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  1. Just to add to this, I've completely uninstalled drivepool, cleared out the programdata folder, reinstalled the program, and made the json changes. Hey presto drives are now spinning down!
  2. thanks, I've opened with notepad++ and it now comes up with a load of "null" values (white text with a black background box). Must be a few hundred of them all in a line
  3. Hi, im a long time avid user of drivepool. Recently added a bunch more disks to mypool and only now noticed that the disks dont seem to spin down ever. Checking with drivepowerstate shows all the disks will constantly stay spinning even when windows is saying to spindown after 10 mins This is including another hard drive that isn't even part of the pool. Stopping the drivepool service however results in all my disks spinning down immediately, so i've definitely found the culprit. Running version with windows 10 1809 I think i'm a victim of the bitlocker bug as described here https://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/4252-drives-not-spinning-down/ The problem is when I open the settings.json file, it just comes up completely blank in notepad. Any thoughts on how I can access this, or have these settings been moved elsewhere? Thanks in advance
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