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  1. Thanks all for the help. I was able to use Recuva to get (I think) everything back after turning off balancing and performing deep scan on the individual drives.
  2. Hello all, I did the typical "D'oh, I should have known better" mistake, while organizing my files (renaming, cataloguing) on a pool before initiating a manual backup, I did a SHIFT-DELETE and deleted about 200GB of data on the wrong window. I haven't saved or done anything else on that pool, so I'm sure the data is there somewhere, but I'm having a hard time finding a proper tool that can read the Pool properly. Recuva doesn't recognize the "drive". EASEUS Recovery seems to be taking forever and hasn't "found" anything yet after 3 hours. R-Studio didn't find anything and only reported the pool as 2TB, but it's actually 50TB. Do I need to remove the drives from the pool individually and run the scans that way or is there a software package that will work as expected. Many thanks!
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