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  1. I had looked at tera copy and was an option, but at the moment I have just let the disks run while I'm raising the ticket with drivepoool direct as I really want the underlying problem fixing. This affected array is my cold storage backup so gets fired up once a week to sync and then is powered off. I don't have any of the speed issues when copying to the pool, its just in the balance where the problem is. Disk speeds are shown in stablebit scanner and also can be seen in task manager. SSD as a cache wont really be necessary for me as my main array sees more intensive IO and I'm currently happy with those speeds anyway. A cache for this backup array is definitely not needed as i set the sync off and let it run until complete
  2. No worries, thanks Ticket raised under #994610
  3. I'm not sure the problem arose when adding this drive, up until now I've never needed to balance as the 2 mybooks were bought at the same time last year and then initially synced with the main array fine. Weekly backups go through fine with them too. I've tried direct copying from the ntfs mounts of each mybook into the element direct mount both with loads of 3-10mb files, 10gb and then 30gb files, all of which give speeds circa 60 Mb/s for the small files, and the 130 for the larger, and that's whilst the balance is still happening. Turning that off increases the speed slightly even more, so I think I can rule out any USB3 buffering issues. Both mybooks into the element are the same on performance
  4. Shane Thanks for getting back to me, the pc is an I3 4150 on an Asrock H97M Pro4 The disks in this array are 2 X 10Tb WD mybooks connected over usb 3 to the rear Io usb3 ports and then the new 10tb WD element that I connected up again on the rear Io. Swapping disks over to the front Io ports don't change anything in terms of speed. This is my cold storage backup array that I can power down, my other main array on an internal pcie hba are all working fine Direct copy speeds via windows direct to the disks works absolutely fine and I get the seeds I would expect for a rust spinner over usb3 I've made the recommended changes to the settings.json file, restarted my pc and the doesn't seem to be any change. Balance speeds in talks manager and scanner are around the 4-10 MB/s mark
  5. As above, I'm experiencing extremely slow balancing speeds of around 4 MB/s when I've added in another new disk to my pool Burst testing with scanner and directly copying the files in windows results in speeds of around 150 MB/s which is as I'd expect The pool is 3 x 10TB WD external drives connected by USB 3. I've tried clicking the forward arrow to increase the priority and ot doesn't so alot Any help would be appreciated as I have alot of data to move and dont fancy babysitting a manual copy Thanks
  6. Just to add to this, I've completely uninstalled drivepool, cleared out the programdata folder, reinstalled the program, and made the json changes. Hey presto drives are now spinning down!
  7. thanks, I've opened with notepad++ and it now comes up with a load of "null" values (white text with a black background box). Must be a few hundred of them all in a line
  8. Hi, im a long time avid user of drivepool. Recently added a bunch more disks to mypool and only now noticed that the disks dont seem to spin down ever. Checking with drivepowerstate shows all the disks will constantly stay spinning even when windows is saying to spindown after 10 mins This is including another hard drive that isn't even part of the pool. Stopping the drivepool service however results in all my disks spinning down immediately, so i've definitely found the culprit. Running version with windows 10 1809 I think i'm a victim of the bitlocker bug as described here https://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/4252-drives-not-spinning-down/ The problem is when I open the settings.json file, it just comes up completely blank in notepad. Any thoughts on how I can access this, or have these settings been moved elsewhere? Thanks in advance
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