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  1. I moved a set of disks from one computer to another computer after moving the old set of disks to a third computer. Drivepool then made me transfer the license which I did without thinking. The computer already had a valid license so why did I have to transfer it? Did I just destroy a valid license ?????? All 3 computers had valid Drivepool Licenses. All I did was swap disks around. I never meant, nor did I need to monkey with the licenses. What now ???
  2. Jasper

    Event log warning

    I'm getting lots of these warnings in my event log on Server 2012 R2 standard - The IO operation at logical block address for Disk \Device\00000079 (PDO name: ) was retried. 00000079 is the Covercube Virtual disk. Any ideas ? TIA
  3. Had a failing HD in the pool. Wanted to replace it but couldn't remove it due to the above error. Tried several times, rebooted between attempts and no joy. Finally gave up and nuked the pool from orbit and started over. Fortunately the pool was backed up so I didn't loose anything. The new pool is x2, dunno if this will help me avoid this situation tho. I know it is now too late but how should I handle this situation should it ever occur again? PS: Yes, I told it to ignore errors and remove anyway and that had no effect. TIA
  4. Suffered a disaster when one of my motherboards had a stroke. I replaced it and fortunately Windows Server was able to recover, had to reactivate but all was well after that. I also had to transfer the DrivePool license which was no surprise. The surprise came when I renamed the server. Once again I had to transfer the license. Is the License transfer triggered by a named change? Is there a limit to the number of times this can happen before I'm locked out? Reason I ask is I want to change the name again and maybe even again. Thanks
  5. The concept seems kinda wonky to me. Could someone explain it for me?
  6. Just set up a new system using Server 2016. I deactivated my license on the old system and installed it on the new system and it reactivated without a hitch. That was 2 days ago. Today I fired her up and Drivepool said I need to transfer my license to this computer. I did so and it was successful. My question is, why did I have to do it a second time?
  7. I've been wondering about this for some time now and today I ran into a major omission that left me baffled. Maybe I just overlooked it but I went to check what version I had and could not find it anywhere. In most Windows programs it's under Help -> About which is totally missing from Drivepool.... Or maybe I didn't see it?
  8. Thank you sir. I'm resetting all settings now.
  9. What happened was I hooked up a drive from another computer that was part of a defunct pool to this one in order to delete the partition. DrivePool on this computer somehow picked it up and now I'm getting a "One or more drives are disconnected from the pool" error on boot up. The pool in this computer is complete and healthy and only one pool is showing so I have no idea where this message is coming from. Anybody know how to fix this? Thanks
  10. Yep, I did pull it without removing it first. I lost a 5TB drive in a pool that wasn't duplicated so the whole kit and kaboodle was trashed. Fortunately the entire pool was backed up to another system so nothing was lost.
  11. Never mind. I deleted then recreated the partition and all seems to be well now. Apparently Drivepool info survives a reformat.
  12. I removed a disk from a server that was part of a now defunct pool. I put it in another server and immediately format it. i verify it's empty. then I open Drivepool to add this disk to the current pool and it doesn't show up under available disks. drivepool is "checking". I then look at the disk again and it has a poolpart file on it. This disk has never been a part of this pool and was reformated so why the heck is Drivepool even monkeying with this disk at all?? OK, "checking is completed and said drive isn't showing anywhere in Drivepool. Windows sees it just fine and the disk is in perfect health. So, my question are - 1. Why the heck did Drivepool put a diskpart file on this drive (size is 0KB) ? 2. Why is this drive not showing up in Drivepool ?? TIA
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