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Security Protocol for Unchecked Files Coming Onto Server



Hello, not sure if this is exactly the right place to ask, but it seemed like the closest fit.

I currently have a WHS 2011 server with both Drivepool and Scanner and it's been running great for years as a centralized source for all of my files. It's accessible to the rest of the network so all systems connected can connect (pending they have the right login details to access their shares). In an effort to consolidate systems and reduce the extra power consumption of running other systems 24/7 I was considering taking those systems offline and moving all of the functions over to the server since it's on 24/7 anyways.

This brings me to my question, which is wondering what advice anyone might have for trying to keep my main shares (documents, photos, videos, etc.) separate from new content coming onto the server, basically some type of security gap between files that should be scanned by anti-virus before they enter the mix with the rest of the main pool. In my head I was envisioning some type of sandbox that files are dumped into first and scanned, and only once they're cleared they can be moved to the main pool. Right now I have an external hard drive attached to the server and content on it, which I then scan, but this isn't really that isolated as it's still connected to the server, and the server is transferring the files onto that external hard drive, so it is handling them in the process.

To slightly complicate things, in some cases I want the server to act as my FTP agent, connecting to another server I have offsite with mixed content that others have access to as well (my son mainly). While I trust his diligence to not allow some type of compromised file on that server, I'd rather be safe than sorry and would love a way to use my home server to FTP into the remote server and download files onto the external drive and act like a holding cell where I can screen those files before they have access to the main server shares and pool. Happy to offer more information if what I'm asking isn't clear enough.

Would greatly appreciate any feedback anyone might be able to offer.


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