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  1. When I started with my single Probox connected to a Rosewill SiL 3132 card everything worked great. Then I bought a second Probox and couldn't get it to work reliably with the second eSATA port. Mediasonic recommended the Asmedia 106x and that has been working rock solid with the pair of Proboxes for 5 years. I did have one misadventure when I decided to try Windows 10 in 2017. Everything installed nicely and appeared to work but I had two major problems in subsequent operation - drives were disappearing and network connectivity was intermittently slow. I simply popped the Windows 7 SSD I put aside and have continued on with no problems. I see in the previous posts in this thread that if I wanted a more up to date and more reliable Win10 based system I should look at HBA with external SAS connectors. Is there a detailed explanation elsewhere on the forum about that type of setup? Now it's 2020 - is the Norco enclosure with LSI HAB still a recommendation? As you can see by my previous choices I went the very low cost route. I think there was cost in time such as the time sorting out that the 3132 card wasn't reliable for twin multiplex eSATA connections. Thanks,
  2. I suspect it might be some issue with MBR or the OS. Will try MBR fix and make sure drivers and BIOS are up to date
  3. Found this posted by Christopher (Drashna) in 2017: Deactivate licenses, disconnect drives, install OS, install software, activate licenses, reconnect pool.
  4. Two years ago I tried running DrivePool on Windows 10. Everything seemed ok during the install but I had problems where Windows 7 mediacenter computers had problems opening the movie files. I wasn't sure if the problem was caused by the pair of MediaSonic ProBoxes connected with the Asmedia 106x SATA controller or ethernet driver issues. I just put the Windows 7 OS SSD I put aside back in and continued until now with Win7. I've now upgraded all the mediacenter computers to Windows 10 with Chameleon Media Center. Does anyone have a Drive Pool machine with a pair of ProBoxes/Asmedia 106 running fine in Windows 10? Thanks,
  5. I've got a Dell Vostro 420 running fine as storage for our media computers. Movies load right up and all is well except that sometimes to restart the computer I have to press F12 and manually choose the boot drive which is a 4 year old Kingston SSD Now V300 120GB. Scanner reports no issues with the drive. I took it out and scanned it for viruses with several scanners. I used Kingston's drive software which reported it healthy. I cloned the drive and the clone, an out of the box Evo 860 behaved exactly the same way. So I guess it's something corrupt in the Windows 7 OS. I mentioning this first on the off chance someone has a suggestion - once the computer is booted it runs fine for months on end with no errors. This is prompting me to consider a new machine. Is there a Drive Pool migration tool? Thanks,
  6. I used Veeam endpoint protection to restore the Win7 image. The motherboard broadcom 57XX gigabit ethernet on the motherboard would only run at 10MB for some reason on Win10. The AsMedia based SIL3132 driver was wonky. File transfers took a minute before the file would start to copy. One of the rare times the Windows 10 upgrade was horrible. Nothing but DrivePool and Scanner run on the machine so I'm going to stick with W7 until I hear about a solid Win10 compatible mutliplex capable SATA PCIe card.
  7. I had a bunch of 1.5TB greens fail on me. They had the head parking issue which I figured out mid way. Haven't had a red fail yet. My drives are all installed in MediaSonic Probox's that have the fan set full time. Temperature is the enemy of HDD's. If you don't have Scanner you should check it out. It's gives a lot of helpful info on the drives and tests them regularly. I feel with Scanner running and DrivePool that I have a reliable JBOD storage system
  8. Can anyone recommend a port mutliplier SATA PCIe card that works reliably with Windows 10 1903?
  9. I put a new TP Link 1gb network card in just to eliminate that as a potential cause. It's something related to DrivePool. I copied a 5GB file to a share on the boot drive which has no DrivePool related folders. That file immediately copied at the speed expected. It's files on the DrivePool drive that take almost a minute to start copying. StableBit Scanner says all drives are healthy. Shoud I reinstall DrivePool? Thanks EDIT1: I'm realizing that it could be the MediaSonic HP1-SS3 Sata card drivers as the Pool drives are operating off two ProBoxes connected to it. EDIT2: Updated to MediaSonic - didn't help EDIT3: The recent Amazon reviews of the HP1-SS3 are complaining about issues with Windows 10. On Windowss 7 this card solved all kinds of headaches I was having with Rosewill two port multiplex capable pcie card. I think I'm going to back to Windows 7
  10. Apologize that I haven't begun researching this before asking the question but figured perhaps someone here might have encountered what is happening. I made an image backup of my DrivePool dedicated storage server computer running on Windows 7 and then ran the Windows 10 upgrade assistant just to see what would happen. The upgrade appeared to go fine and Drive Pool seems to be operating fine. The issue we're encountering is very slow transfer speeds from that machine to other computers on the network. Hopefully it's just the network driver Win10 used but wanted to see if this happened to anyone else? Would be very easy to revert to Win7 - should I?
  11. Some type of permissions solution would logically be the right solution. With duplicated folders and scanner doing it's thing I'm not worried about hardware failure. It would be great if there was some way to make folders read-only even to the ransomware running with admin level permission.
  12. I do small business IT support. I've seen my share of ransomware and was just thinking it would be hard to recover all the Austin City Limits I've recorded on WMC7. My main remedy for ransomware is backup but I don't really want to backup 20TB of things recorded from TV. I do have them duplicated so hardware failure is unlikely to be an issue. User error is possible though as is ransomware encryption. I was thinking that it would be neat if the duplicated copy in DrivePool was hidden from the copy that shows up in shares so it can't be encrypted by ransomware. What are people using for backing up large data stores like this? Thanks,
  13. Thanks for the link - that would work fine - agree - who needs drive letters! Just a comment on drive "naming". I use a Brother label printer for each HDD. I name them WDC_8TB_01, WDC_8TB_02, SEA_8TB_01, SAM_4TB_01 etc. I also use the rename drive in Windows with the same name. That way I'm never in doubt what physical drive is the one, for instance, I'm removing.
  14. The Probox just arrived. I had it out of the box and up and running with 4 drives in 10 minutes. It's amazing how simple it is to setup the second unit. I took out the Rosewill RC-219 eSATA card and installed the second Mediasonic eSATA card. The RC-219 can only multiplex one of the two ports so isn't the right card for a DrivePool box. Before I had the Mediasonic eSATA card I thought I would be limited to two external SATA enclosures (the Vostro 430 I'm using for DrivePool only has two PCIe slots). Now I can easily add another ProBox each time I need to add storage. As 8TB drives work (have one so far) I will be able to add 64 TB more without swapping out existing drives. (EDIT - that will be the max as I will run out of drive letters after 16 more drives!) This opens up the possibility of 4K movies. I figure using 64TB with duplication will be able to store well over 1000 4k movies using H265 mkv's at a bitrate that looks good on a 4k projector to a 110 inch screen viewed from 12 ft. Currently 1080 looks better than the local cineplex so I wouldn't go to 4k until prices are way down for the projectors and the media itself.
  15. eSATA port multiplex question: I went ahead and ordered a second Mediasonic HF2-SU3S2 ProBox 4 Bay Hard Drive Enclosure with USB 3.0 & eSATA. I also ordered a second Mediasonic ProBox 2 Port External SATA 3 / III 6.0 card because I'm under the impression that only one of the two eSATA ports on these cards can be used for multiplex. It's only a $14 extra and I wouldn't mind having a spare on hand but will a single card multiplex both eSATA ports? (edit to answer my own question - apparently both ports can multiplex - card supports up to 8 drives)
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