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  1. Thanks @Shaneand @Christopher (Drashna) Went through and did the uninstall and reinstall and my pool was restored back and is functioning normally again.
  2. Looking for a little guidance so as to avoid making any errors that could cause damage. Avira Antivirus updated and for some reason the settings are different so it flagged all of my Stablebit Drivepool (and Stablebit Scanner) files on my WHS2011 system. I suspected this was a heuristic error on Avira's part, but did some searching in the forum to confirm that was true. My issue is that for whatever reason Avira is unable to restore the program files back into the correct spots, so instead it just dumped them into a folder on the desktop called "RESTORED". Clearly that is not very he
  3. Hello, not sure if this is exactly the right place to ask, but it seemed like the closest fit. I currently have a WHS 2011 server with both Drivepool and Scanner and it's been running great for years as a centralized source for all of my files. It's accessible to the rest of the network so all systems connected can connect (pending they have the right login details to access their shares). In an effort to consolidate systems and reduce the extra power consumption of running other systems 24/7 I was considering taking those systems offline and moving all of the functions over to the server
  4. Been testing a little more and have found that on average my current speeds for copying from client to server are around 100-125MB/s. Something that didn't dawn on me before, and honestly something I can't really even remember in regards to my WHS V1, is the system drive supposed to be added to the pool? I looked around and couldn't find anything that gave too much insight, just something about the data on the system drive partition being added to the pool if I added it. It doesn't look like I can use the SSD optimizer plug-in however unless I add the SSD (system drive to the pool). I'm go
  5. Okay, that makes sense on the SSD Optimizer plug-in. Thanks for that information. Currently I do not have the Network IO Boost option enabled, so I'll try that out and see what kind of results I get. I did a little more testing last night though and found that when I transfer something from a client to the server that the speeds quickly max out my connection. Copying a single 4gb file for instance from the client to the server shows around 120-125MB/s. When I copy directly from my old WHS V1 server to the new WHS V2 server though it seems like my max is about 70MB/s, and on average like 50
  6. So I've read around the forums quite a bit, plus read the notes on the SSD Optimizer, and if I understand things correctly, the SSD optimizer plug-in would need two drives if I have duplication enabled. My question is, what if I don't enable real-time duplication and instead allow for duplication to take place later at night. In that case, could I use just a single drive with the SSD optimizer plug in and have it work correctly? Will it just use the SSD as the landing zone, and then move the single file to the drive of it's choice, and then later at night perform duplication? I wasn't sure
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