused this problem. No hidden metadata or folders on either of the two reformatted drives that I can see. The one USB HDD that is still seen in the DP list does have the DP folder. Questions: 1) When I reformatted the HDDs, while members in DP, did I fubar the setup and cause this problem? 2) How do I reset these drives to get DP to see them again so I can add them back to the pool.
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