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    Mirroring pool

    One Pool Scenario: If a 10TB HDD fails then you can only store 6TB duplicated. This is because duplication requires both/each duplicate to be stored on a different physical HDD and after 6TB (duplicates on both 3TB HDDs and the 10TB HDD) you have no duplicate space left. Wrt Backup, yes. All data is stored in in plain NTFS format and I indeed backup one set of underlying HDDs. I run Windows Server 2016 Essentials and use Windows Server Backup. Not everyone is a fan but it has as yet never failed me (and I have had to recover). On your scenario, item #4: No. What you need to understand is where/how pooled files are stored. Let's talk about the first Pool on HDDs, say, F: and G:. You can still store files on F: outside of the Pool. On F:, you will find a (hidden) PoolPart.* folder. Anything stored in this folder is part of Pool 1. Same on G:. If you now add Pool 1 to the MOAP, then within that PoolPart.* folder, you will find another PoolPart.* folder. Anything stored in there is part of MOAP. Althoug you can copy/delete, this actually takes a lot of time. The easier way to go about this is: 4. Enable duplication on MOAP. 5. Stop the DrivePool Service 6. On F:\ Move all files from the upper PoolPart.* folder to the underlying PoolPart.* folder 7. Same on G:\ 8. Start DrivePool Service The advantage of steps 6 and 7 is that moving files onthe same HDD is very fast as it does not actually entail a read/write/delete of the files but simply rewrites the folder/location information. After step 8, DP will find that in MOAP, files are not duplicated and then perform a balancing/duplication pass. It will take some time depending on size and number of files but it will work well.
  2. Umfriend

    Drivepool on new Windows install

    AFAIK, yes. It certainly did when I moved from 1.X to 2.X.
  3. Umfriend

    Remove duplicated data

    If your Pool has duplicated data then you must have turned it on for the Pool or individual folders. Just turn it off and DP will unduplicate.
  4. Umfriend

    Mirroring pool

    You can create one Pool with the 4 HDDs and have x2 duplication (although, if one of the 10TB HDDs fails, then you could run into the issue that the Pool can not provide x2 duplication anymore because there is only 6TB of other HDDs remaining). Another way of organising things is to create two Pools of 10TB+3TB each, no duplication and create a third Pool consisting of the other 2 with x2 duplication. One reason to do it like this could be if you want to run a backup solution that does not run (well) of a virtual disk (which is what any Pool is) that does not support VSS. Moreover you are assured that all files reside only one time on any set of two HDDs (or the number of HDDs that is in one the underlying Pools). I think this second method is what you tried to do. The reason it did not work is that the data needs to be transferred from the underlying Pool to the MOAP (Mother Of All Pools). With a setup that uses Hierarchical Pooling, you actually end up with three Pools and you can read&write to each of them.
  5. Umfriend

    Stablebit Scanner loses all settings on unexpected shutdowns.

    What is really strange is this: 1. I had a few unexpected shutdowns (no UPS). 2. Scanner had forgotten everything about scan history, ignored SMART warnings etc. 3. I just swapped a backup HDD and of the now inserted backup HDD, Scanner does remember that its last scan was 13 days ago...
  6. Umfriend

    Stablebit Scanner loses all settings on unexpected shutdowns.

    I have the same issue. Literally everything is gone. I don't see why it has to be that way.
  7. Umfriend

    Question regarding transferring drivepool to external HD

    Not sure what you are looking for. If the other PC has enough ports, then you can simply install DP on that PC and then connect the HDDs. DP should recognise the Pool on the new PC. If you do not have enough ports and can only attach a few at a time then you could copy the files from a one or a few HDDs to a single very large HDD indeed. Windows will read from the Pooled HDDs without actually running DP easily as they are simple NTFS formatted drives. Without DP, the PC just does not know to present the HDDs as one big virtual HDD.
  8. Umfriend

    Possible to pool two machines together?

    I don't think DP can do that but Chris would know.
  9. Umfriend

    Possible to pool two machines together?

    Are you looking to create a short of dropbox experience? AFAIK, the answer is no.
  10. Umfriend

    DrivePool retired by Windows 2016

    Ah. In that case I would write a ticket, this may be a real support issue.
  11. Umfriend

    DrivePool retired by Windows 2016

    I would try some serious IO on Disk 5 outside of DP to see if it re-occurs that way. I wonder whether it could be related to the HDD itself or a controller/driver/BIOS. Have you installed Scanner as well? Perhaps a burst test on that HDD?
  12. Umfriend

    2 pools - best setup method?

