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  1. Forgot to add I've also enabled the Do not query S.M.A.R.T. option but the log entries persist.
  2. I'm ok with that as it's just a scratch drive but scanner is writing errors to the log file every minuite. Is there a way to stop that? It's a samsung 950 Pro 512GB M.2 NVMe drive connected via a PCIe X4 To M.2 Adapter Card (this one). Log file extract bellow, let me know if you want the whole thing. End.
  3. Recently I manually migrated from 3 drives to two. One is full and the other has 4TB free, 8TB of data needs rewriting. Copying to the pool rather than in place would also increase file fragmentation and file placement fragmentation, ATM everything is mostly grouped in folders because that's how I organised it before using drivepool, I'd like to maintain that as much as possible but it's mainly just a bit more speed and less fragmentation so I might get away without running a defrag pass.
  4. Ok thanks. Balancing is off but don't mind if their moved just want to minimise it. The transfer speed will be higher as well copying back to the same drive rather than the end of another almost but not as much full one.
  5. Hi, I have a lot of video files in my pool that I'd like to remux from a .ts container to .MP4. This involves deleting them from the pool and copying them back to it. Question is can I do this directly in the poolpart folders? Reason is I want them saved back to the drive they were on originally instead to the drive with the most free space. Will this be ok if I run a Re-Measure when I'm done or is it asking for trouble?
  6. This just completed successfully, thanks again. One small thing, I didn't have a spare SATA port so connected the new drive via a USB dock to do the copy. After moving the new drive into the system drivepool is still detecting it as an external drive even though it's connected directly to the SATA port. Is that going to be an issue?
  7. I realise your not a developer, it was an open question. Do you know if a developer will be along at some point? I might just open a ticket anyway. Thanks for your help.
  8. Thanks that sounds like it would work. Duplication is off, the the pool has 4 drives, 3x6TB and 1x4TB, I want to replace 2 x 6TB drives with 1 x 12TB drive. The removed 6 TB drives will be moved to a different PC to use as a backup server which I'll turn on whenever I need to run a backup. Out of interest why isn't copying one of the options when removing a drive or maybe even the only default option? It seems an easy option to add but I may be unaware of any complications that prevents this being an option.
  9. Hi, Is there an option to copy instead of move the data when removing a drive? I have two 6TB drives that are full, I'd like to replace them with a single 12TB drive. The 6TB drives will be the backup copy so I'd like to keep the data on them to avoid losing data if the new drive dies part way through the removal. Thanks for your help.
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