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  1. Thank you, I guess I asked because I have not aware of any new updates/functionality in over a year (???) and it seemed as if Cloud Drive was the only focus for a long time. I understand you have a small team, but please keep up the excellent work, Drive Pool has been an eyeopener to me after using MS Storage Spaces. This has been one of the very few pieces of software that I have ever thrown praise at. Drive Pool is just so damn good at its job.
  2. Are you going to head back to StableBit DrivePool and make some updates and add some of the posted suggestions? This is fantastic software and I hate to see it stagnating.
  3. GTAUS, This is my question then -- what would be the settings to do that? On the settings page I could check "Balance Immediately" but then it would also include all my other HDD drives to be balanced, and I do not need to do that. I just need to move my information from the SSD (cache style). But it would be a detriment to constantly spin my HDDs in the drivepool just to balance off immediately which I only need done once a month or so because I do not mind my HDDs being out of perfect percentage equalization. i.e.: immediately flush SSD cache upon copying but allow HD
  4. Is it possible to use the SSD Optimizer as a cache? In other words, not have it be just another drive in the DrivePool but have it as soon as possible pass its storage on to my HDD array? If not is there a way to get it to do that with the numerous Drive Balancer settings. Or do I have to buy a 3rd party software like "PrimoCache"... which I don't even know would work or not?
  5. Mesonto


    Gtaus I bought DrivePool and switched over. The process of moving over 16TB of data is going very quickly. I smartly decided that instead of copying my files from my Synology backup I would just remove the largest drive in my Storage Spaces pool and then start coping those files back from Storage spaces onto my first Drive Pool drive. Then I did the second drive, etc. The process has been fairly smooth. But I have to tell you the speed that I get with DrivePool puts my implementation of Storage Spaces to shame. I am copying files from 3rd party drives over the network at over 100Mb/s
  6. Mesonto


    Thank you so much GTAUS for your time. I am at the point where I have to either: 1. REFORMAT STORAGE SPACE WITH A 16K CLUSTER SIZE for MS Storage Spaces, which means reformatting the drive in powershell and then rewritting everything back, all 17tb from my Synology NAS backup. A few days work. 2. Switch to Drive Bender, learning curve (find the app interface ugly) 3. Switch to DrivePool, learning curve (much more pleasant interface) But I have heard that Drive Pool is a better programmed piece of software. The problem is that comment is from 2016! It was due t
  7. Mesonto


    Why does everyone here use this software instead of Drive Bender... I ask because I am about to choose one over my present parity formatted MS storage spaces. (I am at the limit of the cluster size for the MS storage pool and to increase the cluster size from 4K to 16K so I have to remake it from scratch (come'on MS really?!)... sigh...)
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