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  1. I'm not getting the password reset email - double checked I have the right email address. Thanks
  2. I did mean to say CloudDrive as you pointed out. A few years back I setup the Cloud notification service. I get an email when drives go offline in our DrivePool (happens once in a while if a Probox doesn't come back on after a power failure). I think that service is morphing into StableBit Cloud which also helps you keep up to date and reports more detail on the status of the drives.
  3. I finally checked all three checkboxes in the remove drive dialog and it succeeded in removal.
  4. I have two 3TB Greens that are SATA II (3Gbps) - does the balancer know to put things on the faster mostly empty drives I just added? I'm asking because one is empty now and the other only has 5GB. I decided to remove them but I got an error that says Access Denied. Any advice on correcting this issue will be appreciated. I want to use them to backup media and store offline. EDIT - there was an error at some point about invalid filenames (maybe too long) - these had some backups of data that the user made folder names like "This is the new folder I'm keeping data until the auditors decide what I need to keep or not for fiscal year 2020 unless there is some file here that need to be redone"
  5. Thanks Rob, DrivePool correctly found the drives. Am I correct that if I wanted to re-assign the drive letters of the physical drives it will work the same way? EDIT - went ahead and re-assigned drive letters - DrivePool adjusted itself immediately
  6. @Jonibhoni and @klepp0906 - What settings do you recommend? I've just setup but haven't moved data.
  7. I have an 8TB WD80EZRX and 6TB WD60EFRX in a Dell Vostro 430 that I'm just now realizing has only SATA II connectors. Was examining drives in Scanner and noticed their connection is SATA Rev 3.1 (3Gbps of 6Gbps Max) Now that I've added a pair of 14TB Ultrastars I'm removing smaller/slower drives from my Proboxes and want to move the two drives from the computer case into the Proboxes. Can I just power down and move them - will the pool see them the same once moved to the Probox?
  8. @AchillesPDX Interesting you posted - I'm thinking of upgrading to Win10 and I'm remembering that the issue you're having I also encountered in addition to my Probox units occasionally dropping off.
  9. I'm thinking of trying Win10 again - I had issues with my Probox units dropping intermittently when I tried the upgrade in 2016. I'm using the Asmedia 106x card for the two eSATA connections. I'm thinking whatever driver issue was causing that is hopefully fixed. Since the machine has already activated Win10 I can just put the current drive aside and install a fresh Win10 on a new SSD boot drive - if I run into the same problems I'll go back to the current drive. The machine is dedicated to storage - no one logs on to it except for maintenance. I'm wondering how many here just stayed with Win7. Any comments appreciated.
  10. I credit Scanner with the reliability of my WD30EZRX Greens. I ran the wdidle to stop the parking. A bunch of them are 9 years old and running fine. Scanner reported temps that prompted me to put the Probox fans on high and not place the plastic front cover on. They run nice and cool now. They're in spot where the noise isn't an issue Not really that noisy anyway - sound like a small desk fan.
  11. I pulled out a 1TB Black and a .5TB Blue (not sure how that last one got in there )
  12. I've now bought two Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC530 14TB drives from serverpartsdeals.com . I found them on Amazon but went direct because I support some clients who participate on Amazon Seller Central and I don't like how Amazon conducts business. They ship fast and seem like a great company. I always run the Probox fans on full speed so if the DC HC530's are noisy I can't hear them. Thanks for the heads up on the Ultrastars!
  13. Our business provides IT support to small businesses. Mostly we follow the managed services model where clients pay a fixed monthly for ongoing service. We now require both workstation and server cloud backup. I started years ago with CrashPlan and still have clients using it for real time backup. I've been using Backblaze for several years for all workstation backups. I discovered CrashPlan when it was just a software company that could backup between locations. I found Backblaze when I was researching hard drive reliability and came across their reports. I've been using StableBit DrivePool and Scanner since the WHS2011 days to provide redundant JBOD storage. I'm very happy I found this pair of products - I think running them is superior to NAS offerings such as Synology and QNAP. Our clients who use NAS products have not had as good results storage wise as we have using the StableBit suite. It's very comforting to know the drives are being checked - it's easy to swap them out when problems develop. I've also supported DriveHQ and JungleDisk for clients. Now we have Office 365 OneDrive and GoogleDrive. Most of our clients like to operate from a "virtual drive" with a drive letter. It's familiar and makes use simple. I haven't had great results mapping to OneDrive. We ran into issues with linked spreadsheets in Excel on JungleDisk. DriveHQ had issues with file locking. We also use products ourselves first to find out what works and doesn't. I just setup StableBit Cloud and signed up for BackBlaze B2 and created a 10GB drive to get started. I will be testing the drive to see how it works as a business drive. I'm curious if any forum members have used it this way. My current use of StableBit DrivePool and Scanner has been for storing my personal media. I suspect that is how people are looking at StableBit Cloud, I will be testing how streaming works from it. Our connection is fiber 500 up/down and could be increased to 1000 for not much more monthly cost.
  14. From searching the threads here and elsewhere I'm concluding that WD Red's are probably my best choice
  15. I've read here and there that 5400 rpm drives are better for NAS enclosures. Is that concept obsolete?
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