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  1. That helped to resolve the problem. Thanks
  2. Hello, Been using DrivePool for few month, and everything was fine. Recently I got some BSOD on my windows which messed up some of my applications. (settings, logins etc.) DrivePool was one of them. There is a Performance area in the DrivePool application which shows current transfers and whats going on with them. So the read/write speeds will show up, but the area where it should show the activity with path to the file is completely empty. I'm attaching the screenshot so you can see what I'm talking about. I'm on Windows 7 x64. Was using latest stable version Tried re-installing the software, deleting from system and installing again. Installed latest beta version today just to check. Still same problem. Using ESET Smart Security 8 if that matters. A'm I missing something?
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