    I am not exactly sure what you want to accomplish. Do you want duplication and fast reads? You might want to consider using hierarchical pools, something like: Pool A: 12 x 500GB SSD Pool B: 2x4TB + 2x2TB + 1x 500GB SSD Pool C: Pool A + Pool B I would think that writes go fast (Pool A SSD only, Pool B uses the SSD Cache) and that reads go fast as well as they would read from Pool A effectively (even if the request goes out to Pool C). The downside is that you can only store about 6TB duplicated.
  13. Umfriend

    Partition nvme and use as 2 cache drives

    That's what I would've done :up:
  14. Umfriend

    "Disk is missing" - 6 out of 10 after reboot

    Some here go rackmounted servers. And if an actual rack is an issue then there is always this https://wiki.eth0.nl/index.php/LackRack for fun . I went with http://www.lian-li.com/pc-a79/ and https://www.icydock.com/goods.php?id=242 (well, I got a tray-version, silly me). I can easily fit 11 3.5" HDD (5 of them swappable without opening the case). and 6 2.5" HDD/SSD. It is still quite a bit of money but at about 55% of that DiskStation perhaps not a bad deal. Of course, I also had to get a IBM1015 + a small fan, another 60 bucks or so. And breakout cables, say another 50. But at a total of EUR 660 I was done. And I am sure there are (somewhat) cheaper alternatives to the case and cage. The Lian Li PC-D600 might be an alternative, especially if there is a way to add cages to the left side, never figured out if that is possible.
  15. Umfriend

    "Disk is missing" - 6 out of 10 after reboot

    Not sure. eSata perhaps or some SAS controller with external ports.Personally, I'm all for bigger cases, but that's just me. Have you tried chkdsk /f?
  16. Umfriend

    "Disk is missing" - 6 out of 10 after reboot

    OK, so it is a bit scary to advise on this. Best may be to wait for Christopher. You could try to run a CHKDSK but as these won't have a drive letter I am not sure how. To be honest, I fear that something went wrong, seriously wrong and it may have to do with the use of USB. I think Chris is no fan of USB for DP. I would guess that this is not really a DP issue but perhaps someone here can help. Probably best to not do anything at all until you had advice you trust.
  17. Umfriend

    "Disk is missing" - 6 out of 10 after reboot

    In your case I would do both. I hope it works out. Have you tried attaching one of these drives to another PC? How are they attached? How did you affect the reboot and do you see anything weird in Event Viewer?
  18. Umfriend

    Migrating the DrivePool

    Look here:
  19. Umfriend

    Defrag SSD

    lmgtfy: https://www.pcworld.com/article/2047513/fragging-wonderful-the-truth-about-defragging-your-ssd.html?page=2 https://www.pcgamer.com/should-i-defrag-my-ssd/ TL;DR - No.
  20. Umfriend

    Performance column empty

    Running WSE2016 and Scanner I've had quite a few mishaps and issues, will probably do a clean install soon but... Scanner runs but the Performance column is empty. Used to show a graph and number. Tried repair and uninstall/install. No fix. Any ideas?
  21. Umfriend

    Drivepool on new Windows install

    AFAIK, all you need to do is / how I would do this: 1. De-activate license on current PC (write down the license key somewhere) 2. Disconnect the Pooled HDDs (I am assuming that none of the HDDs also have the OS partition on it BTW) 3. Build the new PC and install Windows 4. Download and install DrivePool 5. Shut down PC, connect the Pool HDDs and boot. Presto! DP should recognise the Pool. Do NOT make a new Pool. There may be an issue with access rights on the Pool. For that use http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q5510455
  22. Umfriend

    Partition nvme and use as 2 cache drives

    The only way I think this works is if you use hierarchical pools where the cache runs on each lower-level non-duplicated pool. To my surprise, someone claimed in another thread it works and it may well be.
  23. Umfriend

    Drivepool on Hyper-V Server 2019?

    AFAIK, Stablebit is a small company and forum support may be out for a bit. Having said that, Hyper-V Server 2019, or any other 2019 Server, is not listed on https://stablebit.com/DrivePool/Download so even though it may run (I suspect it will) it is not officially supported as such. On Server 2019 with Essentials Role, there is no such thing. 2019 Essentials does not have the dashboard, anywhere access, client backups etc. at all. Basically, 2019 Essentials is a Foundation type edition. IMHO, it is worthless. Server 2019 does not come with the Essentials Experience / Role at all.
  24. Well then it would be the THD - LHD in case of x2 duplication. I am sure if I take a bit of time I can get to an actual general formula but it is rather simple and why bother.
  25. The latter so 1.5GB. As long as the largest HDD (LHD) is less then or equal to the total HDD (THD) size divided by the duplication factor (DF), the net available space (NAS) is THD / DF.