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  1. Is there any way to see exactly which files Drivepool thinks are open? And perhaps, by which process? If I check the windows Resource Monitor, the only files that show disk activity are on the OS drive and not part of the pool. I've been turning off services, terminating running programs and uninstalling apps in an attempt to figure out which one is holding access to these 42 files. I have also scanned for malware and couldn't find anything. Another strange symptom: If I force disk activity on the pool by opening a bunch of files, Resource Monitor shows these files being accessed. However, the 42 Open Files as reported by Drivepool remains unchanged. This was never an issue until I recently rebuilt my server and reinstalled Windows. Are newer installs of Windows behaving oddly?
  2. I have moved my hard drives to a new machine, and added 2 new hard drives at the same time. I use full pool duplication (2x). In this new machine, my 12TB pair of hard drives are not recognizing each other as duplicate. Instead, the data from one drive is showing as unduplicated and the other drive is showing the data as "Other". Now DrivePool is trying to duplicate the data from the unduplicated 12TB drive to the new 14TB hard drives in the system. How can I make DrivePool recognize that the 12TB pair are duplicates of each other?
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