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  1. I have three OneDrive cloudrives...these are pooled in drivepool. If I want to remove a clouddrive from the pool, do I just use the remove drive option in drive pool? Basically treat the cloud drive as I would a physical disk? Ideally what I want to do is delete the cloudrive pool and destroy the cloudrives... what is the process of doing this? Thanks EDIT: I deleted the data off the drives, removed them from the pool in drivepool, then destroyed the drives in cloud drive.
  2. Get you, I'll order another disk...I dont want my cache on my pool
  3. Thanks, I did this but I couldn't choose my USB 3 Drive Is there no way I can use a USB 3 Drive for Cache? Thanks
  4. I have set up three Onedrive clouddrives in windows 10. I have pooled them into one. My question is how do I set the location of the cache? I have it set to expandable on all clouddrives and I have noticed that one of my Physical drives in the other pool is being used for the expandable cache.. This is not really a problem. But I might get an SSD for this purpose instead. Not have the SSD part of the pool and just use the SSD for the cloud drive cache. My question is...Can I do this, and if so how? I'm uploading 600GB to the cloud but the space on the cache drive clou
  5. I have a few Microsoft accounts and google accounts....Can I connect to them at the same time? I cant seem to see a way to do this in CloudDrive? Thanks! EDIT: Long day I have worked it out
  6. easyrider

    Hiding Drives

    Brilliant thanks...
  7. easyrider

    Hiding Drives

    If I mount the drives in the pool to say C:\DrivePool\" and in the future format my windows drive...How to I access the data on the drives? Apologies if this is a noob question....I just dont want to break anything.
  8. easyrider

    Hiding Drives

    Thanks...that’s a cool little program...would be great to have something like that built into drive pool... A tick box saying hide drive in windows or something...
  9. easyrider

    Hiding Drives

    I would still like to access the data on the single drives...
  10. easyrider

    Hiding Drives

    Is there an option in drive pool to hide drives from view if they are part of the pool? I would like to see just one Drive pool drive not loads of individual drives in windows explorer... Is this an option? Thanks
  11. Hi, I have just added an 8 TB USB 3 drive to my server for an extra backup. Not part of the main server pool.I'm thinking I might have a play with clouddrive. Is it possible to create a Cloudrive pool on this extrenal drive using Drive pool thats already installed on the server? Ideally I would like then to share this Clouddrive pool over the network Is this possible? also if I write a file to the cloudrive pool where does the file get stored? Say I have 3 Onedrive accounts which one gets the file? Thanks
  12. In the end I bought two external drives....I added one to the pool. Rebalanced the pool Removed the old 2TB drive to free up a slot Shuck 2nd external drive, format in windows , add to the pool and then remove the first external from the pool.
  13. I ran out of space on my backup server. So I added an external WD elements drive to the pool over USB. When the re-balancing is complete, and I remove one of the internal drives from the server slots to free it up, can I remove the WD drive from the enclosure and just fill the empty slot ? Will drive pool still see the drive without the USB mini board attached once shucked? At the moment my pool states the WD is external, once I remove it from the enclosure will it still be seen by the pool? I hope this makes sense Thanks
  14. My Backup server is running windows 8.1 and drive pool (yes I know I'm lazy) Can you advise me what I need to do before I install an SSD as boot and install windows 10... I forgot what I need to do with the license etc.... Cheers
  15. I upgraded my HP Microserver running Drive pool and windows 8.1 to a Dell T20 running windows 10 I enabled the administrator account I added my own account as a local admin and made sure I was in the admin group ( same username as before) I have the same account on all my PC's and the same password. After installing windows 10 on the new machine I installed drive pool and scanner I then transferred the pool and Drive pool found and balanced all the drives. I can TS onto the server using said account on all my machines around the house. From My Gaming PC I browsed t
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